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8 Emotional Patterns That Can Disturb Our Inner Peace

By Phillip J. Watt

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

At some stage of our lives we all experience emotional dysfunction to some degree, especially when we’re maturing. In some cases it may just be part of the learning curve as we grow into our more developed selves. Simple examples are that we might dwell on a problem too long, get upset or angry too easily, or think self-abusive thoughts consistently. For others it might impact us more significantly and even result in a form of mental illness.

Yet that isn’t to say that negative thoughts or feelings are dysfunctional. In the short term, experiencing negative thoughts and emotions is natural because we’re human and it is part of the human experience. Instead of that negativity being suppressed, when we give it the space to breathe, it voluntarily gives way to our fundamental philosophies and beliefs and more positive feelings. However, when we feel these emotions for ongoing periods of time it can have a detrimental impact on us and others.

Even though it’s important to productively feel all of our emotions, if we want to establish and maintain our inner peace, then we have no option but to overcome the emotional dysfunction plaguing our ego and sense of self.

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Beware the Quack Quack Quack

18th October 2014

By Tracy Kolenchuk

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

What is Quack-Quackery?

What is a quack? What is a quack quack? What is a quack quack quack? And why do we need to beware them?

The Quack

Is a quack someone who sells ‘false medicine’. Not just that. Merriam-Webster defines a quack as “one who makes false claims of identity or expertise” – not just medicines. They are claiming to have expertise they do not have.

Does a quack know they are a quack? Do they really think they have the required expertise, or are they simply lying, perhaps to sell a dubious product, and moving quickly to the new customer? It doesn’t matter. Both the idiot and the liar fit the definition of a quack.

The Quack Quack

A quack quack is someone who claims to see a quack, but is actually “making false claims of identity or expertise” themselves.

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6 Things You Must Know About Colloidal Silver

By Dr. Edward F. Group

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Colloidal silver has been used for centuries to promote good health and studies continue to also show that colloidal silver outperforms many mainstream methods used against harmful organisms. [1] With so many cases of antibiotic resistance, it’s no wonder why colloidal silver has become extremely popular in recent years. Consumers should know, however, that not all silver products are created equal.

Here are 6 things you must know about colloidal silver to protect yourself and ensure the best results:

6 Things You Must Know About Colloidal Silver

1. Parts Per Million (PPM) is Mildly Important

When it comes to colloidal silver, don’t get caught up in how many parts per million — or PPM — a solution has. Although it’s not a mundane detail, what’s really important is the particle size.

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Overcoming Fear in Today’s Uncertain World

By Gaye Levy

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Every afternoon as I sit down with an extra large cup of espresso, I ponder something to write about next. In that last three years, I have written over 570 articles. A lot the articles have been about prepping and self sufficiency but a large number have also been about more touchy-feely topics as I talk about life and getting by during hard times.

Today is one of those days, as I muse about coping skills as they relate to the fear of ‘the worst’. I don’t know about you, but as hard as I try to stay above it all, there are days when the burden of truth and knowledge is all too much and a teeny tiny bit of fear sets in.

What Do You Fear?

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Fear is something that every human and most animals will experience at some time or another. It is that feeling of anxiety we get when the outcome of something threatens our well-being and safety.

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The Gaia Hypothesis – Cohabitating with The Earth, a Sentient Living Organism

By Liz Bentley

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Contrary to the common belief that the Earth is simply a dense planet whose only function is as a resource for its inhabitants, our planet is in fact a breathing, living organism. When we think of the Earth holistically, as one living entity of its own, instead of the sum of its parts, it takes on a new meaning. Our planet functions as a single organism that maintains conditions necessary for its survival.

Throughout history, the concept of Mother Earth has been a part of human culture in one form or another. Everybody has heard of Mother Earth, but have you ever stopped to think who (or what) Mother Earth is?

What is Gaia?

The Gaia hypothesis states that life creates conditions on Earth to suit itself; that Life created the planet Earth, not the other way around.

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I Beg You To Quit Pretending

By Lissa Rankin MD

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

A friend of mine called me to confide in me about how she was struggling in her marriage, and after listening to her story and meeting it with compassion instead of the judgment she feared, I confessed that my marriage wasn’t going so well either. I shared with her the struggles Matt and I were dealing with, and her response was, “I would never have guessed that in a million years. You two just seem so perfect together”.

A week later, the same friend called to tell me that she had finally opened up to a few other friends about her marital struggles, and lo and behold, every single one of them had confided in her about their own marital struggles. She said, “Lissa, why have I not known I wasn’t alone? Why have I been suffering, thinking I was the only one whose marriage was screwed up, when I’m surrounded by people I love who are going through the same thing?” We pinky promised to talk openly with people about the ways in which the “perfect” image others might have of us is complete BS.

I was talking to another friend who is also going through a rocky patch in her marriage, and she was telling me how much it pains her to drop off her kids at school and see all the happy mothers with perfect families. I told her all she’d have to do is dig one layer deep to find some way in which everyone in the school yard was suffering in at least a small way. The ruse is the lie that leaves us all thinking everyone else has it together – except us.

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Creative Day-Dreaming: Your Connection to Life’s Creative Flow

By Caroline Diana Bobart

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

The act of day-dreaming can be beneficial to so many aspects of our well-being. It allows us to tap into our spiritual wisdom and desires for life experiences we are really longing to create, and brings our mental, emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual aspects into alignment so we can anchor them as synergistic faculties here on earth. In doing so, we raise our level of self-understanding, self-awareness and inner knowing of who we really are, and of the sacredness we came into this lifetime to share.

Day-dreaming keeps us connected to our first home – the spiritual realm – and helps us enjoy an experience of life that is infused with fulfilment, amusement, meaning, validation, purpose and love. It allows us to step beyond the limitations of the rational, three dimensional, linear mind, and into the realm of limitless possibilities of which we are each an individualised part.

When we allow ourselves the freedom of day-dreaming, we remind ourselves of our essential nature – physically, emotionally and spiritually free.

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Courage, Commitment and Focus on the Spiritual Path

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

You’ll never forget this video.

I came across this amazing video the other day which I felt to share. I find it tremendously inspirational. It’s not a ‘spiritual’ video as such, but then again, if we’re truly following and committing to our passion, is that not spiritual in itself?

I’m travelling the world currently on the Divinicus Tour, meeting people, all of whom have seemingly mountainous obstacles on their path. This is a video about a guy demonstrating tremendous skill, commitment and bravery in crossing a seemingly insurmountable mountain range – a knife edge ridge – on the awesomely beautiful Isle of Sky in Scotland.

What can this video teach us about life itself?…

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How Microbes in the Gut Influence Anxiety and Depression

By Carolanne Wright

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

We may not give much thought to the 100 trillion microbes living within our guts, but new discoveries within psychiatry have found that these organisms can profoundly affect our moods. In fact, psychiatrists are now exploring the possibility of manipulating these microscopic populations with the goal of treating clinical depression and anxiety — all without resorting to potentially harmful pharmaceutical drugs.

The Mind-Gut Connection

The bidirectional link between the emotions and the gut is nothing new. Scientists have long known that the enteric nervous system (ENS) found within the gut is connected to the brain via the vagus nerve, and is so influential that it’s often referred to as the “second brain.” When we experience sadness, fear or another emotional state, the gut is affected. And yet, the reverse is also true. When imbalances within the gut are present, such as inflammation or an infection, our emotional state suffers as well.

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Who Thinks Your Thoughts?

By Brendan D. Murphy

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Being Accountable for the Thoughts and Feelings We Entertain

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.” ~ Charles Swindoll

The notion that how we feel is merely caused by events around us or directly involving us, is a scourge of our modern times. To believe that the external world and its perceived relationship to us is the major determinative factor in how we feel (“I can’t believe he/she said that to me—that’s so outrageous!”) is disempowering and self-destructive.

We impose our “shoulds” on what we perceive as “the world out there”, and then when it fails to live up to our arbitrary and abstract standards, we pout, mope, grumble and complain that it “should” have been different. Rather than tweaking our perception, we demand that the thing we perceive should tweak itself! When people fail to conform to our whimsy, we often then fall into yet another error avoided by the mindful: we replay upsetting events (events that we perceived as upsetting) and our emotional response/s to them in our heads over and over, further upsetting ourselves!

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