2012: The Reality Show

By Linda Lubin

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

So how is 2012 going for you so far? Is it living up to the hype? Is it exceeding your expectations or failing them miserably? Or perhaps, like many, you never had any expectations of what this purportedly mystical moment of time would hold, and figured it was just another year on the calendar.

How you perceive this year may depend on which side of the “glass half full/glass half empty” equation you occupy. If you are a glass half empty type, then you may be looking at the world and thinking, “sh*t, the world is coming apart at the seams!” If you are a glass half full type, then you may be looking at the world and thinking, “hurray, the world is coming apart at the seams!” The pessimists (who invariably call themselves realists J) see what is happening and think that every disaster movie ever made is playing out on our planet. The optimists (who also think of themselves as realists J) see things coming apart as an opportunity for new ways of living to take hold.

See what I mean? It’s all a matter of perspective. Similar to those optical illusion images where you look at it one way and you see a wizened old woman; you look at it another way and she is beautiful and young.

The fact is, any way you choose to look at it, 2012 is a year of transformation. Undoubtedly you are seeing this on the world stage as well as in your personal life. Everything that doesn’t work, that is not built on a solid foundation, is being pushed to the surface. All those things big and small about life that we chose to ignore – swept under the carpet – are now being exposed. This applies on a meta scale – the stories of massive levels of corruption and malfeasance being exposed daily in the news, which we all know is but the tip of the iceberg as to what lies below the surface. And it also applies on the macro scale – your personal life. So you may find relationships falling apart, a job or career that wasn’t right for you being left behind, a place you called home no longer feeling right and so you pack up and leave. And on a deeper level, your sense of self, who you are, and how you perceive the world around you, is changing in both subtle and major ways.

The old, tired, worn out ways of doing things need to go. And they are going, albeit with a huge roar of rage. No one said this was going to be easy. Well, that’s not entirely true. There were quite a few who made it sound like 2012 was going to be a walk into the Garden of Eden. I wish! On the other hand, there were at least an equal number who thought the end of the world was really coming. [Which was amazingly convenient if you were a high school student wanting to avoid college entrance exams. Unfortunately not too many parents bought that one.]

The changes are not happening overnight. As much as I would like to believe that as of December 13, 2012 we’ll be living in nirvana, I realize that after the end of time it is still going to take a bit of . . . uh, well . . . time, to see the world we are yearning for manifested.

However, I do believe that after the major dates of 12/12/12, and 12/21/12, this planet will be a very different place. It may, in most ways, still look the same, but we will have crossed an energetic threshold, which we have been moving towards for the past 25 years. And as we pass through this portal of time, we will find that we have passed a tipping point (if you are new to my writing, I do tend to mix my metaphors. No apologies. Hey, portals, tipping points . . . you get the drift.)

In the past, it took extraordinary effort for us to make significant changes towards a healthier, integrated way of living on our third rock from the sun. This will no longer be the case. We will begin to see things shift with greater ease and far less effort. I’m not talking magic here. No “poof, war is gone.” But I am talking hugely significant changes are to come.

It will take several years beyond 2012 before the changes are so very apparent as to take away all doubt that we indeed just went through a period of unprecedented transformation. But given that we are talking about undoing thousands of years of human mis-creations (war, poverty, racism, slavery, misogyny, being but a few of our more unlovely creations), I think we can manage to wait a few more to see how this movie turns out. Personally, I’m looking forward to a very happy ending – or is it a new beginning? Both, actually.

About the Author

Linda loves her work as a life coach. In fact, she is quite passionate about guiding others along their journey to awaken. Linda finds it a privilege to walk along the path with another, and point out the signposts, the choices, the opportunities, and the different perspectives that can make the journey vastly more interesting, engaging and  meaningful. If you would like to learn more about Linda’s work, please visit her website at Enlightened-Coaching.com.  Linda also loves to write, and you can read more of her musings at lindalubin.blogspot.com


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