Andropause? Low Sex Drive? Here are 5 Ways to Naturally Increase Your Body’s Testosterone Levels

Testosterone18th October 2013

By Susan Jones

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Many men may wonder if it is possible to actually increase testosterone naturally? If this is a question that lingers in your mind, well you can rest assure that there are a few tricks to increase levels of this hormone in your body. But before we proceed with the natural ways, let us first define what testosterone is.

What is Testosterone?

Testosterone is a hormone that is mainly produced by the testicles and is associated with the epitome of a man’s “man hood”. It plays a large role in a man’s sexuality, reproduction, hair growth, muscle mass, bone density, red blood cell levels and an overall sense of well-being.  But do not be fooled, women have a certain amount of testosterone also, but it is very minimal compared to men.

When a man starts reaching the age of 30 years old, his testosterone levels start to decline, and as he gets older the levels go down even more. Men who are experiencing low testosterone levels may start feeling the symptoms of decrease in sex drive, depressed mood, erectile dysfunction, or concentration and memory difficulties.

There are a wide variety of chemical substances that can increase those levels, however those men who understand that taking chemicals into their body can cause damage to other bodily systems may opt to increase testosterone naturally.

Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone Levels

1. Weight Management

One issue that could greatly effect lowering of testosterone levels is being overweight. If you feel that it is definitely a factor, the best thing to do is to consult your healthcare professional to get an analysis of your weight and also an overall check-up. If you are diagnosed as being over weight, make sure you do not go on crash diets and you focus on a reasonable weight loss goal such as a pound per week, through a balanced diet and physical activity.

2. Dietary Changes

Diet is a very important component when it comes to increasing testosterone. Here are a few guidelines to follow when it comes to dietary modifications:

• Reduce levels of sugar

• Increase in eating healthy fats such as eating avocados, nuts, fish, egg yolks, unheated nut oil,  olive oil and olives. Healthy fats can help build a healthy body and cut down 50% of calories you  consume.

• Increase zinc consumption by consuming dairy products, yogurt, raw milk, beans, fish and  certain grass-fed meats.

• After each workout, make sure you eat properly. Focus on high-protein yogurts and vegetables  to help build your body.

3. Exercise Regularly

If you are not fond of exercising, it is definitely something to reconsider if you want to naturally increase your testosterone levels. Try doing cardio interval training at least 30 minutes, five times a week. You can also utilize cardiovascular machines such as ellipticals, treadmills, bikes and you could also try out swimming, boxing and other sports. As long as you get your heart pumping.

Make sure that you do not over-train yourself. Too much exercise is likely to decrease levels of testosterone even more. Your goal is to keep your metabolism high and allowing your body to have plenty of rest to recover.

Another important tip is to drink plenty of water during and after exercising. Dehydrated people usually have lower testosterone levels after a workout. The main thing is to keep yourself active throughout your days, and get enough sleep; at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night. Less sleep can actually result in lowered testosterone levels too.

4. Reduce Stress Levels

When a person is stressed out, they produce a hormone called cortisol which interrupts the production of certain hormones, including testosterone. Focus on creating a peaceful and stress-free environment for yourself every day to keep stress levels low. Try out meditation, yoga and even deep breathing. They may help you sleep better too.

5. Manage your Sexual Appetite

Yes, sexual appetite is vital to testosterone levels. Try staying away from love making for 3 weeks and you will notice that there is an increase in testosterone levels by around 10%. Try making love in the morning because this is the time when testosterone levels are its peak. Men could also try watching explicit videos, which is known to increase testosterone levels by at least 35% during the first hour or two. However, after those hours, levels will start decreasing again.

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About the author:

Susan Jones is a freelance writer dedicated to better health and wellbeing. Through her association with, her experience centres on issues relating to mens’ health. She is a passionate advocate of remedies available for men suffering from low testosterone levels, including hormone replacement therapies for those who are unable to balance their testosterone levels naturally.


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