The Great Realignment: Finding the Flow of Life


By  Openhand

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

There’s plenty of talk in spiritual circles currently about the “New Paradigm”: what that is; how to access it; how is it going to unfold? The views are often strongly contrasting. I sense it’s because there’s understandably still a lot of fear and desire – desire of a particular reality or fear of another.

When we can completely let go, then we’ll truly feel the real juice of life, and especially how it wants to flow. “Realignment” is what inspires the actions emanating from the core of my soul – realignment for all life. In other words, unraveling density and allowing the divine to take over. Now is the time to embrace this driving force of life, because a “Great Realignment” is gathering strength here on Earth.

Catalytic effect

Being a higher dimensional catalyst, I’m constantly feeling the unwinding effect of the universe arising through me. It’s that energy that is drawn into the disharmony of life, works to unravel it and unleash the elementals of consciousness thus facilitating a realignment of the energy so a new, more harmonious reality may take shape. Slightly reluctantly, it’s what drew me here!

I’ve never felt that affect more strongly than I am doing right now. Society is just like a dam in the universal flow, and where that resistance to the natural harmony of life is most strong, then by default, you draw the strongest realigning energy. It’s simple physics.

Lot’s of people have woken up, swept the sleep from tired eyes and felt the wonders of interconnectivity. But this is only the first step. As yet, not so many are actually walking the path of this realignment in every choice they make. And because of this, a separated identity is still running the show. Perhaps a ‘nicer’ identity, a more spiritually correct one yes, but often identity nevertheless. And so all kinds of spurious realities about the way forwards are imagined. It’s fine, this is going to happen, just as long as we keep challenging the illusions and keep asking ourselves “what is really real?”

What is really real?

I’ve heard some leaders creating wonderous visions of utopia, particularly ‘resource based’ ones, where the resources of the Earth are equally shared amongst all humans (check out Thriving in a Changing World). It’s one where so called free energy is used ‘cleanly’ to support the world’s population and none are in hunger or need. Advanced technology is often quoted as the mechanism for building this New World.

In terms of getting there, the thinking goes something like this:

We’re currently consuming the resources of 1.5 Earths. If we can get rid of the controlling powers within society that are raping the Earth for profit, reduce consumption by using advanced, ‘clean’ technology to just what the Earth can reasonably produce, and share it equally amongst all people, then we’ll have achieved our utopic, resource-based system.

Have you ever managed an organic garden? One that takes into interest all life that appears there? Like for example the slugs and the bugs, the ants and the aphids, to mention but a few of the so called ‘pests’. Of course in a balanced eco-system, there is a self-supporting food chain of which these (and zillions of others) are all a cherished part. My point is this….

On this planet, we need a balanced eco-system the way nature designed it,  where all life is honoured, not just one form of it.

The constant gardener

So when heavy rains in the UK make our garden an ideal world for the slugs, then if allowed to their own devices, there’s not much lettuce left for we humans! Sad it may be, but this is entirely natural. Let’s remind ourselves, the way we humans currently live is hardly natural at all. We began as forager gatherers, nomadic, moving from place to place as the landscape provided. If drought meant there was no fruit in a particular region, we’d move on. That was the way of human life, the way nature designed it (how an ET Intervention has changed all of that is another story!)

So when science and spirituality calculates we need 1.5 Earths to support the entire population, in a sense this may be true, but in another it is very blinkered, because it doesn’t take into account the land and resources needed by all other life simply to sustain the natural balance here.

In my higher knowing, beyond logical mind, I sense humanity would need at least 10 Earths across which to spread in order to re-attain this harmony once more. You’d need many fruitful acres just to provide sustenance for one human family; that is when living in a truly balanced way with nature, without controlling or shaping. You see this is what’s so often over-looked by the utopics. I sense a degree of naivety of how the balanced system is meant to be.

Now I’m not saying we shouldn’t harness ‘free energy’ and advanced ‘clean’ technology. And I would definitely encourage the natural movement, felt in the heart, of developing self sustaining communities. But I don’t see these as the end in themselves. Instead I see these approaches as a means to an end – evolutionary Ascension into a higher paradigm of being.

Earth Realignment

There are many reasons why an Earth Realignment needs to happen, indeed will happen. Take for example world population growth that is exponentially growing by the hour. It took thousands of years for early humanity to grow to a manageable number of 900 million just prior to the Industrial Revolution in the early 1800s. Take a look at this graph to see what’s happened since then. I find it literally jaw dropping…

Population curve

Courtesy of Wikipedia

This is not natural by any consideration! In my knowing, the ET intervention caused this with it’s typical modus operendi of moving from planet to planet, controlling populations, then exploiting and consuming until it’s time to move on.

This explosion in the population and inconsiderate consumption explains also the huge rate of dieing off of species on this planet. The usual background rate is around 10-100 species a year. According to the World Wild Life Fund and other respected sources, currently it is in excess of 100 per day – that’s over 30,000 species per year! And according to the respected “Guardian” newspaper, due to carbon emissions, ocean acidification is happening at it’s fastest for over 300 million years. We’re inside the fastest mass extinction ever seen on the planet, rapidly moving past the point of no return.

Interestingly I’m sure the ‘powers that be’ in society know this, have seen it too, because they have access to scientific data – the dramatic effects of this causality. It’s certainly one reason why they’re using chemtrail geo-engineering and GMO crops to try to manage the decline of the Earth’s biosphere. I’ll hazard a guess it’s why they’re more concerned about the oil under the Ice Caps than the Ice on top of them. And why there’s a reckless lack of concern over the dangerous effects of fracking, for example.

I can also see the resistance to this Earth Realignment still very strong at all levels of society: from those still trying to control the surface of the earth, to those who’ve awakened and wish for an alternative reality. For different reasons, both are not truly appreciating what’s really going on.

Make no mistake, realignment is coming. I can feel it with complete certainty – as I said, I know it’s why I’m here, I’ve seen it many times before. Waves of energy will, over time, peel away all resistant consciousness in its path. It is already here, and building, you can already see its effects, but only when you peel back from your eyes what you’d like to see happen or what you’re afraid will.

This “Great Realignment” will require a great internal letting go. The surface of the Earth will become increasingly challenging to live upon. Escalating consumption by an exponentially escalating global population, supported by reckless geo-engineering agendas is causing a collapse in the Earth’s biosphere, which Gaia will ultimately respond to. Even the wonderful eco-communities that are springing up, fired by unbridled compassion for all life, will be but a temporary (and vital) stepping stone into the higher paradigm – what I see as ‘Arcs’ for the Ascension. Is this not the undeniable trend that is already growing in strength? I see it clearing much, if not all, of the surface so that over a period of hundreds of thousands of years, balanced harmony of life can emerge once more.

Fear as a doorway to Ascension

People will no doubt accuse me of spreading fear by talking in this way, of bringing this perspective into the light. Some in spiritual circles have said it ‘lowers their vibration’. Whilst I understand why people would think it, I invite all reading to consider this….

You cannot propagate fear unless fear already exists. In a truly enlightened being, there’s no fear of any situation or circumstance. When the self-realised soul, unbridled by fear, encounters a crossroads in the journey of life, one direction heading into the depths of hell, the other into dreamy heights of heaven, what defines the choice made is the question “where can I learn most?”

Fear is caused only by lack of self realisation – lack of realisation by the soul of the One Self; that which is complete, whole, lacking nothing and in need of no particular outcome.

Make no mistake, no one will ascend from Earth into the higher paradigm unless they are able to look into the jaws of their greatest fear and see only the inviolable completeness that they are at their core.

Yes you can move into avoidance and denial, detachment from the true depth and majesty of life. You can ‘raise your vibration’ (temporarily) in all manner of meditation and spiritual practice. Yes you can deny what’s truly within and drop the hot coals of attachment for a period of time. But unless you’ve really felt the heat of the coals, and moved beyond all identification with the separated self, then when you leave this body, the ballast of buried karma will simply bring you back into the lower densities once more.

So let’s be clear, you cannot spread fear where fear doesn’t already exist. Often it’s subtly denied within the murky depths of ones being. You have to get into it, work with it, explore it, until the true self in you bursts through and explodes the myth that it always ever was.

Ears to hear, gifts to serve

It is the current situation here on Earth which has drawn many starsouls, carrying vibrations to activate and unravel the disharmony which exists here, ultimately facilitating this Great Realignment of which I speak. I know it is why I am here. In truth there is nothing to fear from it. The worst would be the perpetuation of the status quo – an expansion of the synthetic reality that we’re living in – no matter who is controlling or managing it.

I’ve known since the early hours of my incarnation that I’m supposed to share this message in some way. I always knew it would be a difficult mission. I knew for every person who could feel truth in what I’m saying, there would be many who would attack it, unable to accept the blinding message which is surely now becoming increasingly obvious.

Yes it’s been a huge conundrum to unravel – I have a strong sense of compassion for all people, a yearning that my vision should reach every single one – I believe seeing and knowing this can bring a great sense of relief because you don’t have to fight and struggle anymore. But something has softened within me. I know instead that if I can reach those with the ears to hear, wherever you may be, instead I can provide support, helping to realise at your own pace the truth in this message, the urgency of human evolutionary change and the irresistible necessity of universal harmony – harmony for all life….

Importantly, despite the undeniable picture I’m seeing, there’s no way I would ever ask others to blindly trust in this vision. Instead I know I can help catalyse a shift in consciousness, one that over time brings people to their own realisation, their own truth, that I believe will be aligned with the universal one I feel I am now sharing. I feel to encourage above all trust: that if you walk the path of your soul, you’ll find yourself in the right place at the right time, with the right gifts and skills to serve the divine in a way that is your destiny and calling.

These gifts that we have are wide and far reaching. They will be the most superlative expression of you, revealed at the time most needed. And we must be careful NOT to pre-judge how the divine will work through us to provide the upliftment needed. It will come in many ways, shapes and forms. It could render you homeless and on the streets. It didn’t stop this truly inspirational soul….

Together, as time unfolds and the old reality unravels, we will pave the way to carry the first waves of humanity into a new being in a higher vibrational paradigm.

From my heart to yours

(on behalf of Openhand)

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