Why Is Natural The Alternative?

By  Zen Gardner

Contributing Writer for  Wake Up World

It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society. – J. Krishnamurti

Wikipedia defines Alternative Medicine as follows:

“In  Western culture,  alternative medicine is any healing practice “that does not fall within the realm of conventional  medicine“,  or “that which has not been shown consistently to be effective.”  It is often opposed to  evidence based medicine and encompasses therapies with a historical or cultural, rather than a scientific, basis.”

Excuse me, but who says? What a bunch of arrogant subjectivity. And where are these “conventions” held that define everything “conventional”? And who are they?

First of all, “they” rarely test natural medicines, supplements, herbal remedies or holistic healing techniques.   They’re not interested. Therefore there are very few “approved” scientific studies. And who authorizes and pays for those studies?–or “approves” medicines and treatments? You guessed it–the same people that have absolutely no interest in the success of natural medicines or techniques.

They cut into their share of the pie, which they think is ALL theirs.

This is why cures for major diseases like cancer seem so elusive in spite of billions invested in their cures–there’s a LOT more money in people being sick while the research and big pharma industries boom as they are. Greed and control rule.


“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” Arthur Schopenhauer.

Today’s “alternative” is the existing, natural solution.

Just look at the genius of  Royal Rife’s treatment for cancer and other diseases using electromagnetic light frequencies (which was taken from him and destroyed), or the simplicity of alkalizing and oxygenating the body for maximum health, similar to the  anti-fungal approach to cancer–never mind common sense nutritional solutions. These are just a few simple examples of wonderful, simple, affordable,  NATURAL and very powerfull–but repressed- “alternative” treatments that should be given all the funding, publicity and encouragement they can get!

But instead they are marginalized, stigmatized and discouraged by the MSNews and corporo-medical establishment.

You’d think our ever-caring big brother government would be all over these breakthroughs and develop them. But no–just like  Nicola Tesla‘s free energy proposal, or thousands of other potentially society liberating breakthroughs, these non money-makers are squelched. I mean, if we had free energy, where would the coal and oil industry moguls be today? Do some of these people  really want “alternatives”?

Apparently “alternative” means anything that doesn’t fit some agenda of some sort. That’s why it’s important to be empowered and find out just what that agenda is, if we’re to understand this carefully constructed and   increasingly controlled society we live in. There’s a lot of very good research out there; “Search, and ye shall find!”

Let’s face it: “alternative”   has become almost as stigmatized today as “conspiracy theory”. In fact, anything non-mainstream sleepy-town fear-everything pablum is getting very neatly lumped together as anti cooperation with the powers that be–leading straight to “anti-government”, “subversive”, and now unbelievably, a potential “terrorist threat” a category that knows no bounds, and for which  habeas corpus and  posse comitatus were effectually suspended under the “Patriot Act” and now taken to its complete fascist extreme in the NDAA.

If you don’t want to take the vaccines, you’re a threat to the status quo, and soon might be breaking the law. If you don’t follow the new  codex alimentarius guidelines, you’ll be in violation of international law –  alrready being enacted in a once sovereign country near you. You criticize the government, visit “alternative” web sites, join a protest, are ex-military, or even have a Ron Paul bumper sticker, you’re suspect, and they’re now allowed to freely keep an eye on you, arrest you, detain you indefinitely without and trial, and even kill you.

Nice place. That’s why you can’t beileve a damn word they say.

How Did This Happen?

Political correctness and wrong education in our media-mesmerized fear-infused society are what allowed us to get here–and the vast majority didn’t even realize they were participating in their own indoctrination and subversion. That’s how these false notions take root and then they’re repeated and enforced by the unwitting participants.   The best way to police a people is if they do it to themselves–ingrain it into society’s fabric as to what’s “right” and “wrong” and feed on our fear, insecurity and self-righteousness to “keep the status quo”.

The end result? Today’s  surveillance and snitch society.

Big pharma and most of the medical establishment have their own niche in all of this. While alternative medicine is gaining major headway among health conscious individuals fed up with being mugged and drugged by pharma-pushing corporate health interests, it continues to be marginalized, mocked and scorned by the establishment, emblazoning the “groupthink” masses with the impression that anyone entertaining such “non-scientific” foolishness ought to be wearing a tin foil hat. –Hey–maybe we should so we can meet and greet each other–:)

Besides, not a bad idea in this EMF pollution we live in.

As a sad side note, besides passing every possible pro-pharma and GMO ruling they can, one example of the long arm of our dear FDA is how it stuck it’s dirty little fingers into Ecuador to coerce Interpol to literally  kidnap and incarcerate “alternative” herbalist Greg Caton. That’s how much this control means to them and shows their disdain, and fear of, the alternative medical community. He’d fled the US medical tyranny and they still went after him–illegally–for disseminating his empowering knowledge and simple anticancer products. (If you want to help, his wife Cathryn can be contacted at the link above.)

I hope I’m not just preaching to the choir, but these are serious times we’re watching unfold and natural medicine is a cornerstone. The core issue here is our liberty to seek the treatments and remedies that we choose.  I choose natural medicine and a holistic approach to health and life. Hey–anything other than that in my book is “alternative”!

Hmmmm…isn’t the alternative to natural medicine  UNnatural medicine?

“In a dark time, the eye begins to see,” Theodore Roethke.

Keep on healing—naturally…..Love, Zen

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