Be Like the Water: Love, Life and Surfing

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By Mike Willson aka Stubborn Bull

Guest writer for Wake Up World

As a Human spirit in this realm, we sometimes find ourselves feeling like we are on a “roller coaster” of emotions. These emotions relate to relationships (love) as well as other feelings relating to more basic things, like finding one’s self in the world, where you belong, and achieving what you want in life.

These all come with their own set of emotions that are unique to you and your experience in this realm.

As Water itself has no boundaries to where it flows, the same is true for our emotional experience. However fighting the flow of “negative” emotions will only result in us drowning in our own emotions, just like we do if we struggle against the current or energy of the water in the surf or a river. If we just let that want of “control” go, then we can flow with the experience of the emotion, whatever it may be; loss, anger, resentment, envy.

I can relate this experience to surfing; having some pretty big wipe-outs in my time, I have had to learn not to panic while the power of the ocean throws my flimsy body all over the place. In that experience I have come to understand that relaxing my entire body in that moment eases the experience of being tossed around. And not just my body, but also relaxing my mind — which is our biggest enemy in some circumstances, as panic can increase our negative emotional response to a situation.

So for me, I have had as an experience the true feeling of the water, and the power and energy contained in the water. I know by real experience in the surf that, if you fight, you usually only make things worse for yourself. But by relaxing and allowing the water to do what it needs to do, and allowing the energy to flow around you – through you – not only do you allow yourself to “experience” the event, but you do it in a way that is calming, almost tranquil.

Now replace the words “water” with “emotions” and you have the same concept; the same thought process.

When you find yourself feeling those emotions that none of us enjoy, allow them to enter, feel the raw energy behind those emotions, feel how it’s effecting your “state” of BEing. Observe which behavioural changes take place within you. This is about BEing AWARE, this is about BEing honest with yourself. This is about BEing honest with those who your emotions relate to. And when you are honest and flow with the energy, the Universe listens.

Allow the emotions to flow through you to a point where they are almost visual. View those emotions for what they are ….. Emotions …. Energy. They are an experience, uniquely custom designed for YOU, BY YOU… and only you.

Regardless of circumstances, no other person can be blamed for your emotions; they are there because you had that lesson to learn. You had an experience that was manifested by your desire to learn. It’s that simple.

So when you are confronted by the emotional roller coaster, it helps to find something to relate the raw emotions to. This allows the mind to begin its ‘reasoning’ process while minimizing how those raw emotions impact your physical state of BEing.

Our Being is diverse and so is our emotional experience. When your mind is aware and you can treat all emotions as ‘a body of water’, you can determine whether each emotion and its intensity is viewed as a stream, creek, channel, river or ranging rapids river.

For example, when someone we love hurts us, we experience the emotion of a River or Ranging Rapids River with maybe a thousand foot waterfall, right? Well if we can train our minds to view being hurt in Love as a River, we can recognise the flow… and make personal adjustments to relax rather than fighting the River’s current.

Allow the power of the raw emotion to flow without any resistance, and you will find the impact less damaging. Instead of just experiencing hurt, you gain the gift of understanding; understanding that our journeys take many forms, and that each path is filled with lessons.

“Just go with the Flow”… ’cause that’s what we as Human BEings must do to fully experience our own personal emotional roller coasters.

Be like the water and allow the flow of energy.

About the author:

mike willson - CopyMike Willson (aka Stubborn Bull) is a 40 something father of 5 beautiful children. He currently lives on the Central Coast NSW, Australia, only 5 minutes away from the beach… and when the swell arrives, that’s exactly where you will find he and his son James.

Never fitting into the formal education system, he settled for teaching himself through openness and experience. Mike started his first business venture in fashion at 18, before finally leaving the industry because of the effects of what he now sees as commercial “globalisation”. From there he  started a Web design business through which he taught himself about Corporate Law… and soon realised that the legal structures used in business were designed to take humanity “for a ride”, to benefit only a select few people.

A series of chance meetings then led Mike to a greater awareness of his spirituality, and to re-take control of his life from the corporate/government system; a system he describes as “a lie, all bullshit”. He is now heavily involved in the sovereignty movement.

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