GMO Propaganda: The Fight is On

12th June 2012

By  Jack Adam Weber

Contributing Writer for  Wake Up World

Today I read the first of the new onslaught of blatant pro-GMO propaganda (i.e., lies) intended to sway a growing number of people, specifically Californians, waking up to the horrors of GMO.

The UC Berkeley article I read is here. Please go to the  article and make a comment! My comment is reprinted at the end of this article.

Here is the enemy’s hub for spreading more GMO BS (the stuff bull-ies produce from their rears).

And here is the Label GMOs website to learn more and pitch in.

Monsanto’s fear is that the many people waking up to the horrors of GMO plan to do something about it in the November elections. We certainly hope this is true! The proposed bill, called the California Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act, would require the mandatory labeling of foods that contain GMO ingredients.

As the kettle of anti-GMO activism in California has begun to boil, we knew this was coming: biotech’s puppet-paid propaganda spreaders hitting the streets and the media with lies and manipulative advertisements in a desperate attempt to do anything they can to prevent this proposed GMO Labeling Law from passing in November. Because Monsanto knows full well that labeling a food GMO is the equivalent of placing a skull and crossbones on it. In other words, truth would prevail.

The  Committee for the Right to Know is a grassroots coalition of consumer,  public health, environmental organizations, and food companies in California that  has gathered  971,126 signatures in support for the bill to be included on the November 6, 2012 election ballot.  50% of Californians voters are needed to vote it in to law and put the well-deserved stigma on GMO foods once and for all!

There’s a decent chance this bill is going to pass, and Monsanto and friends are a bit terrified of this becoming reality. So, we all need to reach out to our California brothers and sisters and encourage them to vote for this GMO labeling bill. We also need to raise our voices against the onslaught of media blitzing by Monsanto and friends that will continue to spew from their polluted headquarters prior to the November elections.

I am asking that any reader (you) who discovers other such moronic, manipulative pro-GMO articles or advertisements to please post them to the GEM Page  (GMO Eradication Movement) or email me directly so that we can send out the message for the GEM team to bombard the article with anti-GMO comments.

Please go say something at the article By Dr. Zilberman. Here are two of my approximately ten comments (several others did not get posted, and I had to use my other email account to slip more in there!):

Mr. Zilberman,

Are you somehow unaware that GMO crops bring with them a built-in dependence on toxic chemicals? Are you unaware that the Bt-toxin is itself unsafe for humans? Did you not hear about the thousands of Indian workers who developed severe rashes from working with Bt-cotton? Are you in the dark about the fact that in one incident all livestock that ate Bt-cotton died?

If Bt-cotton has increased yields, then why have (reportedly) hundreds of thousands of farmers in India committed suicide because of failed Bt-cotton yields? Why don’t you mention the superbugs and super weeds that have developed as a result of resistance to RoundUp? And what on Earth do you mean when you say, “Now, what about emergence of resistance to GMOs?” This sentence makes no sense. What is resistant to GMOs? Maybe you mean resistance to RoundUp?  

You say “sustainability is different than Nirvana.” What? There is nothing sustainable about GMOs, sir. They produce synthetic toxins (Bt) and they require the use of millions of extra tons of pesticide each year. Are you aware that the Bt-toxin produced by GE plants is a VARIATION of the Bt toxin produced naturally by the soil bacterium from which it was derived? And that produced by Bt plants is thousands of times stronger than that produced by the soil bacteria? It’s not even the same compound. Are you aware that the toxic treadmill of pesticides for GE crops is about to be elevated (meaning become more disgraceful) to now necessarily include 2,4-D-resistance because RoundUp is not working so well anymore?  

GMOs do not allow us to adapt to new diseases; it is the disease! And why, sir, have so many other (smarter) nations than ours either banned or mandated labeling for GMOs? Do you think it’s because they want the world to be deprived of the amazing benefits of genetically modified food? Do you think they don’t know all the juicy facts you write in this article (i.e., lies or plain ignorance)? I doubt it. And climate change? I am not even going there.    

Sir, please take your measly brain and your corrupt heart back to wherever you came from and spare the world your utter ignorance. You write as though you landed in academia yesterday…even worse, you make no sense and your arguments are based on nonsense. I actually went to UC Berkeley and I am sad to see their standard of competency for professors has been compromised so severely. Oh well. At least I got enough smarts and critical thinking skills there to stave off moronic articles like this one. Shame on UC Berkeley. Shame on you too, Mr. Z.  

Another important point to this article is that Mr. Zilberman states that labels are appropriate when there is undisputed evidence that GMOs are harmful. What nonsense. Labels are appropriate when there is inadequate testing, and their safety has been shown time and again to be dubious. In fact, with inadequate testing of GMOs they should not even be on our shelves or in the hands of developing countries who may know even less the science and dirty facts. So, labeling is the very, very least that needs to be done to protect consumers.  

As my friend Bruce Allen pointed out, the very fact that the genetic engineering of food is in its infancy, coupled with its utter lack of safety tests, is testimony to its hazard and bare minimum necessity to be labeled.  

Two more things:

1 Please “like” and share GEM, if you have not.

2) Please sign and share our petition.

Thank you for reading and acting,


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