Identifying Patterns of Behaviour and Their Root Causes

Behavioural Patterns and Their Causes

By Sarah Chambers

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Relationship problems can make you feel unhappy and fearful especially if there are high destructive emotions involved. Relationship problems, from whatever source, can have an effect on your self-esteem and self-confidence. Relationship problems can bring with them feelings of a  personal  lack of control, which can contribute to feelings of insecurity.

Identifying the patterns of behaviour that are causing relationships problems is vital to healing.

When relationships fail we look for the cause, but  often,  because we are so deep in the actual problem we can only experience the effects. If you are in a relationship that is not working out and want it to, changing what is causing the problem really is the only way forward. Identifying the patterns of behaviour that are causing the problems is vital to healing. If you just decide to go your separate ways you, won’t have learnt what you were meant to learn from each other and you will continue to meet the same archetype patterns in your next relationships – until you resolve the emotional cause.

So how do you start to identify your own patterns of behaviour and their root causes?

Take Responsibility For Your Own Contributions

Stop, take responsibility for your own contributions to your problematic relationship and then consciously step off the ferris wheel of emotional dysfunction. Understand that change can happen if you focus on what is honestly going on, inside of you and in your reactions and behaviour, instead of projecting the blame onto your partner. By taking personal responsibility, you can change the direction of your life and place it firmly on higher ground.

Precision Therapy self-hypnosis creates an instant shift in your personal awareness, which is what is required for successful emotional healing. For many, many people Precision Therapy Self hypnosis has offered fresh perspective and insight as to why we behave in ways that sabotages our self and our relationships. It is without doubt an amazing and powerful therapeutic tool for self-emotional healing and the healing of your relationship. And this is all to do with your own self-empowerment.

The Power of Self-Empowerment

Self-empowerment simply means confidently taking charge of all aspects of your own life. This may sound obvious yet most people don’t. This is because most people are unaware of the full understanding of what it means to be self-empowered. We rely on gut instinct or a thought pattern to guide us, thinking this is self-empowerment. But self-empowered individuals do not give their power away to others, they use it appropriately. So how do you do that?

The first things to understand is we all have the innate ability of self-empowerment, but some of us have to re-learn it. The difference between those who own and know their power and those who do not is simply an  internal belief system – that we are incapable of self empowerment –  which has been conditioned since birth. But this a far cry from the truth, and believing that is the first step.

Trace Your Problem Back To The Root Cause

Many of the feelings and reaction in the present moment come from past experiences. When you find yourself having a reaction to something notice where the feeling is coming from in your body and what it feels like? Now take the time to trace that feeling back it to the last time you felt it, then the time before that and right back to the very first time you felt it.

You may have to go right back into your childhood. What were the circumstances, where were you and what was happening in the event that suppressed you from feeling in control, from being your authentic self? Were you giving your power away to someone else?

This is where your pearl of wisdom lies. Your unconscious mind is giving you the answer you are looking for with your reaction. Trace it back. If you find it difficult to be aware of your emotional reaction and do this exercise then find someone who specializes to help you.

Once you have understanding of where your emotional reactions come from you can start to balance your body-mind system. You can then become more self-aware and grounded and see from a higher vantage point how you having been operating in your world.

When reaction come up in the future you can say “This is interesting, what do I need to learn from this?” Instead of feeling out of control you will feel more self-empowered. It is much easier handle situations that arise when you are consciously aware of what is happening within you.

If you do this exercise over and over again every time you have an emotional reaction, whether it be the feelings of fear, anger, sadness, guilt, or any other stress related reaction you will gain vast amounts of knowledge about yourself and others. You can feel more in control and more self-empowered. Change is a choice and learning to control your reactions is such a healthy one.

I wish you health, wealth and happiness in all things.


About Sarah Chambers:

Sarah chambers has a background in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy, and has also  trained as a Master NLP practitioner and Time Line therapist.  With 15 years of hands on experience with many different clients, all looking to improve their emotional well-being and mind-body balance, Sarah  she now specialise in creating professional self-hypnosis mp3 downloads that cover a wide range of ’emotional problem areas’, bringing together proven successful solutions that can assist anyone in the English-speaking world.

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