Geoengineering: Learn How to Protect Yourself From These Treacherous Poisons


By  Carolanne Wright

Contributing Writer for  Wake Up World

Short of living in a hermetically sealed house and only eating food grown indoors, dodging the dangerous ramifications of geoengineering is nearly impossible. Unfortunately, the poisonous aerial sprays used in geoengineering programs have become a day-to-day reality for most, requiring individuals to fortify themselves with detoxifying food and supplements in order to avoid serious disease. Whether enjoying a humble apple or specifically targeting heavy metals with chlorella, addressing the virulent effects of geoengineering is an exceptionally important daily routine.

Poisoned from above

The nano-sized toxins found in geoengineering particulate infiltrate every aspect of our lives, from the air we breathe to the water we drink and the food we eat. Is it any wonder that physical and mental diseases are increasing at a staggering rate? Astoundingly, these aerial sprays often contain the following bizarre mix of pathogens and poisons:


Pseudomonas fluorescens  

Linked with biological warfare, severe blood inflections, coughing fits and vertigo.

Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Associated with pneumonia, bronchitis, ear and eye infections, meningitis, cystic fibrosis and joint and muscle pain along with gastrointestinal disorders.

Mycoplasma fermetans incognitus  

A bioengineered pathogen connected with Gulf War illness and chronic fatigue.


Attacks the skin, leading to eventual death. Morgellons is a “mystery” pathogen, as scientists aren’t sure whether to classify it as a bacteria or virus.


Ethylene dibromide (EDB)  

An EPA-banned toxin that damages the liver and respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

Heavy Metals


Carcinogenic. Compromises the cardiovascular, renal, gastrointestinal, neurological, reproductive and respiratory systems.

Nano-aluminum-coated fiberglass (CHAFF)

Impairs brain function. Linked with emotional instability, paranoia, poor memory, irritability, decreased alertness, mood disorders and bad judgment.


Damages the nervous, respiratory, digestive, renal and immune systems.


Promotes cardiac arrhythmias, paralysis, high blood pressure, gastrointestinal disorders and respiratory failure. Barium is also implicated in neurodegenerative diseases like multiple sclerosis.

Detoxifying daily habits

If we want to protect ourselves from this health-harming madness, a few select foods and supplements can help.


Pulls heavy metals from tissue and encapsulates toxins to prevent reabsorption in the digestive tract.


Absorbs heavy metals in the intestines and assists with removal.


Eliminates mercury, lead and aluminum from the body.

Kombu seaweed

Rich in heavy metal-absorbing alginate.

Oxygenated silver

Destroys bacteria, viruses and fungus.

Activated charcoal

Binds to heavy metals for safe removal from the body.

As a powerful detoxifier of heavy metals, parasites, pollutants, bacteria, fungi and viruses, bentonite clay is an excellent defense against toxic geoengineering particulate. For internal consumption, only ingest the food grade variety known as calcium bentonite clay. It can also be used in the bath for gentle detoxification through the skin.

Additionally, DMPS (sodium 2,3-dimercaptopropane-l-sulfonate) is a sulfuric acid salt which is extremely effective in removing heavy metals from the body. In laboratory tests, when an intravenous shot of DMPS was given, 90 percent of heavy metals were excreted through the kidneys after 24 hours. Oral supplementation is also an option, although it’s considered less effective.

Ultimately, the discontinuation of spraying is the best protection against the health-ravaging consequences of geoengineering. Practical steps for stopping the assault can be found here.

Pure Liquid Zeolite

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  • kate

    what about Activated Liquid Zeolite. It appears to have remarkable chelating properties. I should be interested to have your feedback.

    many thanks

  • Dorrian Wilkins

    It’s apparent that according to this story that even fog would be the same or even perhaps steam from the shower. Realistically, this person is in need of a simply science lesson in compressed air or heated air and moisture. Oddly enough I guess if you leave someone alone long enough they can come up with some theory as to what might be in something with no evidence. This is like Global warming! Funny how we have had the same global ice ages and warming cycles and yet now we put names on things to scare people. Use your own minds, a little science and less conspiracy. It’s a lot safer!

  • Steve

    Does anyone know if an upgraded filter for a forced air home heating system will filter out any of these particles ?

  • Dorrian Wilkins

    While you suggest a product like zeolite that has already been proven to be another gimmick product untested, not FDA approved. If you people only understood that heavy metals are not easily rid from the body. You need to be a Dr. or a Chemist to understand how to bind heavy metals to get them out of the body. Using these so called cleansing or detoxifies is doing nothing more than removing good bacteria from your intestines and what ever is left that doesn’t stick or hasn’t attached itself. IF you have been infected with heavy metals you may need plasmaphoresis or something as simple as alcohol to flush it from the body. I really wish people would do the leg work instead o the simple rush to believe. But, It’s you life, live it as you want. A Doctor spent good money to see you in the ER. Just keep good notes. it’s make the job easier and might save your life!

  • Valdoria

    Why on earth is it ok to poison us with this stuff? One would think we can rebel against the corrupt psychopaths in government and above them to stop this destruction of the planet. There is no reason this should be happening.