Human Templates: Photographer Shows Proof of Shocking Similarities Between Complete Strangers


By Josh Richardson

Guest writer for Wake Up World

Billions of souls have inhabited Earth, but there have only been about 500 original human templates to choose from throughout human history. These templates were both a reflection of inner and outer beauty. Many metaphysicians have denied the existence of these templates.

A 62-year-old Montreal-based photographer has spent the last 12 years scouring the world for complete strangers who have strikingly similar physical characteristics. The results, at least in part, support the contention that not only do these templates exist, but sometimes to such a degree that there are other human beings on the planet that look almost identical to others, despite no relation whatsoever.

The two gentleman pictured above are an excellent example of two complete strangers that not only look like brothers, but twins, yet they are not related.

“I was inspired by 2 things,” said photographer Francois Brunelle. “First I used to see look-alikes all over since a very long time. Second, my own likeness with TV character Mr Bean.”

I’ll let you be the judge of Brunelle’s resemblance to the British character.

The templates have been very helpful for us in our journey as human beings. In our early growth as a species we needed strong and sturdy templates to ensure survival, especially with our repeating patterns of war.

In the beginning of life these images are produced by the template itself, then pass to our primary parental contracts and on to us. The image changes only when we override the original template with our beliefs or our desires. Even so, it would only change so much and that was a restriction of the template itself. The highest image is stored as part of this template. Similar to DNA, our body looks at this image every time it re-creates itself.

In our world of over 7 billion, and regardless of race, ethnicity, sex or age, there is somebody who looks almost identical to you, and although the chances are a fraction of 1 percent, they still exist. When looking at the following images, it is undeniable that the probability can become a reality.

twins2twins-12 twins-11 twins-10 twins-9 twins-8 twins-7 twins-6 twins-5 twins-4 twins-3 twins-17 twins-16 twins-14 twins-13

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  • Veronica

    These pairs are actually NOT really alike, they have some very similar characteristics but when you look quickly at them the overall effect is NOT the same. I don’t think we would confuse the two when we knew them at all !

    • Patti

      That is the point. They have similarities, they are not a copy. I bet if you thought about it, you could probably think of someone else who looks like every person in the photos. Not exactly, but similar.

    • Patti

      That is the point. They have similarities, not a copy. Look up the word template. If you think about it, you could probably think of someone who looks like each of these people. I know I did. It’s pretty amazing!

  • Manuel Ferrer

    Can anyone point me towards more information regarding the human templates? At the beginning there was a mention that there are 500 original human templates, any information on these? Thanks,


  • Jann

    I think I’ve got a destinctive face but someone just stopped me this morning and thought I was someone else…

  • bob denver

    This is stupid…they don’t all look the same….is it my imagination , or is this world getting dumber with time ?

    • Tommy Boy

      You are a dumb ass in fact. They said shocking similarities. They didn’t state they were exactly the same in looks. Dumb ass. How about reading before you comment and say something retarded.

  • michelle

    Close but no cigar. A few of them look like they could be related but some of the others are way off.

  • joshua

    I agree that there is a ‘familial’ similarity to those photographed above (despite no relationship). Maybe even, taking a quick glance, making an error in saying who is who if I didn’t know them well. Overall, interesting read. The idea of one’s doppelganger has always been interesting. Especially since i have always been told that I look like so-and-so. And people always ask ‘Do you know (insert name here)?’ And you generally have no clue. But since genes dictate what and how something appears, and that may be random based on the parents, or exact (in the sense of some diseases or obvious features), I would assume that after time, it’s likely for things to repeat…In some form or fashion. But even saying that there is two of something is technically wrong; because there may be some small, yet perpetrating difference in some aspect. A mm here. Or a cm there….sorry. Went on a tangent. Interesting idea though.

  • eevie

    Not unlike clones. 🙂 Clones are never an exact copy either.