An Introduction to Kundalini

By Wes Annac

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Let’s take a look at kundalini, which is essentially an evolutionary/energetic ‘boost’ we can gain with focused, meditative effort. As we’ll learn here, kundalini is referred to as an energetic ‘serpent’ because it’s coiled up in the root chakra, and it can be awakened and used to find a permanently blissful state of consciousness.

With focus and intention, we can actually uncoil it and bring it up through each chakra until it reaches and affects the crown. Those of us who are particularly passionate about meditation can meditate on our kundalini for hours on end, and if we do, we might just manually raise it and feel what full-on enlightenment is like.

There are a lot of benefits to awakening it, and a lot of setbacks if we aren’t prepared for what could result, and one should always be prepared for the unhindered spiritual perception that results from awakened kundalini.

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To Discern or Not to Discern… a Spiritual Perspective

By Ari Kopel

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Several years ago, I landed my “dream job”, just when I needed it most. Broke and on food stamps after a drawn-out divorce, I was hired for a very high position and at a salary I never dreamed possible, especially since I had no experience in the industry. I was good at sales and great at managing a sales team, however, and was able to sell myself as the best candidate. Shortly after landing the job, I bought a house; and a month after that my dream car was sitting in my driveway. It was surreal.

My old car, for which I was still making monthly payments, had a lot of miles on it. It was also out of warranty, so I had to pay the cost of repairs as well. It had become a financial black hole. I lived close to a Mercedes Benz dealership, and one day on my way home I decided to stop by. Why not, I thought, it doesn’t hurt to look. When approached by the salesperson, I told him I was interested in buying a car. I then showed him what I had to trade in and said I didn’t think I could afford any of the cars on the lot. I glanced at all the shiny Mercedes Benz cars and wondered if he could see the drool sneaking out the corner of my mouth. I think he did…

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The French Connection – False Flags and the Charlie Hebdo Incident

13th January 2015

By Jay Dyer

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

A new year brings resolutions, and for the establishment, their resolutions are quite clear: more of the same! More false flags, more media circus and staged news, ad infinitum, ad nauseam.

Last week, we all awoke to news the Onion-like French satire publication Charlie Hebdo had been attacked by terrorists, with Al Qaeda taking responsibility for the murder of several media figures. While it is tempting to get bogged down in “fluid” situation details, we must always recall similar patterns of such events in the recent past which will serve to inform the greater context of this new event in the never-ending “war on terror”.

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Recipe: Blackberry Superfood Smoothies

By Trinity Bourne

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

If we take the time to explore, we easily find that mother nature brings us the most amazing bounty of freely available superfoods – like blackberries – without the need of spending a small fortune on supplements. These tasty, sweet, deep purple berries are loaded with anti-oxidants, making them an excellent choice against free-radical damage and for healthy cardio-vascular support. Not only have they been shown to have anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties they are also rich in vitamin C and manganese.

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Using Meditation to Help You Overcome Addiction

By Robert L. Rupp

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Mindfulness and Addiction

Addictions generally are the side-effect of a grasping mind. When we try to cling to things beyond our reach or moments in our lives that have passed, it can sometimes lead to negative emotions or trigger unhealthy feelings. Generally, it is when an individual feels excessive helplessness toward situations in his or her life, addictions and other coping mechanisms can form to help deal with the emotions.

Unfortunately, in many cases it can be hard to truly see what is causing the emotions and what we are grasping for or reaching toward. This is where mindfulness meditation can begin to help with the discovery of the root causes for most addictions.

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Who are You? and How to Be That

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

It strikes me that the biggest problem humanity faces right now is a case of mistaken identity. People mistake themselves for something they are not; and this generates all manner of false lifestyles and suffering. And even when a person discovers they are not the ego, there frequently follows all kinds of attachment and identification with qualities of the soul: like “I am love” for example. So what about ditching all kinds of identity completely? What about surrendering into the infinite vulnerability of the moment – into infinite potential.

How about just softening into this presence and giving energy to what arises from it?

How might that positively change your life and the world around you too?…

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Correct Poor Eyesight Naturally with These Tips

By Carolanne Wright

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

More often than not in our daily lives, we find ourselves staring at tiny type on computer screens and cell phones for long periods of time, leading to increased incidence of eye strain and fatigue. Add to this the natural deterioration of vision as we age — along with the more serious problems of glaucoma and cataracts — and sharp eyesight can seem like a distant dream. Despite these seemingly inevitable obstacles, we can, in fact, enjoy healthy vision to a ripe old age. Using contemporary techniques, and trusted remedies, healthy eyesight is possible without unpleasant procedures or excessive effort.

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100+ Health Properties of Pomegranate Now Includes Helping Diabetics

By Sayer Ji

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

While pomegranate enjoys high standing as far as its culinary status, too few folks realize how wide a wide range of health benefits this ‘super food’ actually possesses, with a staggering 100+ of them identified so far through’s research indexing project. View the open access archive of study abstracts here: pomegranate research database.

Consider what a physician would think if he could find a drug that instead of possessing 100 side effects (which is sadly typical for pharmaceutical agents) had 100 side benefits?

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Spellcasting 101 – Tapping Into The Power Of The Magnum Mysterium

By Joshua Eagle

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

When you spell things out, you cast a spell. The words we spell, think and speak, while unbeknownst to most, carry and transmute powerful vibratory coded information out into the greater ethers of the universe which we all simultaneously co-create. In understanding the nature of language and words, one must begin at the root vibrational sounds of all words, which can be referred to as Archetypes. In looking at the words for God throughout various languages, one always finds the archetype sound of AH. Examples of this are the names God, Buddha, Shiva, Brahma, Allah and even the Luciferic entity known as Baal.

Over the course of our human evolution on this planet many languages have existed and been created. While Native American and indigenous languages such as those used in North America would contain over 50 words just to describe different expressions of walking, our current modern English language has been designed and dumbed down to such an enormous extent that words such as “lol” and “brb” have now become common place automatic responses requiring almost no thought at all. While the origins of the English language reveal that it was designed to endow a culture of commerce and financial economics, we can still tap into the power of the word through specific techniques which unlock the mysterious powers of our universe.

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Why Bad Things Happen at Good Times

By Nanice Ellis

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Life is going great. You are on top of the world. Things couldn’t be better! Then BOOM! You get sick, have an accident or some unexpected crisis comes to the forefront, bringing the “good times” come to a screeching halt. It makes no sense – you were doing everything right.

These events can leave us feeling insecure and doubting our ability to maintain a happy and healthy life. You might even start wondering if every great high has a corresponding low. Trying to make sense of things in this way often takes us on a negative downward spiral that gets us more of what we don’t want.

So, let’s rise above the negative and turn it all around.

Understanding the five primary reasons why “bad things happen at good times” will allow you to leverage the challenges, in order to reach even higher highs that can be maintained and lived.

1. The reality that we experience, on any day, is always a projection of past thoughts, beliefs and feelings.

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