Monsanto in Mexico: Stop GMO Corn Now

21st November 2012

By  Jack Adam Weber

Contributing Writer for  Wake Up World

Dear Friends,

I’m writing to you tonight about a devastating corn distribution plan by the “The Diabolic Trinity”: Monsanto, Dupont, and Dow.

It’s one thing to spread their mutant corn around the globe and quite another to infiltrate the heartland that is home to thousands of varieties of native corn cultivated for thousands of years. But this is exactly what the biotech bullies are now trying to do. It is being called the “boldest coup of a global food crop in history.” Help stop them now by signing here.

The “Diabolic Trinity” has petitioned the government of Felipe Calderon, who will be leaving office shortly, to plant over 6,000,000 (yes that’s right, six million) acres of Mexican land with transgenic corn. And they want to sow over 3,500,000 acres of this in Monsanto’s herbicide-tolerant maize (Mon603), the same GMO  variety that caused the horrific tumors in the recent French study.

Biotech has planned this perfectly, knocking on President Calderon’s door just as he is due to leave office on December 1st.  He has little to lose and lots to gain in the likely hidden royalties (read: bribe money) coming to him for pushing this through. But, global pressure to refuse this vile plan could hopefully change the tides. Please sign on.

Most of Mexico’s corn is produced by small farmers (read: “poor”) who protect the biodiversity of corn through local seed exchanges and generational selective breeding, as decent humans have done for thousands of years. If this GMO  corn project gets approved, as many anticipate it will, it means that many subsistence Mexicans farmers may soon find themselves in the trap that we know so well in the United States: they can be found liable for patent infringement for inadvertently growing GMOs. In the words of Silvia Ribeiro, ETC Group’s Latin America Director:

“It would be a monumental injustice for the creators of maize – who have so benefited humankind – to be obliged to pay royalties to a transnational corporation that exploited their knowledge in the first place.”

What pangs me terribly, is the possibility for Mexican farmers to experience what has occurred in India if their GMO crops fail: mass suicide.

Make no mistake about it. This is beyond criminal. To effectively contaminate over 7,000 years of indigenous work and heritage in the very heartland of corn’s genesis is, to my mind, like chopping down the last remaining Redwoods of California, or genetically modifying all the whales in the oceans. It is truly on the scale of massive genocide and a severe multi-species rights violation. It’s a stab in the heart to the world’s corn heritage and to the livelihood and beauty of Mexico’s environment and its people.

I grew up part-time in Mexico. If you don’t know the country, I’ll tell you it is one of the most beautiful places on Earth, and the Mexican people are magnanimous and kind. The culture is rich and the creations made with corn—from fresh tortillas used for tacos and tostadas to tamales to posole soup to gorditas and corn chips (tostaditos)—is the best food anywhere.

So, without further adieu, here is what you can do:

1) Sign this petition to Mexico’s President

2) Join the FB page created to fight the crime.

3) Read more about this issue here.

4) Do everything you can to stop these horrific companies by buying organic and getting involved with an on-line No-GMO group.

In Passion for Justice,

Jack Weber & Wake Up World

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