Visualization: Are You Using Your Imagination Wisely?

23rd June 2016

By Christina Lavers

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

Imagination is our inner vision. It is the magical bridge between the everyday and the ethereal realm, the gateway between the finite and the infinite. Children naturally have vivid imaginations and use this innate faculty to explore and animate life. With the advent of science and rationality, a clear distinction between the fanciful and the concrete came to define our understanding of reality. The magical enchantment of the world largely receded into the cracks and humans were left to operate within the confines of the ordinary, the quantifiable, and the normal. We came to see imagination as something of little value, to be left behind in childhood.

Today we are rediscovering the importance of imagination. Quantum physics has transformed our understanding of the landscape of reality and our role in it. Quantum theory has forced the scientific community to question the assumption that consciousness cannot affect external reality. Increasingly, evidence demonstrates that due to the intimate way we are energetically entangled with all that exists, our thoughts do have the ability to affect our physical world. As a result more people are opening to the possibility that we can indeed use the power of our minds to influence what unfolds in our external reality.

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Modern Science Confirms Yoga’s Many Health Benefits

23rd June 2016

By Sayer Ji

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

Modern science now confirms why humans have been practicing yoga since the beginning of recorded history: it is good both for the body and mind.

There is evidence in the archeological record that yoga has been practiced by humans for at least 5,000 years. Whereas this would constitute sufficient evidence for most folks to consider it a practice with real health benefits, as its millions of practitioners widely claim, skeptics say otherwise. They require any activity deemed to be of therapeutic value run the gauntlet of randomized, controlled clinical trials before it is fully accepted within the conventional medical system.

This tendency towards scientism in medicine, or what some call medical monotheism, runs diametrically opposed to the standards of lived-experience – so called “subjectivity” – or anecdotal experience (learning from the experience of others) which is what the majority of the world uses to determine if something has value, or is worth doing or not.

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CDC Concealed Link Between Thimerosal and Autism for Over a Decade, Forced to Release Incriminating Documents

21st June 2016

By Carolanne Wright

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

A long-held debate between pro- and anti-vaccination groups may finally be put to rest over the association between thimerosal — a preservative composed of 49.5% ethyl mercury used in numerous child and flu vaccines — and neurological disorders, particularly autism.

For nearly a decade, biochemist Brian Hooker, Ph.d., has been petitioning documents from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) in relation to the controversial preservative. After more than 100 requests, the documents were eventually released — and clearly showed thimerosal can in fact cause autism and other neurodevelopment disorders. But this isn’t the only study that demonstrates the brain and health harming nature of the compound.

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Inescapable Initiations on the Sacred Path

22nd June 2016

By Rohil Jethmalani

Guest writer for Wake Up World

For the initiate, spiritual growth is unceasing, non-linear, limitless and not pegged to time. One cannot actually decipher clear stages to spiritual growth; each person’s lessons and karmic debts vary substantially enough not to be able to make overarching claims. Similarly, trends within our own life are never brought into complete clarity for us; we are always one step behind understanding the magical unfolding that is this precious life.

Nevertheless, at an energetic level everyone is challenged and rubbed through similar feelings albeit in different settings. We must all learn to flow through the river of thought, down towards the ocean of silence. Everyone will be presented with the invitation to ignite the heart; the sparks coming off of our painful human disjointedness. One has to pierce through the illusion and ground oneself through feelings of lack, in the quest to manifest abundance. And, when we are ready for strengthening, we must take a huge leap of faith into the abyss of uncertain insecurities.

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The Coming Revolution – A New Vibrational Reality

21st June 2016

By Tim Bryant

Guest writer for Wake Up World

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration  – Nikola Tesla

Energy is a property of objects, which can be transferred to other objects or converted, but cannot be created or destroyed. Literally, everything in the known universe is energy in some form or another, whether it’s thoughts, emotions, actions or objects. The law of vibration states that all energy in the universe vibrates at a particular frequency, therefore it’s in a constant state of motion. The vibrational frequency directly determines the form in which the energy will take and according to the law of attraction, energy which vibrates at a particular frequency will attract other energies that vibrate at the same frequency. The question is, what vibrational frequency is society tuned to? Continue Reading – The Coming Revolution – A New Vibrational Reality

5 Tips to Help You Restore and Maintain Your Gut Health

21st June 2016

By Dr. Edward Group

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Bacteria in your gut might sound like a bad thing but, actually, your gut uses bacteria to process food into energy.[1]We call these helpful bacteria probiotics. Most people have heard the term in yogurt ads, but that’s about it. What are probiotics and what do they mean to your body?

It all starts in your gut, the system in your body responsible for digestion. Proper digestion is essential to your health and probiotics are essential to your gut. When bacteria are out of balance, it can cause problems such as:

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Full Moon in Sagittarius – Finding Clarity Among the Chaos

20th June 2016

By Simon Vorster & Jennifer Langstone

Contributing writers for Wake Up World

This month’s Full Moon in Sagittarius brings with it a ferocious sense of instability and unpredictability. The dramatic undercurrent of shifting and surfacing unconscious emotions and deep psychological patterns are being revealed in our daily lives. A powerful story is unfolding for humanity at this stage with at least one main constant theme: thunderous shocks leading to powerful energetic shifts and transformations. We are in for a time of major transition, and culmination. The question we all face is, how will we respond?

Let’s take a look at how the astrological alignments are reflecting our current evolution.

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Censorship Still Rampant Around the World

20th June 2016

By Makia Freeman

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

Censorship is still a big issue around the world. Censorship remains at high levels in many countries, despite the fact that we tend to think we live in a world without that much of it (at least in the supposedly “enlightened and developed West”).

Why are censorship levels so high? There can really only be one reason for it in the end: our so-called “authorities” are afraid of free thought, free speech and the free flow of information. Why? Because it would uncover their secrets, expose their corruption, contradict their fake narratives, dissolve mental structures and undo notions of citizen obedience and civic duty that have been drilled into us since birth, mainly through military- and Rockefeller-influenced education.

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Exiting the Matrix with Ayahuasca

20th June 2016

By Nanice Ellis

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

Have you ever sensed that “something” is just not right about reality – like there is an important secret on the verge of being revealed? The character Neo in the Matrix represents that sense; the part of us who knows that there is more to this convoluted game of life than meets the eye.

Escaping the heavy cloak of disempowerment:

Humanity has been asleep under a heavy cloak of lies for a very long time. Because our ancestors were drugged with disillusionment and disempowerment, through no fault of their own, disempowering beliefs have been transferred from generation to generation, growing stronger and more believable with each passing of the baton.

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The Alchemy of the Feminine Energy: Being the Change You Wish to See

19th June 2016

By Sarah Elkhaldy

Guest writer for Wake Up World

The alchemical process of ‘being the change you wish to see in the world’ has a yin and yang (passive and active) component to it. In order to collectively elevate earth we must understand how vital the role of the feminine is in this play.

The presence of the feminine energy has been largely absent from the equation here on earth for some time now. Her power is that of the circle — all encompassing. She is chaos and order, form and formless, both at once. She is non-linear and for this, she can be feared or seen as magic. She is the stillness that births motion and the static from which the ecstatic springs into life.

The feminine energy is here to activate our heart and rise up in balance with the masculine energy to form heart-centered unity consciousness.

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