Expanding Our Awareness

expanding awareness

12th July 2013

By Julian Websdale

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Beyond our thoughts and feelings is another realm, the realm of spirit. This is the Divine aspect in each of us. Ever guiding and watching, this inner self is the highest possibility of all possibilities. It is the knower, doer and deed of all experience. Within the centre of our hearts beats the flame of unconditional love and that love beckons us to become all that it is. When we merge with our potential, we know, “I am that potential”.

Knowing we are more than our physical bodies helps us connect with the limitless part of spirit. When we acknowledge and connect with spirit, this energy comes through with even more understandings about life. This connection is uniquely our own. No outer source, person or book can create this connection.

The path we take never matters to the Higher Self, for it knows the possibilities of where we are going in the future and will gently nudge us back on the highest course. We can connect with our Higher Self by simply acknowledging and accepting who we are without judgement. Our Higher Self never judges, so why should we?

When our natural balance swings too far out of alignment, the physical discomfort usually causes us to turn to our spiritual essence for assistance. This higher aspect only knows harmony and can remind us how to regain our balance. This spiritual body, and its frequency of energy, waits with unconditional love to show us higher possibilities. However, it is usually under extreme circumstances that we let go of control and allow this energy in. Bathed in the light for a moment, the mental, emotional and physical bodies regain a sense of balance and start on their way again.

The ideal is to regularly tap into this energy without having to go to an extreme.

When we turn to our spiritual body and allow it to function as a natural part of our life, it easily harmonizes the outer three bodies and we experience peace. When we ignore our spiritual side, we shut this energy out of our awareness and focus solely on the other bodies. Our spirit nurtures us through these other bodies and when we listen, it tells us how to specifically return energy back to alignment.

Sometimes we need to feel our feelings and other times we need to stimulate our mental capacity or simply take time out to nurture our physical bodies. Balance is important in all four bodies to experience the fullness of health, happiness, harmony and love.

Though we all lay claim to some portion of the Earth, ultimately no one owns land, water, air or any other resource. We are merely caretakers of it during our use. By understanding a holistic view of the total planet, we are instantly reminded of our interconnectedness and interdependence.

No one can hurt or harm us; we can only feel hurt or harmed from within. We feel hurt or harmed when we have given up responsibility for the creation at hand. We project our misplaced creation upon another to relieve ourselves of the necessary self-correction.

Ironically, self-correction is the easiest of all universal processes. We can simply let go of the outer illusion before us and allow higher wisdom to evolve and improve the experience through unconditional love.

The true power in life is the power we give to ourselves through love. Each of us carries a truth and for us that truth is completely real and tangible at any moment. New wisdom can come along and change this truth in another moment. Our adventure is to flow through this journey and allow our version of truth to expand. When we do this, we tap into the magnificent power of the inner self: the expression of light and love within us all.

Our goal is to balance love, wisdom and power. When we own our power, engage our wisdom and fill our lives with love, we expand our experience of reality.

Going Within

Choosing our thoughts means choosing the energy we wish to have at our command. This is an important aspect in understanding and accepting our unlimited potential. If we choose positive, loving thoughts, we tap the unlimited energy to create this way. Likewise, if we choose negative, limiting thoughts, we limit the energy to create the things we want.

When we consciously choose positive and loving thoughts, we begin a momentum of limitless potential. Every time we encounter a thought that does not reflect our higher desires, we can choose another thought in its place. As we gain strength in this process of conscious choice, we reduce the old momentum of limitation. We shift our thinking from the outer to the inner world of thought and tap the vast reservoir of energy waiting to be directed.

Fear is not real and need not be a part of our experience in life. Fear is really an experience of self-doubt. When we are out of our now moment and scattering our attention on thoughts and possibilities of other times, be they past or future, we are allowing doubt to enter our experience of the now.

If we align ourselves fully with the present moment, trust in the experience and rely on our ability to rise above the experience, we transcend the fear. If we do not doubt ourselves or our abilities, we have nothing to fear.

We empower fear in our lives, not the other way around. Fear need not have any control over us and we need not carry other people’s experience of fear either. Suggestions of fear bombard us all the time. Just because someone else created an uncomfortable situation and experienced their own doubt, does not mean it has to be your experience.

Rather liberating, isn’t it?


Becker, H. W. (2007). Unconditional Love – An Unlimited Way of Being. Tampa: White Fire Publishing.

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Julian Websdale is an independent researcher in the fields of esoterica, metaphysics, and mysticism. His interest in these subjects began in 1988, at the age of seven. Julian was born in England and received his education as an engineer from the University of Bolton. Julian served in a Vaishnava monastery, and has traveled to over 14 countries since 2012. His work creates enthusiastic responses from inquiring minds across the world.

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