Giving and Receiving are the Same

25th April 2013

By  Carmen Allgood

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

True giving is intangible because we are dealing with the invisible world of thought. In the physical realm, the act of giving a gift or a possession is a reflection of an all-encompassing idea called sharing, which is an act of love. Although love is invisible, the experience of it is completely real, which has been verified for us on a personal level over and over again.

We only have two emotions – love and fear. Love is continuous and always gives increase. The other emotion, fear, is limiting but still reflects our deepest desire, which is to have love step in and save us from fear. Only reality can dispel an illusion, simply by being what it is. Fear is a total illusion and is completely undone when reality is called upon, which is signified by our willingness to give our love away.

This is how the sameness of giving and receiving becomes obvious to us; not in a physical sense, but in that inner space where the truth lives in our hearts and minds. We cannot give something unless we have first received it. Giving our love proves that it is ours to give. Is this something we want to limit? To limit our love is like stating we don’t want to be happy and at peace all the time.

Fear could best be described as a call for love in unconscious recognition of the truth, which has been denied. Seen correctly, fear still points to love as our reality and brings to mind that which is truly valuable to us. It should also be noted that it is easier to see fear as a call for help in other people, which ultimately helps us to recognize a cry for love in ourselves. This makes the seeming conflict easier to forgive and heals any situation.

Think of those we hold grievances against. We might feel justified in holding anger in our hearts, but look at the cost to us. If we are staying up at night plotting revenge, holding hurt in our mind, or aching in our heart, then be willing to admit that these are the thoughts we hold dear.

No one can experience true love until they are willing to completely forgive everyone and everything. This is true because thoughts of conflict were first accepted in our mind in order to present them to someone else.
Some of us have heard the expression: When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. It really does a number on our perception when we are faced with the fact that we do learn what we teach, therefore, we are the student and the teacher.

In the most literal sense, the opposite of everything is nothing. In the deepest sense, this tells us that the conflict isn’t real, because truth doesn’t engage in battle with illusions, and love never attacks fear. Only illusions can seem to be in conflict, because everything that is real, or true, simply is and doesn’t need to prove itself, or establish that it is real. Reality isn’t in danger of being changed or vanquished by something that does not exist.

Now would be a good time to re-examine our thoughts. Now is the moment when we can release those thoughts which deprive us of the full experience of our own love. At this moment, we can change our mind in a heartbeat and decide to extend our thought of love to everyone.

Each of us has only one responsibility here – and that is to bring peace to the world by recognizing that the only thing worth having is love. Love is the Answer.

Carmen Allgood © March 2013

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