As Above, So Below: Australia’s Stonehenge and the Great Stone Complex

carved sandstone - Australias Stonehenge25th February 2014

By  Steven Strong and Andy Whiteley

Contributing Writers for Wake Up World

We have written extensively about the site Frederic Slater, President of the Australian Archaeological Education and Research Society, proposed was “Australia’s Stonehenge” and a complementary site we have named “Adam’s Garden”. What hasn’t been made clear in these articles – nor is still fully understood by our  research team – is that these sites and their surroundings form part of a much larger complex.

There is more to this than the two sites mentioned, but owing to pressing issues of privacy and our justifiable concern regarding vandalism and government interference, we can offer little in specifics regarding geography and location. Despite this, when viewing these two sites in combination with others in the close vicinity, there are many features that are as ancient as they are revealing.

Where did the Sandstone come from?

Before attempting any translation of the Standing Stones narrative, we must first address some pragmatic considerations upon which we were originally unable to throw any light.

When first examining the Standing Stones, one fact highlighted in Slater’s correspondence was of prime interest. Nearly all the marked and shaped stones found on both the larger and smaller mounds were sandstone, and as observed by Slater, the nearest sizeable deposit of sandstone is over 20 kilometres away. This in itself is challenging. But in our research team’s examination of the site, we found both fine and coarse grained sandstone, which logically means some of the sandstone brought onto this site came from much further inland than the fine grained rock.

But how did this happen? From where did this sandstone come? And who was involved? And when? These questions were never fully answered….

The jetty at Adam’s Garden

That was before our first sighting of Adam’s Garden, a 175 metre stretch of creek-bank containing tens of thousands of rocks of every conceivable type. Surrounded by mangroves and sand,  this exotic collection of rocks  contains shapes, angles and markings that are decidedly artificial.  Just as it is at the Standing Stones, there are  many rocks shaped into pyramids  at Adams’ Garden, including a marking on one rock that contains an engraving which,  in the First Language, means “guide to truth”

What only cements the connection between the sites is the  structure of the shore-line at Adam’s Garden; it features a jetty or wharf, a 9 metre (30 ft) by 5 metre (16.5 ft) sandstone  construction that sits higher than the surrounding shore. The  jetty is made entirely out of sandstone rocks,  both fine and coarse grained, and varying greatly in colouring.  A perfect place for vessels to dock, this was undoubtedly the location from which the rocks at the Standing Stones site were transported.  From here, marked and shaped rocks (along with many other goods and sacred objects) were sent out from the coast to the Standing Stones site, and to other places of importance.

We believe the 175 metre spread of tens of thousands of rocks was originally part of a rock-wall built along this section of the shore-line, and that the wall collapsed around 500 odd years ago when a tsunami hit this part of the east coast of Australia. The strength and motion of a tsunami is consistent with rocks being spread between 8-10 metres (26-32 ft) into the creek and only two metres (6.5 ft) up the slope of the creek bank; the wave knocked the wall against the bank, and the backwash dragged the fallen stones back into the water.

Diagram of Adam’s Garden

Jetty diagram - Adams Garden

Logistics and geology

Before grappling with meanings and nuances,  there is a second much larger problem with on-site logistics still unresolved.

It may be remotely feasible for nomadic Original men and women to lug rocks weighing up to 50 kilograms (110 lbs) from the coast some considerable distance inland. However the second, extremely sacred, mound is made of clay, white and red sand and thousands upon thousands of sandstone rocks. So foreign is this 70 metre by 10 metre (230 ft x 32 ft) mound that a large section of the mound was gouged out to use as road fill for the surrounding flat farms. The local black soil gets very boggy when wet, and in contrast, this mound of dry material is extremely porous which means that tyres don’t get bogged in the wet.

Quite simply, the smaller mound is not part of the surrounding geology and was transported onto site. And what adds to the problem, for those relying on traditional European historical accounts, is that there is no less than 3,500 cubic metres of fill that make up this artificial formation.

How did a people who supposedly knew nothing of the wheel, of metal blades, ocean-going ships, large scale quarrying or slave labour, manage to move such tonnage and put all this together? No-one is claiming that this site is European. In fact, it is widely agreed and reported in the press that this mound was the “only” known sacred site in Australia – where Clever-fellas and Kadaitcha men  came from all “parts of Australia before the coming of the white race” to sing, dance and engage in activities that transcend.

Now it gets heavier….

The whole scenario gets very complicated when trying to understand how igneous rocks, weighing over five hundred kilograms, were moved and positioned into two Original rock arrangements at Adam’s Garden.

Just behind the sandstone jetty is a road of perhaps 2 metres (6.5 ft) in width and no less than 210 metres (690 ft) in length, which snakes around the southern section of the hill which rises up over 35 metres (115 ft). There are thousands of rocks, all igneous, above and below the road that were have either been cleared from the road or positioned in support.

A colleague Jim Nutter, playing the role of ‘devil’s advocate’, suggested this was all the result of an old bulldozer clearing a track down to the mangroves. But four rocks, all of considerable weight, all carefully stacked on top of each other? What blade or bulldozer was capable of that balanced arrangement? He quickly moderated his position, by one degree, agreeing that this was ancient and that people from way back were in involved in placing these particular rocks, but hastened to add that maybe, much later, the dozer came down to repair the older construction.

Standing in nearby  Mullumbimby, there are numerous sandstone slabs, some weighing tonnes, which came from ‘somewhere’ nearby and repositioned within the town and parks as features and bearers of plaques. Their origin through official channels is unknown, but not unknown to our research team. We are confident that all rocks imported to the area, whether weighing one kilogram or a tonne, were originally shipped to and unloaded at the jetty which forms part of Adams’ Garden.

One unknown in this equation is logistics. We have no Dreaming Story or Elder’s guidance, nor any account in Frederic Slater’s translation to draw upon.  The manner of transportation of the heavy rocks at Mullumbimby and the exotic fill at the smaller mound at the Standing Stones site, must at this stage remain hypothetical.

Where have all the teachers gone?

Frederic  Slater was without peer in the state of NSW in deciphering Original script and anything Egyptian – the ideal skill-set for an archaeologist in this region –  and was often employed by Councils and Governments in these endeavours.

In 1939,  Slater was convinced he was in contact with the very last person knowledgeable in the First Language. When corresponding with his colleague, Slater stated “you are working in a much higher cult which I doubt is understood by present day aborigines (sic) even in remote parts. The teachers have all gone”.  As such, opportunities seem remote for direct contact with people who can understand and speak, sign, gesture and use the rocks that make up the very first human language.

Thankfully, this is one of the few times Slater was mistaken. We know of, and have spoken to, one of the Original custodians of the First Language –  Karno Walker  –  who came on site with our research team  when we investigated the mounds and surrounding archaeology.

The basis of all knowledge

As we have presented our team’s extensive archaeology and oral accounts substantiating an ancient Egyptian presence in Australia, some critics have relented minimally – by granting potential visiting rights. However many are still clouded by materialistic concepts of civilisation and progress. Knowing that pyramids, chariots, cities and columns were built in Egypt and no permanent structure, wheel, factory or metal was assumed to be made in pre-European Australia, they see this interaction only in terms of a master/slave relationship.

Offering an explanation as to why ancient Egyptians were so motivated to sail such great distances, we have always maintained that the ancient Egyptians came as mystical apprentices, bound in awe and servitude to their Original mentors. And as radical as this statement may seem, what may surprise is that Slater was no less forthright in allocating a precedence and pedestal  over 70 years before us.

“There is no mistaking that the Aborigines… gave not only to the Egyptians their knowledge and foundation of hieroglyphs and their philosophy, but formulated the basis of all knowledge in the beginning, now and to come”.

Egyptians returned for thousands of years to Australia in pilgrimage and pursuit of spiritual excellence – that is a claim we have made often, and one that is supported by our Original advisors. Even so, proposing that in Australia was recorded the “basis of all knowledge” is a bold assertion to make – and one we had never entertained until reading Slater’s comments. Now, after examining his impressive  work and reading his extensive  hand written notes,  we can readily understand why he would make such a sensational claim – he had no option but to place the First Australians at the centre and beginning of everything esoteric, spiritual, intellectual or democratic.

Slater insisted that the “mound” upon which the 185 Standing Stones originally stood was “the oldest form of temple in the world”. Consistent to that noble purpose and goal, Slater noted that “within this temple you will find… the basis of all knowledge, all science, all history and all forms of writing.” In ascribing a sequence and precedence, Slater was in no doubt that the Original people were from the first Homo sapien sapiens stock, spanning back “hundreds of thousands of years before”.

Equally, Slater was also convinced that all languages, not just ancient Egyptian, had their genesis in Australia. When comparing the ancient Celtic tongue of Ogham, he was confident that “you will find the basis of that language on the mound”. This ancient connection through language never ceased and continues on to this very day. As Slater explained “the language which we speak today is not Anglo-Saxon, but just Aboriginal”

Academic hurdles

There can never be a definitive translation of the “Mystery of Life” found on the Standing Stones. All other languages are merely derivative and therefore of limited use in deciphering the ‘mother-tongue’. In the case of all derivative languages, additions, deletions and revisions have been made over the millennia. But despite the lack of an authoritative printed reference, we can still get close – and most definitely Slater, his Original advisor, our Original advisor Karno, and his colleagues, can narrow and redefine the possibilities.

The biggest hurdle to overcome when assembling an interpretation of the Standing Stones’ message relates to the lack of written reference material. And as Karno reminded us many times, each symbol, alignment, gesture and letter can have up to four meanings.  With 20 suffixes and affixes, a vocabulary running over “28,000 words” and a multitude of shaped stones which are “symbolical”, the Standing Stones arrangement was meant to be a tabernacle detailing the “existence of the first men on Earth, their history and their philosophy”.

Undoubtedly, this is a huge call, and one that cautious academics would never ever make – and one that will surely attract criticism.  But before lodging any objections, it needs to be remembered that Slater was the resident academic in NSW on all things Original and Egyptian. On many occasions he was hired by Councils and Government departments because of his unquestionable stature and expertise. Slater’s translation was thoroughly researched (and often quite profound in its message) and he clearly went to considerable lengths to explain what each of these sacred words meant. However, what these words actually mean when read in combination and context was not always clear to Slater, nor to anyone else of that time for  that matter.

Guided by truth

First amongst the passages of Slater’s translation is one sentence that could be the most seminal and cosmic statement made on the mound. Slater was acutely aware this sentence was of utmost importance, relating directly to the “meaning where life began”, and his understanding of its ramifications was more than adequate for 1939 – but not for 2014.

Slater observed that “this same symbol is an Egyptian hieroglyph for Ap, the place in Equatorial Africa where man is said to come into existence. The symbol is also the Omega of the Greeks and physiologically it represents the embryonic sack. In its present arrangement it reads, in part, “Guided by Truth man came to earth through darkness from the light of life that shines far off”.

This other-worldly mantra – that the seed of humanity (”life in a bag”) was brought to Earth “through darkness” (space) – is a prominent theme repeated throughout Slater’s translation:

“Truth brought out on wings to Earth from God to Man”…

“The Divine Light of God gives the soul and the fire which brought life from afar”…

“The truth brought in from fire which brings life from afar”…

Slater believed humanity began in Australia, and that all consequent knowledge, language and religions have their roots in Original philosophy and the Dreaming. But even in this assertion, Slater inadvertently acknowledged there was another agent or beings that passed this knowledge on to the Original people, proposing that “Moses was taught the original theological philosophy which our blackfellows followed and he in turn imparted it to the Jews”.

If “our blackfellows followed” this philosophy, who was leading?

As on top, so below

The public debate over the existence of extra-terrestrial life and the appearance of advanced space-craft began to escalate after WW2. Before the dropping of atomic bombs, there were limited sightings and even less public discussion of such phenomena in the public arena before the 1940s. Under these parameters and timing, Slater had no practical frame of comparison that would lead him to interpret the repeated theme of beings who “came to Earth” from a destination “far off” as anything other than something symbolic – an obscure metaphor.  Historically, interpretations of similar ancient religious scriptures have also been told as metaphor, in the absence of a literal frame of reference.

Looking through today’s lens, it is apparent that the concepts conveyed by these Standing Stones (and by other ancient scriptures) were not meant to be metaphoric, but literal.

Many Original Elders and Custodians of Lore use the term “as on top, so below”. This phrase is never reversed; indicating precedence, ‘on top’ is always before ‘below’. And with the knowledge that all Original Gods are indeed Sky Heroes, the Elders are always looking into the night skies in matters spirituality of ancestry.

With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that there is only one Dreaming story in Australia that transcends all boundaries: the story of the Seven Sisters. In every other case, Dreaming stories are region-specific, describing events that led to the existence of life-forms and geography peculiar to each tribal estate. But the story of the Seven Sisters belongs to every tribe, for it is the story of their shared ancestry and heritage. In every interpretation, bar none, the Seven Sisters represents the constellation of Pleiades,  the place from which their ancient ancestors set forth so long ago.

This Pleiadean association  adds clarity to so many incongruities on these sites. The long-distance transportation of large amounts of fill is a task that would present no problems for an advanced race of beings from a distant constellations. So too the many cut and marked  rocks which, if found on a continent that was colonized by extra-terrestrial life, could merely  be calling cards from the ‘Sky Heroes’ of Pleiades.

The complexity of the First Language

There is so much divine  wisdom apparent within the “Mystery Track of Life”, as chronicled in the 185 Standing Stones. As the following sampling illustrates, anything of real substance was open for discussion.

“Enter and learn the truth of the Divine Light”…

“The Breath of God is the Divine Light of the soul”…

“God came in with Light from darkness and gave man a soul and the sons of man brought in with Light became the Pillars of Heaven”…

“Coming in holding a light in the beginning of life”…

“God the soul came with life and His breath to man”…

“Life comes in and life goes out in darkness to the Light that holds it forever”…

“The soul of man came from the Immortal Light to drink the water of life from God”…

We have absolutely no intention of adding anything to this selection of passages. They speak for themselves and need no assistance whatsoever.

What we will do is lament how far we have fallen, and how out-of-kilter so many aspects of our accepted pre-history are with  the depth of this ancient esoteric wisdom. The most obvious contradiction relates to the conventional explanations of how human language first developed.

According to accepted curriculum, a gradual evolution led to the pinnacle of hominid ascension: the magnificent  Homo sapien sapiens. Humans first begun to vocalise using the most basic sounds and assembled these crude utterances into a very primitive limited vocabulary. Restricted in number and objects, the very first language was devoted to expressing primal needs. Hunting, shelter, food, sex and survival are assumed to feature heavily. Then as the need to communicate other concepts expanded, language also expanded.  Slowly but surely, a little more was learned and the brain size increased to carry the increasing neural load.

In contrast,  Slater wrote an entire book on the ancient First Language and his tally of 28,000 words was admittedly incomplete. In daily conversation most humans in today’s educated global society barely use one tenth of Slater’s tally of 28,000 words. Hypothetically, if the first language were to come into existence today, the topics it addresses would be limited to reality TV, celebrities, shopping, environmental rape, war, greed, inequity, and a notably undignified political agenda…. and without doubt, the most popular word in this mother tongue would be “like”.

The ancient First Language is evidently more complex than the spoken English language,  and capable of conveying esoteric concepts for which we, even today, barely have the words.  Mystical in the extreme, the ancient narrative and complex use of language at the Standing Stones site runs counter to accepted theory.  In this ancient text, the “soul”, the “Divine Light” and the “truth” take centre stage; its narrative, the “Story  of  Life from  Birth  to  Death”, bears testimony to the Divine and enlightening, laced with indications that something of a decidedly extra-terrestrial origin is afoot.

While those beings are undoubtedly way beyond the sex, drugs and rock and roll existence of Earth, the size of the gap between their development and our own is open to debate. What is verifiable fact is that the expert appointed by Government to investigate this complex believed that this rock arrangement and set of markings were designed to convey all knowledge that was, is and will ever be.

Joining the dots

There can be no map, co-ordinates or ‘proof’ presented here as evidence; to do so would give solid clues as to the location of this ancient site, and the Elders and Custodians are fearful that some people will do what has been done to so many sacred sites: desecrate it. Because of our justifiably  secretive stance, our readers will need to rely on the integrity and character our  team, in the absence of published evidence.

Stone Circle - Australias StonehengeWhen connecting the GPS co-ordinates of three of these significant sites, tribe member Adam Pippen discovered  that Adam’s Garden, the Standing Stones and a third site which has a scared tree marked in a manner that is magnificent by any standards and incredibly difficult to engrave, form a perfect alignment. By Adam’s calculations the three sites connect in a straight line which, if allowed on the same path around the globe, would run directly through Egypt.

It is possible that the reason these three sites are pointing towards Egypt is merely coincidental, but the connection between ancient Australia and Egypt can be found in archaeology now being shared all over the country. That being the case and pattern, we see this alignment as being more of the same.  These sites form part of a much larger complex.

Regulation or obstruction?

At the most superficial level, the site was destroyed 73 years ago when the Standing Stones were either removed then stored in the dairy, or disc ploughed into the side of the mound. But the reality is this destruction was the best possible outcome.

At the time, the farmer who “owned” this land was very sympathetic, and not only allowed access but actually assisted visitors on site and promised not to plough the area lest the rock’s position and proper alignment be upset. But government officials soon came knocking at his door, and threatened to requisition the land and throw his family off – simply because of the political inconvenience of mounting publicity, including front page headlines reporting on “Australia’s Stonehenge”. As long as the Standing Stones stood, the farmer knew his land was lost – along with the threatened Standing Stones. So the farmer sent his son out the next morning with one task: to get rid of the stone arrangement.

In recent times, the official attitude of arrogance and bullying is no different. So far, the authorities entrusted with the responsibility of preserving and protecting sites of this immense cultural significance have phoned and sent letters containing threats, fines, statutes and hostility. In discussion with the official “investigator” appointed to find error or offence on our team’s part during our last on-site visit, the official lamented that two days on site with his “team” did not reveal any disturbance of the sacred sites….. which of course there wasn’t any. And in a subsequent  “warning letter”, officials conceded that “no regulatory action is proposed at this time”.

Despite the official stance of “no disturbance” and “no regulatory action”, officials have certainly made a point of saying so –  very loudly and with a lot of paperwork. But while official interest in this site may extend as far as ensuring it is not “disturbed”, it clearly doesn’t include any genuine attempt to understand it from an archaeological or historical perspective.

We quizzed the “investigator” as to whether any meaningful attempt at archaeology would also eventuate on this sacred site. We also pointed out that the site he is so ardently trying to prosecute on behalf of, was destroyed under the duress of government 73 years ago. He admitted knowing nothing about either, nor did he care; as a representative of government, the agenda he works to does not include ancient truths of these sacred dimensions. And true to their history of apathy, not one academic or official has shown any interest in the site or in Frederic Slater’s extensive portfolio since a second baseless reprimand was issued.  Rather, the function of government has been to ask zero questions of our findings, to threaten our investigation with regulation, to back off when “no regulatory action” was available, and to keep dismissing our assessment of a site they deem “sacred” on paper yet treat as meaningless in deed.  Disgraceful.

But this is of no consequence. Our  team doesn’t need a disinterested government with questionable political motives to corroborate or facilitate our work.  The Original Elders and Custodians of Lore help to set our path of action, and do so without the intimidation and interference we now expect of government.

Galactic citizens

Undeniably there is evidence at four sites that is indicative of exotic technology well beyond the embrace of any Original rock-and-stick toolkit. Found at  both  the Standing Stones site and Adam’s Garden are artificially shaped and marked rocks that chronicle, according to both Slater and many Original Elders and Custodians of Lore, the First Language either spoken or recorded by modern humans. This language of rock angles, alignments, markings, letters, hand signs, numbers, body parts and animals is as cryptic as it is divine.  The construction of these stone monuments dates way back, whether tens or hundreds of thousands of years, and both the antiquity and sophistication in evidence asks questions of Australia’s (and humanity’s) history that most academics do not have the capacity to appreciate, much less answer.

But we believe we have been given the answer. As we have been told by our Original guides, time after time: “as on top so below”. And it really is that simple! What transpires below, on Earth, is the direct effect of what transpires above, in the ‘heavens’.

As we are told in the beginning of The Dreaming, the Sky Heroes left the Pleiades and “came to Earth” to create a new species of hominid. This is an undisputed fact held by all the Original tribes of this continent, which has been passed down through the sacred Dreaming for millennia. Finally acknowledging this as our ancient ancestry and heritage must create an obligatory and long-overdue shift in human consciousness and perspective; that we are galactic citizens, in both deed and genes. We are part of a cosmic community that we are only just beginning to understand. We are at the start of our journey of scientific understanding, not the end.

About the authors:

Steven Strong is an Australian-based researcher, author and former high school teacher. Evan Strong is a researcher, historian and author with a Bachelor degree in the Social Sciences.  Their  work is to explore  the ancient story of the Original people, a narrative that was almost lost to aggressive European colonisation.

Andy Whiteley an average 40-something from Melbourne Australia who, like many people, “woke up” and realized everything isn’t what it seems. Since then, he feels blessed to be a part of Wake Up World and its amazing community of readers.

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