Genetically Modified Organisms. Will California Make A Difference?

10th October 2012

By Raluca Schachter

Guest writer for Wake Up World

There is abundant online information these days about Monsanto, Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) and the most awaited US election in November, where many concerned Californians are eager to vote YES on Prop 37, in order to enable GMOs labeling.

Polls show that a high percentage of people nationwide favor mandatory GMO labeling. However, it’s estimated that the world’s six largest pesticide companies as well as major food conglomerates like Pepsi, Nestlé and Kellogg will have contributed a total of up to $80 million in campaigns to defeat the act.

Monsanto  contributed $4.2 million to date, according to reports from California’s Secretary of State, DuPont $4.0 million, PepsiCo $1.7 million, BASF $1.6 million and Bayer $1.6 million.

Proponents of the act include organic food advocates like Mercola, Dr. Bronner’s, Nature’s Path, UNFI, Lundberg Family Farms, Amy’s Kitchen, local farmers and a wide number of consumers.

Major food manufacturers are especially afraid of the initiative because, if passed, many of their “all natural” product lines like Sun Chips, Naked Juice and Kashi use GMO  ingredients and would be stripped of their misleading “natural” labels.

Arran Stephens, President & Founder of Nature’s Path, states:

Given that California has the eighth largest economy in the world, the passage of Prop 37 would have far-reaching impact on food sold in every state, if not throughout North America. Other states will likely follow California’s lead with mandatory labeling ballot initiatives of their own. Many manufacturers would likely change all of their packaging to indicate GMOs.

But GMOs labeling per se won’t change the food industry overnight. As Jeffrey Smith of the Institute for Responsible Technology puts it, “I doubt we’ll ever see ‘low-GMO’ products on the shelf.”

For the regular, non-interested consumer that treats his foods worse than the fuel he puts in his car, it won’t mean much. And such consumers are many…

But for an increasing number of the population that does care what kind of food they put on their plate and want to get informed about it, this will raise a sense of awareness, while making shopping for healthy food much easier and more worry-free.

We don’t know for sure yet what the outcome will be. But until then and regardless of the results, I’d like to stress out three issues that I believe EVERY human being that eats food daily should be aware of and think twice before shopping for food:

1. Nature vs. Technology

If you ask a sustainable, traditional farmer what he thinks about GMOs he’d say it means: “Tampering with nature. No good can come of it. It is nothing but a plot to prevent the process of reproduction, so that farmers have to buy new seeds every year. A scandal, promoted by men in white coats, agricultural bandits who never get their hands dirty.” (“French Lessons” by Peter Mayle)

If you ask someone that believes technology should rule the world,  he’ll  tell you that GMO  can save the world from hunger.

For sure you’d have to be aware that for every man made action that is NOT sustainable and creates damage to the soil, animals and plants, human beings will pay the price one day as well. To be aware of this is part of being an intelligent, responsible human being. Tinkering with Nature never brought anything good to humanity, any time in history.

2. Cost

“If you think buying organic food is expensive, have you priced cancer lately?” (Joel Salatin, founder of Polyface Farms)

The party against Prop 37 launches campaigns that are meant to frighten the population into believing that prices for food will soar if the law passes. Really? How will your local, sustainable, organic farmers, true organic companies and farmer’s markets be affected by GMO labeling?? I actually think they’ll be happy.

On the other hand, before you do your happy dance because your local conventional grocery store sells you extremely cheap corn, you can be sure it’s just too good to be true. It’s definitely GMO  and it’s fake.

In Europe a large number of the population still pays considerable high amounts of money for healthy food. It’s a priority, before bills and other forms of entertainment. It’s also a celebration and tradition to enjoy healthy food with family and friends.

3.Delayed Effects

If we all dropped dead right after eating GMOs  the message would have been loud and clear. But I guess humanity has to learn its lesson the hard way. Food that’s made in the lab and was not meant to be recognized by your cells will eventually build up as toxic material in your body. What’s the worse that can happen? It starts with digestive problems, lowered immunity and eventually tumors and cancer. And yes, these all take some time to happen…

No matter what Monsanto‘s  Franken-scientists claim, there is now strong evidence that a GMO potato IS very different from the regular one in every way. Nature “doesn’t bombard with cannons to force extremely alien material into the genetic structure (…) Folks, a corn plant mating with a moth just ain’t normal.” (“Folks, This Ain’t Normal” by Joel Salatin).

Considering this, do you know now what side you’re on?

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