GE Designed the Faulty Fukushima Nuclear Reactors… And Their Official Response May Surprise You

GE - Our Business, Our Risk

28th November 2013

By  Ethan Indigo Smith

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

General Electric were the  designers of the flawed reactors that blew up in Fukushima Japan because of an earthquake, and since 2011 have been destroying the Pacific Ocean and the life bowl of Earth Mother with leaking nuclear radiation.

I called General Electric Corporate headquarters in Fairfield, Connecticut today to find out what they had to say. The phone number there is 203 373 2211.

I initially spoke with Linda who, to my absolute astonishment, knew nothing of Fukushima. I kid you not – Linda either acted as if she was ignorant of the disaster in which thousands of people died or was actually ignorant of it. Either way, the reaction speaks volumes to me.

Before I could explain what happened on planet Earth a couple of years ago to Linda, who must have just started at GE, she graciously connected me to Diane in corporate communications. Diane was much more knowledgeable of the events here on Earth and openly admitted she knew an earthquake took place in Fukushima, and even implicitly understood why I was calling GE about it. But she had no idea if GE made a statement when the disaster took place and suggested I refer to for it, if it existed.

I explained to her I was looking for a statement in regards to the ongoing disaster. Again, I didn’t need to explain further about the leaks and the fuel removal process, though I half expected her to ask, ‘why are you calling here?’

Despite her role in corporate communications, Diane had no idea. She put me on hold and then, as she was about to give me another number to call, she was interrupted by another call, which I took to be a return call about the in-house drama I set off by asking GE for a statement on their flawed reactors blowing the Fuk up. She returned again to give me what seems to be a dead end number for Christopher White, the energy X-man/something-or-other in corporate communications, and  apparently  the only GE official who can possibly provide me with a corporate statement on the ongoing global entropy caused by their flawed reactor design.

Maybe it isn’t a flawed design, what the hell do I know? I call it flawed because of the former GE nukers who called it flawed [1] and wrote a paper about it… and because it blew up.

So what is GE’s stance on this disaster?

I get the idea they don’t know what to say. Or don’t want to say anything.

It was obvious I was the first reporter/living, breathing human being to call there and inquire about this mess; their representatives were completely clueless about events here on Earth, clueless as to how to answer my questions and clueless as to whether they had already been addressed by anyone at GE at all.

Dont Let GE Walk Away from Fukushima

It is news to me, in and of itself, that no other reporters in all the world have asked GE what they have to say on the matter. And they apparently have nothing to say about it.

Please assist me in inquiring of GE what they think about the ongoing disaster in Japan. As the designer of the faulty nuclear reactor, their silence about its ongoing effects on planet Earth is not good enough.

Call their corporate office on 203 373 2211 and/or specifically Christopher White from GE corporate communications on 910 819 6121.

Peace on Earth, only for real.

Editor’s note: Following the publication of this article, Wake Up World has spoken  at length with  GE corporate representative Christopher White. For the full story of what transpired, check out the  follow up article: GE Spokesperson Speaks to Wake Up World About Fukushima Nuclear Disaster.




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