New Moon in Capricorn – Standing Strong in a Paradox of Darkness and Light

New Moon in Capricorn - Standing Strong in a Paradox of Darkness and Light 1

9th January 2016

By Simon Vorster and Jennifer Langstone

Contributing Writers for Wake Up World

This New Moon in Capricorn marks a very inspiring period, yet paradoxically, a period that will also reveal to us some of the deepest distortions of our world.

Human consciousness has come a long way forward on its recent evolutionary path, however the darkness that necessitates the search for light is still well and truly present – as recent world events attest. And so, as Pluto (in Capricorn) makes its way through the sign of self-mastery and self-determination, the task we’re faced with in these challenging but exciting times is becoming more and more apparent — this is a time for us to be bold, to trust our own infinite potential, and to stand strong in our quest to help humanity evolve through this paradox of darkness and light.

Let’s take a look at the current planetary alignments and how they relate to this point in our evolution…

New Moon alignment with Planetary South Nodes Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto

This alignment happens once a year and brings to our awareness the themes and experiences associated with the archetypes of the planetary South Nodes of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto.

These three planets all represent journeys of past expressions. Jupiter reflects our relationship to truth and how we develop our personal philosophies, Saturn reflects our relationship to structure and boundaries, and Pluto reflects our relationship to choices and desires. These Nodes are all placed in the same sign of Capricorn for everyone alive on the planet today. As a collective we share these aspects of our evolutionary reality on an extremely intimate level.

By observing the current overall structure of reality we see very clear manifestations of these abstract points within our consciousness. The very nature of our lives today is experienced through ideals and philosophies (Jupiter) about life that were formed through the lens of external ‘saviours’. We trust officials, experts and authorities to direct us on experiences that we are born to navigate innately, to our own unique design. Saturn reflects this aspect of our reality.

Of course, there is nothing inherently incorrect with the concepts of reasonable boundaries and consensual governance, however we have been conditioned — by disconnection from our environment, each other, and our ancestral origins, we have come to accept a reality of subtle and not so subtle compliance, of dubious doctrines and oppressive laws, and a disempowered state of constant fear and ignorance — of each other, our environment, and our ancestral origins.

The energy of Pluto reflected through the lens of Capricorn is apparent in our escalating collective desire to manifest our deepest desires for humanity; to evolve beyond the cycle of darkness and manifest our new-found consciousness. This is part of our overall evolutionary intention that we share with every human alive.

So what does this mean in the bigger picture? As the awakening of human consciousness continues, people in increasing numbers are connecting with their higher truth and learning to manifest it into reality. Each of us are choosing to evolve through the themes of personal growth, self-directed action. We are learning to take sovereign responsibility for our entire being and our relationship to the living world around us, and we are emotionally connecting with our choices as we make them. This brings into light why so many on the planet are becoming increasingly sensitive to the controls, agendas, distortions and conflicted interests in governments and other structures and systems today — the choices being made “on our behalf” do not align with our own heart-centeredness.

However, in our view, the current reality we are experiencing must be viewed as a creation of our past — our choices, and the (former) consciousness that informed them. There is a large degree of distorted residual energy in our fields, which is in need of a great amount of healing. From this understanding, we come to see ourselves from a place that is truthful and honest. We can see the journey behind us, which brought us here and now, and we can see we have a very long and uncertain journey still ahead of us. Where we go from here is up to us.

The amazing news is that, for many, this journey is now just beginning to take place. As the story of our collective shift naturally continues, in gathering numbers and increasing strength, know that we are not stuck or disempowered but rather amazingly gifted; by standing strong amid this paradox of light and dark, we have the opportunity to directly experience creation! Our task is to manifest a truly integrated society — one that intimately knows the dark and consciously chooses light.

Uranus in Aries Trine Venus and Saturn in Sagittarius

A truly amazing and powerful connection is being formed here, which holds the potential for us to deeply transmute our relationship to our natural world. This alignment reflects a period during which we can now truly begin working on our organic relationship to ourselves as living, natural beings.

Humans and nature cannot be divided. The perception of separation that humanity demonstrates in its destructive industrial mechanics, for example, is due only to illusory images that are present within us. In this example, these illusions lead us to the false beliefs that we can alter our surroundings without also being altered ourselves, and can prioritize economic (illusory/conceptual) interests over environmental (physical/natural) interests.

This Trine alignment brings to us the opportunity to deeply reflect on our conditioning and to weed out the aspects of our psyches that keep this illusion in place. Uranus reflects a process of de-conditioning ourselves, and as Uranus is in the sign of Aries (new beginnings), there is an extra opportunity here to break away from outdated patterns which hold us in limitation and discord.

A good way to exercise this energy is to check in with yourself and reflect, without judgement, on how you responded or reacted to particular situations in your life. This act alone will bring up feelings that will reveal the truth of your own spiritual evolution, where you are in that path — a powerful tool in understanding the evolutionary journey that brought us here.

New Moon in Capricorn - Standing Strong in a Paradox of Darkness and Light

This New Moon promotes a powerful opportunity to heal aspects of our selves, collectively and personally, which have been damaged by the journey of humanity’s consciousness to this point. Life is about growth and expansion and each of us has come here to grow and expand. This is not a belief but a truth that can be objectified through nature. We can see that our organic biological selves, just like all organic organisms, evolve through common dynamics; we just experience the spectrum of creation through different lenses — as different forms of life on earth. This shows us, in the most grounded way, that we do all come from the same Source, imbued with an organic blueprint for growth and experience — our individuality.

New Moon and Sun Conjunct Pluto in Capricorn

Continuing with the theme of individuation and de-conditioning, this New Moon will seed for many of us the beginning of a new cycle. However, while this cycle is bound to bring great metamorphosis to our lives, it might not bring the awareness in ways we would ideally want, or even foresee.

Most recently, the Sun and Moon crossed over Pluto (Capricorn) bringing into our lives a focus on the themes of self-care and responsibility. Through our personal struggles and life limitations, we apply the energy of Capricorn (self-determination) to grow into our life’s direction and path. But before we can make that journey, we have to accept and own some difficult truths about our reality…

The world and our spiritual paths don’t owe us anything. By knowing this, we learn to grow up, take responsibility for our own lives, and to make conscious choices about our direction. The actual limitations of our lives, for the most part, are due to where we are within ourselves; what we think, feel, accept, choose, create, prioritize and consent to.

This leads us to the next point along our journey; understanding what it actually means to be conscious and awake, how we understand and value the choices we make, and how we integrate possibilities (masculine) and limitations (feminine) into those choices. On an individual level this means coming to a point where, as we make choices, we consciously understand not just our motivations for those choices but also their potency.

Today, the New Moon in Capricorn seeds the vibration of potential in our lives and reminds us of this understanding. Capricorn serves to remind us of our infinite creative potential, showing us that we directly project our ideas and thoughts into our physical reality by the choices we make.

By accepting our current reality as a culmination of humanity’s past choices, we can find a much clearer view of where we are on our individual and collective journeys, and what our next steps must be. And so, as we work to create a new heart-centered society, this knowing is extremely empowering — because we are able to work with reality, navigating a clear path forward from a known starting point.

New Moon Message

As human beings we are the most adaptable species living on the earth today. We are able to adapt ourselves to such a degree that we have totally different abilities and perspectives, evolved through a different spectrum of experience. We have adapted to varying physical, mental, emotional, social, and environmental conditions all over the planet. This amazing ability to adapt to outside forces leaves us vulnerable to losing touch with our core — who we are beneath the layers of conditioning.

During the most recent evolutionary cycle, an era of patriarchy, humanity has focused solely on how we can advance ourselves and master our environmental limitations, only on adapting to the outer reality. Becoming stronger, faster, more efficient, we have adapted to changing conditions at an amazing rate during this time. We have shown ourselves how incredible we can be — but we have lost touch with our instinctive core in the process. Removed from our place in the natural order, we have moved so far away from the life of connection and symbiosis with our living environment, that many of us now find it difficult to differentiate thought from instinct.

In this diversity of different perspectives, it can be difficult to navigate and find who we are; to find our true authentic expression beneath the layers of conditioning, and everything we are taught being a human being is about. But, in the inward journey to the centre of our being, we have a gift to guide us and help us see through to the truth of who we are: “the other”.

“Only that which is the other gives us fully unto ourselves.” ~ Sri Yoganada

As way-finders in a paradox of dark and light, our intention is to become whole and balanced; to equally embrace and integrate all the polarities in ourselves, deep within our core; to find that perfect alignment to the centre of all that is.

According to natural law, we will attract that which is unbalanced to us, to be whole. We attract to us whatever is needed to become more whole within ourselves. This does not work in the way of others completing us, but quite the opposite. Where we lack self-love, we will attract another who lacks the ability to love us. The paradox is that, it is that reflection from others that then reinforces our conditioning to a lack of love and self-love to begin with. And so the cycles of duality continue…

So, wherever you find yourself in this journey of de-conditioning, connecting to your core and bringing yourself into harmony and balance, remember, we are always given exactly what is needed to reflect our inner being. Be grateful for the reflection of the other — for only that which is the other gives us fully unto ourselves.

Simon & Jennifer

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