Two Worlds

26th March 2013

By Michael Roads

Guest writer for Wake Up World

When I watch the news on the television, or I watch a current affairs programme, I notice that most people seem to belong to the ‘wrongness’ world of ‘should have been’, or ‘could have been’, of ‘good’ or ‘bad’, of ‘who is to blame’, of ‘where did it all go wrong’, of ‘it’s the government’s fault’, of ‘why is it like this’ and ‘how do we put it right?’.. just to name a few. This is a difficult world to live in. In the problematic world of perpetual wrongness you are compelled to constantly judge, compare, redress issues, right wrongs, punish culprits, create enforcement laws, criticise, blame, and invariably get angry. And does anything change from all this? Nothing!

It seems obvious that humanity has found a way to live that does not work. Does criticising yourself make you feel better? Does it enrich your life? No, to both questions. But have you stopped criticising yourself? I doubt it. So you continue living in a way that does not work. And this is just one issue. Multiply this by a dozen – I’m being kind – and you have a representation of your life that does not work. The result, you get stressed and sick. The answer to this in the wrongness world is to build more hospitals and create more drugs. And it still does not work for you!

There is a different world that people can live in. The world of It is as it is. This world runs on a completely different dynamic. In this world the people look at life from a very different viewpoint. They see the world as perfect . . . no stress. Yes, perfect! They realise that every person creates their own reality. In every moment of their lives they are creating the content and direction of every moment of their lives. These people take responsibility for their personal lives. As they gaze upon the world of confusion, violence and hate that the mass of people live in, they take comfort in knowing that this biological three-dimensional world they live in is a giant classroom. They know that they can create anything they want or don’t want in this classroom; they learned that where they focus, energy flows. They focus on higher wants and prune them right down to the essentials; to experience inner peace, to experience Love, and to embrace that all life is One holistic consciousness . . . in other words, a unified field of energy.

I remember when I lived in the world of wrongness. I attempted to right the wrongs of the agricultural world, never realising that to do this I was judging and separating. I had no idea that if I could accept that it is as it is, I would connect holistically with a greater picture of life, a view that holds the energy of connection and wholeness. In public speaking I described humanity as parasites on the face of the Earth, and people clapped. How foolish my words. No matter how well meaning, attempting to fix illusions does not work. Today, the world of agriculture is rapidly becoming no more than a mining of the land and a genetic manipulation of Nature. How perfect! We sow the seeds and we harvest the results. But . . . will this work? Will it teach us to respect Nature and the land? The answer to this will vary with every person.

Those who stand on the threshold of the new world, the world of ‘It is as it is’, will understand and learn, and they will hold no blame. The people in the world of wrongness will have plenty to get angry about, and have governments to blame. People outside the world of ‘It is as it is’ consider it a world where its inhabitants are unreal, uncaring, naive, and lost in some fantasy dreamworld. They have no true insight into the human changes caused by the inner growth of consciousness. These two worlds have a connection . . . people. Anyone can walk from one world into the other. When you know the dynamic of life, and understand the world of illusions, you seldom go back to the world of wrongness. A path from the shadow world of wrongness to the lighter world of ‘It is as it is’ would be to accept that maybe, just maybe creation is perfect, and that we cannot mess up. The most we can do is create the dreams and illusions of wrongness and believe in them insofar as we live them. After all, we are the creators of our own reality!

I recommend the path of Absolute Love. The path of Perfect Trust. The path that has its map in your heart, a map that will illuminate your path as you walk it. Hence the Trust! A path which indicates that if you live, act and think from Love, then you can relax in the world of It is as it is, and take your place in the queue for the ride into a fifth-dimensional reality.

In Love and Light, Michael

About the author:

Born in England in 1937, Michael Roads discovered at an early age he was able to communicate with nature and go beyond linear time and space. He immigrated to Australia in 1963 where he was a beef and dairy farmer, and prominent in the early organic movement. He wrote the first book on organic gardening in Australia, which was an immediate best seller. After becoming spiritually awakened in 1986, Michael wrote about his metaphysical experiences and has since published 14 books, translated into 16 languages. 2012 marks his 21st year of traveling around the world giving talks and 5-day Intensives on unconditional Love and emotional balance.

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