7 Words to Live by in a World of Transition

15th February 2013

By The Unbounded Spirit

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Introduction by the Editor:

Our world is undoubtedly in a period of political, social and spiritual transition. A potential new future is coming to life around us, pushed rapidly forward by a universal shift in energy.

People are waking up to the deception of our existence, and seeking a better way to live. We are quite literally on the cusp of a brand new world. It is an exciting time to be alive, and the possibilities are – for the first time in living memory – quite literally endless.

Living in a transitioning world can be challenging. But embracing simplicity, remaining centred, and living true to your own nature are your keys to creating the new world that YOU want to be a part of.

Courtesy of The Unbounded Spirit, here are 7 words to live by in a changing world:

7 Words to Live By:


It takes time to be who we want to be, and to live the life we want to live. We cannot have anything we wish right now – everything needs its own time to happen. Learning to be patient is the first truth to living the good life.


Albert Einstein once said that you never fail until you stop trying. Persistent effort is necessary to achieving anything of importance. No matter how many failures you may have experienced, no matter the difficulties you may face, never stop striving to turn your dreams into reality.


Mistakes are natural, and failures happen often. Never be afraid of committing mistakes or finding yourself to have failed. Be brave enough to go through challenges and adventure. Nothing will ever be given to you unless you ask for it it.


Freedom goes hand-in-hand with responsibility. Life is made of choices and choice always brings responsibility. Every action leads to a reaction, every cause has its consequences. Always make sure you choose what you think is right and never forget to see yourself as the creator of your destiny.


If you have everything, but lack love, then you have nothing. But if you have nothing, except for love, then you have everything. To love is to be at peace with yourself and others.


Never be afraid to speak the truth, and always be true to yourself. No matter what others want or expect from you, you should always serve the truth, no matter what the consequences. This might be painful in the beginning, but in the end truth shall set you free.


Your life might not be the ideal, but your life is still great. Whether you have failed or have not yet achieved to live your dream, you are still here pulsating with life and can experience this wonder-full existence. Aim for something better, but never forget to appreciate what you already have.

Courtesy of The Unbounded Spirit

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