Thriving in Transit

16th December 2012

By  Dr. Rachel Fresco

Guest writer for  Wake Up World

Wake-Up World readers are one my favorite online communities. You are all committed to social, environmental and spiritual evolvement, and at this time at the end of this long cycle in the Mayan Calendar, and with the beginning of the new cycle into the Aquarian Age I’d like to offer some pearls of my experience on staying in balance, especially when traveling, and a few other words of wisdom.

As I celebrated my 50th  birthday this past July, (with a gluten and alcohol free party and fire circle at our home and small organic farm in the mountains outside of Santa Cruz, CA,) I was told by one friend that now I could begin to wear the title of Crone. Images of shriveled up old women in black came to mind, and since I still feel like I am 23 at times, and tend to wear a lot of purple, it  didn’t  really resonate. But my friend assured me that what this meant was that it is time for me to share more of my self, lessons learned, experiences gained and to this end, as I sit on a flight from San Francisco California to Moscow Russia where I will be teaching herbal medicine to a group of doctors, I decided to write this.

If you are like me and are sensitive to long hours on airplanes, being in crowded and busy indoor environments, less than ideal food, and want some easy tips to make a long journey and keep healthy in the process read on….

In Ayurvedic medicine, travelling at speeds in excess of 500 miles an hour at 30,000 plus feet disturbs the Vata or Air element in our bodies. This makes it easy to get catch a cold, get tired and feel spacey, leading to misplaced boarding passes and failure to collect your shoes at the security checkpoint. I read that in the Upanishads from thousands of years ago there was mention of ‘flying in metal boxes’ so they had many years to plan an effective remedy before Orville and Wilbur Wright took off from the sand dunes at Nags Head, NC.

One easy way to combat this Vata disturbance I have learned and use every time I travel is to take a shower before you leave, and while your skin is still damp after lightly toweling off, cover your body with oil. Sesame oil would be used in Ayurveda, but I find any good oil such a Jojoba, Coconut, Sweet Almond or other massage oil will work just fine. Slather it on generously, and especially coat your feet including the soles, your legs, arms, chest and especially the back of the neck.

Next, prepare a baggie with a thin clean washcloth to take in your carry on or purse. When you are on the flight you will notice you nose starting to dry out. This is a leading cause of catching colds and flu, as we need the mucous membranes functioning to defend against bacteria and viral attack. You can use a saline or Xylitol nasal spray too, but I love to dampen my washcloth, apply a few drops of essential oil, I’m using Women’s Balance from Neals Yard Apothecary  and place the cloth over my face and breathe deeply for 15 minutes or as needed every couple of hours. Sometimes I get a quick nap in too as the aromatherapy oils relax me and the cloth is covering my eyes. I notice I am also less puffy around the eyes by doing this and my feel less tired. I tend to read voraciously when I fly, as it is one of the few times I am not busy between Bio-Botanical Research and the farm.

I just finished the Mayan Ouroboros and Living In The Heart by Drunvelo Melchizedek. I am finding these are good to read at this time especially since we are near Dec 21, 2012. I hope the Mayan elders and other indigenous peoples are right about our imminent shift in frequency to a Unity Consciousness. I found the Secret Space of the Heart meditation is very easy and effective. My good friend Tom Geckler maker of Monoatomic Gold (Ormus) went to the 5 day retreat with Drunvelo in Sedona last week, gave it thumbs up and highly recommended it to me, hence the carry on full of Drunvelo’s books.

I love Tom’s monoatomic gold powder, he uses a magnetic trap to collect it from the spring water at his house in Dahlonega Georgia, which has one of the highest naturally occurring levels of gold found anywhere. Just a pinch will be enough to get your crown chakra buzzing. Go to to check it out.

OK, back to travel tips…. there are other products I always bring, the Wild Rose Beauty Balm made of organic rose seed oil never fails to work on the driest skin. White Tea Eye Gel is a great one for morning before that big meeting, or after a late night out, and Beauty Sleep Concentrate speaks for itself. A must have serum. I like Neals Yard because the products are organic, the company is one of the few that the soils association of Europe endorsees, they use sustainably grown herbs and have a Zero Carbon Footprint at the facility where they distill the essential oils and create the products. NYO Organics have everything I need in one place, from face and body products, shampoo, aromatherapy candles and room diffusers, to mineral make up for a $6 flat shipping fee. They even have a baby and men’s range. All get the highest ratings from the Environmental Working Group. You can order off the site or sign up to get distributor pricing. (I’m not a big MLM person, but I do love these products from England, and you get a whole set of products for less than half price when you sign up too. Take a look at at the bottom of the page is a catalog you can download. They make great gifts, and the packaging is earth friendly and gorgeous.

Of course you hopefully read my past WUW article about natural treatments for infection,  so you know about taking Naturcillin and Naturvirex, and using the Throat Spray as an “herbal health insurance” when you are traveling. We have gotten rave reviews from readers about them, and we want to hear your feedback. Remember to enter the WUW code for 10% off when you visit the website. We ship worldwide.

What to eat? If you can at plan to do it, bring along a healthy assortment of meals and snacks and drink lots of water. The last thing you want is food laden with salt and MSG that make you look like a puffer fish when you land. I also use Ola Loa C and mineral packets for a nice fizzy pick-me up or you can also bring something like Emergen-C and take at least one or two packets per flight. Make sure you take extra multi-vitamins and Vit D too.

When you arrive shower as soon as possible to remove positive ions that are making you feel blah, or take a bath with a few drops of essential oils and again use oil to coat your skin. Good to spray the room with an aromatherapy mist too to remove airborne germs and also clear you sleeping area from other people’s energies.

Last but not least, I have been told that visualizing a cord running from the base of your spine to the center of the earth helps keep you and your energy body together, and getting your bare feet on the ground (Earthing) also helps. Any visualization of light washing over you is good. I like to do green, violet and finish with white flecked with gold from head to toe. Doing a quick energy bath like this whenever you wash your hands is a good practice of “psychic hygiene” too. Well, since I just drank about a gallon of Smart Water, I have to put away the laptop and “stretch my legs”.   Till next time…..or the 4th dimension which ever comes first……and may the New Year bring peace, love, joy and blessings to everyone. As the Tibetan Lamas say, “May We All Be Enlightened as One Mandala.

About the Author  

Dr. Rachel Fresco, L. Ac., Ph. D is founder of Bio-Botanical Research, Inc. Since it’s inception in 1989, Rachel has utilized her background in medical herbalism, naturopathy, Chinese medicine and clinical nutrition to create products that have a significant impact on health and wellness, serving the needs of health professionals, pharmacies and individuals. By addressing concerns relating to infection, as well as the digestive and immune systems, her products have helped thousands of people worldwide.


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