Kick the Caffeine Habit and Feel Better Quick with these Natural Alternatives


By  Carolanne Wright

Contributing Writer for  Wake Up World

As a powerful drug, caffeine causes countless problems like adrenal fatigue, irritability, depression and mood swings.

Luckily, there are many tasty and healthful alternatives to help beat the jitters of caffeine addiction. Perk up your day with foods like roasted dandelion root, black sesame or molasses tea with a touch of ginger. All are nutrient rich and support balanced energy without the side-effects of caffeinated food and drink.

Dangers of caffeine

Caffeine junkies are everywhere — an office worker or carpool mom; a student or grocery store clerk. Really, anyone who needs a cup or more of java, tea, soda or chocolate to wake up and keep going fits the bill. Caffeine is a subtle drug, creeping up slowly into full blown addiction. As the body develops tolerance, it needs more and more caffeine to get things moving. Before you know it, the adrenals are exhausted, fatigue sets in along with headaches, crankiness and anxiety. Coffee in particular is an extremely toxic brew if not organic — full of fungicides and pesticides that are baked onto the bean, concentrating the poisons. Soft drinks and chocolate are often laden with sugar and other strange chemicals. Avoiding these unpleasantries is easy with natural alternatives.

Road to recovery

Giving up caffeine doesn’t have to be a harrowing experience. Here are a few ideas to jump start the road to recovery:

Roasted dandelion root-

Full of B vitamins along with zinc, potassium and iron  — drinking dandelion root tea will help boost energy in a healthy way. It is also a mild  diuretic and supports gall bladder function. Boil two teaspoons of the roasted root per  cup of water for several minutes. Strain and enjoy.

Black sesame

Rich in copper, manganese, iron and calcium, black sesame  seeds are a smart choice for health. Over low heat, simmer one tablespoon of sesame  seed with one cup of water for 10 minutes. Strain and add stevia and favorite milk  substitute for a unique latte.

Molasses-ginger tea

Sally Fallon Morell, president of the Weston A. Price  Foundation, recommends combining one tablespoon molasses, one tablespoon  coconut oil  and a quarter teaspoon of organic ginger powder with one cup boiling  water. Molasses is iron rich, coconut oil nourishes the glandular system while ginger  helps improve circulation.

Sparkling fruit spritzer

Instead of sugary sodas, try sparkling water with  freshly squeezed orange, lemon or lime juice. If more sweetness is desired, adding a  bit of stevia should do the trick.


Void of caffeine yet high in calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium,  carob is a good alternative to chocolate. It is also a terrific source of antioxidants.  However, watch out for added fat, sugar and dairy in carob chips.

For a convincing hot  chocolate substitute, whisk one tablespoon of carob flour per cup of hot water or nondairy  milk. Add stevia to taste.  Drinking plenty of water and consuming a healthy diet with an abundance of organic  vegetables helps to detoxify the body of caffeine. Rebuilding the adrenals after  addiction is critical for renewed energy — avoid refined sugar, dairy, gluten and soy.  Choosing healthy fats like coconut and olive oils, eating small amounts of quality  protein and mild exercise are helpful to adrenal health as well.  Further information on adrenal fatigue and how to heal the condition can be found here.

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