Living with Kundalini – Bringing You Alive Again

12th June 2016

By Open

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

Kundalini is the entirely natural phenomenon of life force — flowing ‘down’ from the source, into sentient life, animating it, and then connecting back to the source once more. It’s like a circuit of electricity, and when you’re fully plugged into it, then it brings you fully alive.

In society most have been disconnected from it, for a vast variety of reasons, from the processed foods that cause disharmonious internal vibrations, to electrosmog and distorted behaviourisms that cut across the natural flow. It leads to a lesser life-style, where you’re constantly searching for something but have forgotten exactly what it is you were originally looking for.

Well, it’s time to come alive again!

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The Gene Keys: Unleashing Your Highest Potential Through 64 Genetic Archetypes

By Carolanne Wright

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Have no doubt, human consciousness is experiencing a massive jump in evolution, even if it’s not obvious on the surface. We’re fortunate to have many tools, teachers and techniques available which can help us along on the path. All the same, it can be overwhelming to have such an infinite number of options to choose from — not to mention we can never quite be sure if the journey we are traveling and the tools we are using are the best for our specific circumstance and level of understanding.

This is where the Gene Keys come in. Developed over fifteen years, the teachings combine the wisdom of the I Ching, astrology and Human Design. Geared specifically for each individual, they unlock the higher purpose embedded within DNA. Through the use of a Hologenetic Profile, the system offers insight into life purpose, relationships and prosperity, while reprogramming DNA so that you can reach your greatest potential. It’s the ultimate self-directed journey of consciousness.

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The Future of DMT Research

By Luke Sumpter

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

N-dimethlytryptamine, or DMT, is a psychedelic tryptamine that is structurally similar to serotonin. DMT occurs throughout nature in many plants, animals and the human body. DMT is a powerful visual psychedelic which results in short-acting yet intense effects when smoked. However when used in combination with compounds that inhibit the bodies ability to break down the compound, such as in Ayahausca, the effects can last much longer in duration. DMT is currently a Schedule 1 substance within the United States.

In 1990 Dr. Rick Strassman initiated the first psychedelic drug research involving human volunteers to take place in the United States in over 20 years. During this research a total of 60 human volunteers received around 400 doses of DMT at the University of New Mexico’s School of Medicine in Albuquerque. Dr. Strassman published the results of these trials in his famed book DMT The Spirit Molecule which offers theories as to the effect of DMT in the human body, as well as the extreme altered states of consciousness that the volunteers were launched into upon administration. Continue Reading – The Future of DMT Research

7 Sacred Herbs for Activating and Harmonizing the Chakras

By Justin Faerman

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

While the chakras themselves are energetic/etheric in nature, they each have corresponding physical organs, glands and systems in the body that can, and do, have an effect on their functioning. When the associated organ/gland/system is weak or out of balance, the relevant chakra will be under active; and when the associated organ/system is balanced and healthy, the chakra will generally be in harmony.

This interconnectivity of the physical and etheric bodies goes the other way as well—if there is an energetic imbalance in a chakra, for example, as a result of emotional disturbances, then this can also cause the associated physical elements to become weak as well. As such, it is important to not only address physical imbalances with herbs and lifestyle adjustments, but also on an energetic level as well with breathwork, meditation, kriya/tantric yoga, qigong or whatever your preferred flavor of energetic medicine.

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Incorporating Rituals For Boosting Bliss Into Everyday Life

By Indra

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

When we experience ‘bliss’, we are tuning into the state of consciousness that is experienced through the full activation of frequencies in the body. When we are aligned with our bliss instinct, we feel good. Some people associate bliss with a sexual feeling; to me it is much more – it is the expression of the language of the soul. It is a heightened state of sensation, when there is fullness in presence, completeness in being, and (more than anything) less thinking and more feeling.

And that’s really the goal of holistic living; to get to a place where that sensation of happiness and bliss is at the core of your life, and everything else (blissful or otherwise) revolves around its center. However, we can all testify that this is not how we live our lives and it is not how we have been taught to live our lives. For this reason, it is important to our spiritual development that we start questioning our limiting beliefs and consciously decide if they are the best ones for our overall growth and happiness.

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Sex, Love and Oxytocin – The Full Spectrum Connection

By Indra

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Within our brain there is a code that tells us what we need to do to be happy, healthy, wealthy, glowing and living within our life’s purpose. When we do those things, and we experience things such as social interaction, pair bonding and orgasm, our endocrine system responds by releasing the naturally occurring hormone, oxytocin (not to be confused with the pharmaceutical opioid OxyContin/Oxycodone.)

Oxytocin – the body’s bliss hormone – is the master hormone that triggers different functions within the glands of the body. When we activate oxytocin, we activate all the different glands within the oxytocin feedback loop, and we start experiencing the benefits of this bliss frequency move through our body and our life. As a result, we gravitate more towards the things that make us feel more love, make us feel more beautiful, more healthy, more satisfied, more abundant.

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Activating Oxytocin – The Master Hormone for Bliss and Bonding

By Indra

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Known as the “bonding hormone”, oxytocin plays an important role in the neuroanatomy of wellbeing and intimacy. It is associated with various behaviors, including social recognition, pair bonding, orgasm, anxiety, and parental behaviors.

The endocrine system produces and regulates our body’s hormonal activity. The gland known as the hypothalamus creates oxytocin, and it is stored in the pituitary gland, which then releases it to the rest of the body.

Like all systems, this works in complex feedback loop; One hormonal function in one gland then triggers the function of other glands in the system. So for example, when we activate the hypothalamus it then activates the pituitary gland, which then sends signals to other glands within the body – the adrenals, the thyroid, and the gonads – which in turn, are also connected via feedback loops.

Editor’s note: This article refers to the cultivation of oxytocin, a natural hormone produced by the human body. Oxytocin should not be confused with OxyContin/Oxycodone, a pharmaceutical opioid with similar effects to morphine.

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Humanity’s DNA Heritage

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

DNA of course forms the building material for most of life on the planet. It is what determines our very physical make-up. To me, it is a complex receiver/transmitter of energetic frequency. It is the very bridge between the etheric and the physical, the internal magician that receives higher consciousness impulses which it then manifests into mirroring form.

As science now begins to unlock the buried code within our DNA, it’s going to answer many of the vital questions of our time: how humanity came to be in the form it currently is, why there is such disharmony not just in our physical selves, but also the wider world. And it’s also going to point the way forwards for a new humanity…

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The 3 Most Powerful Tools for Pineal Gland Activation

By Joshua Eagle

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Of all of the countless foods, exercises and techniques used to help awaken and activate the pineal gland, perhaps none exist with as much power to take you to the highest levels of human consciousness than the following 3 tools. Since there are no quick fixes or shortcuts to activating and strengthening the pineal gland, the following techniques mentioned require self-discipline, dedication and a burning desire for ascended health and consciousness.


Ayahuasca is a sacred tea made from the vine of the Ayahuasca plant mixed with the leaves of the Chakruna bush. In the Amazon, Ayahuasca is considered the pinnacle healing medicine of the rainforests entire medical system, containing the ability to heal people on a physiological, energetic, emotional and spiritual level, from various ailments of different types.

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Vibrations and the Law of Octaves

By Indra

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

The entire universe is made of energy, which vibrates at a certain frequency, and the vibration of that frequency determines its form. Although this is a well-known fact, the question is: How can you apply it to create more beauty and wellbeing in your life, and accelerate your personal evolution?

My answer is DNA activation, a method based on the fundamentals of vibration.

From its state of wholeness, the universe split into billions of galaxies, asteroids, and planets. In the human body, we call them cells, molecules and atoms, but the patterns of evolution and expansion are the same. The single cell goes from being one to two, then four, eight and so on, until the amazing ‘universe’ of the human body exists, where everything vibrates at a certain frequency, holding different expressions of form and structure within the unified whole.

There are certain laws within which these vibrations work, for example, Newton’s Three Laws of Motion, or the Law of Octaves, the functioning of energy within octaves of frequency. Since the entire universe is made of energy, including ourselves, our being also vibrates within octaves of frequency.

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How Our Thoughts Control Our DNA

1st March 2015

By Bruce H. Lipton Ph.D

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

The common idea that DNA determines so much of who we are — not only our eye or hair color, for example, but also our addictions, disorders, or susceptibility to cancer — is a misconception. This concept “says you are less powerful than your genes.”

The problem with that belief system is that it extends to another level … You find yourself to be more or less a victim of your heredity. You become irresponsible. You say, “I can’t do anything about it, so why try?”

In reality, a person’s perception, not genetic programming, is what spurs all action in the body. It is actually our beliefs that select our genes, that select our behavior.

The human body is comprised of 50 to 65 trillion cells. Cell functions independent of DNA and its perceptions of environmental stimuli affect DNA. This also applies the same principles to the human body as a whole, showing the power our perceptions, our beliefs, have over DNA.

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DNA Activation for the Golden Age

By Indra

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

The coming of the golden age is prophesized in many cultures, and some important shifts are happening on Earth that are leading many to believe we are at the cusp of that new era; the evolution of human consciousness to a level never before conceived of.

In our purest form, we are consciousness; we are the light that experiences everything. The instrument through which we experience our light – the human body – is essentially created by sound, i.e. atoms vibrating on different frequencies. These vibrations proceed in all kinds, aspects, and densities of the matter that constitutes the Universe, from the finest elements to the coarsest.

Collectively, we have recently tuned up and moved into a new Universal vibration, one which holds a much higher resonance. This frequency is calling forth a higher consciousness, forever changing the face of how we, as human beings, engage and navigate the world.

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