The Language of the Body: How Your Body Responds to Your Emotions

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By Mona Delfino

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

When we go to a doctor we expect to be told what is wrong with us. We receive a diagnosis and then wonder what we will do about it. It’s becoming obvious more and more that drugs are not, and never have been the answer to health. So why do we keep taking them at the advice of a doctor who might not have a clue what the side effects are? We have put our lives in the hands of doctors instead of taking back the power that sits within each of us to discover… if only we can understand and trust it.

“To me the greatest challenge has been understanding the illusion of all that we perceive as ‘reality’. Someday when all of us reach that Galactic Stage of development and awareness, then perhaps all of us will understand the big illusion…. ” ~  Norm Shealy M.D. Ph.D and President of Holos Institutes of Health

Writing my book The Sacred Language of the Human Body  was a fulfilment to me – to be able to share with all of you the most profound reasons why we get sick, why we develop conditions in the body, and what the actual causes are, and why we are more than capable of reversing them.

The phrase “As Above, So Below” is important to conceive of because the body reflects the “So Below”. The “As Above” in life is our mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. They are our thought forms that create who we are. The “So Below” is the bodies way of expressing it.

Recently Stephen Hawking talked about stem cell research and the possibilities of science being able to cure even paralysis in the future. Spinal cord injuries are the hardest to heal, yet researchers are suggesting that stem cell research will prove to be positive as miraculous results in rats have already been observed. Hawking stated there was a danger in this as well. He said stem cells are bionic cells in the body that carry more than we know… even cancer. So his concern is that science needs to work out the bugs before he would feel confident in this whole heartedly.

In the meantime, I have information from the work I’ve done for over 30 years with energy and reading conditions for individuals as well as groups with certain conditions looking for answers. It’s time to move forward in a changing world and learn the benefits you were born with. In my book I shared certain reasons for particular forms of illness and disease. Not every condition responds the same to any one cure. That’s because based on who you are and your past experiences, a “fall out” of energy that the body has had enough of, will leak into the physical form after a period of time.

Each body area has a language as to what the organs do, the muscles, the nerves, etc. When a condition occurs in the body in a localized area, it’s to help us discover what we might need to change in order to keep “homeostasis” in our emotions, mental reasoning, and spiritual living.

The Language of the Body

What body parts express what emotions? And which emotions or thoughts contribute to their condition?

Left is the receiver and right is the giver.  From there you will be able to identify a cause by going back and being honest with yourself. If you are having difficulties in these areas, here are some examples based on the overall role of the area:

ARMS:  What are you carrying… or who?

ARMPITS:  Storage unit of what we don’t want to see anymore (emotional).

BACK:  Questioning life’s relation to support (who supports us, etc.) Confrontation for supporting yourself through love.

BLADDER:  Emotional resistance to life.

BREASTS:  Nurturing the Self (or lack of).

CALVES:  Moving forward. Not dealing with past issues or patterns.

COLON:  Not going with the flow of life..emotional resistance to change.

EYES:  How do you see life? Is it according to your true self?

FEET:  How we walk in this world. In which direction are we walking?

JOINTS:  Flexibility or not in your situations and your attachments to them.

HANDS:  Represent holding on or letting go.

HEART:  Not listening to our true self through our feelings.

HIPS:  General support. When they slip out, it generally relates to an imbalance in how you are relating to life. Feeling the lack of love and support.

JOINTS:  Flexibility to or in your situations.

KIDNEYS:  Holding on to angers or resentments. Being pissed off.

KNEES:  Seeing life as unsupported. Inside knee; Community, job, friends. Outside knee; personal issues.

NERVES:  Sensitivity towards a situation not acknowledged in the conscious mind.

OVARIES:  Very sensitive past issues about creativity. Guilt.

SINUS:  Confusion. Needing to let go or make decisions on a mental level. Sinus infections are anger in the situation. Headaches are contributed to not making a decision. Migraines are the daddy of headaches of knowing what decision to make and not making it.

STOMACH:  Carries recognition of digesting life, or not.

SWELLING:  Tears unshed.



Blockages such as the effects of our insecure actions, restrict the body’s potential for healing. The can include blood, nerve, oxygen, and any forward motion toward a goal. These obviously cause dysfunction and discomfort as well:

ALLERGIES:  Blockages in the stomach and intestines. What are we not digesting?

ACHING:  Craving love so bad it hurts! (Depending on where the ache is, the language speaks for itself).

ANXIETY:  Fear generated by past experiences not yet released.

ARTHRITIS:  Joints determine flexibility. How flexible are we willing to be? Not letting go.

ASTHMA:  Fear from past lives, somewhat acknowledged in this life. Feeling alone, not safe.

BLOOD PRESSURE:  What pressures stand in our way to freedom?

BONES:  Past lives and memories stored there. Marrow is the meat of our past.

BOWELS:  The “outcome” of the day. Pressures either building or releasing.

BRONCHITIS:  Feeling that you can’t change a situation happening that is close to your heart. Inner congestion.

CANCER:  This brings up inner upset. Deep hurts unresolved.

CANDIDA:  “Can anybody hear me?” Lack of trust. Deep frustrations not recognized.

CARPAL TUNNEL:  “Why can’t I make this life work?” It’s a form of outward frustration relating to the nerves held deep under the armpit. This is also where we keep our deepest secrets so other’s can’t see them.

COLD HANDS AND FEET:  Not trusting yourself. Believing you may never “live up to…”

COLDS:  We simply don’t catch colds. Colds are mental confusion. Not sure if you should choose one way or another

FAT:  Over-sensitivity. Sadness. A need for a way of protection. Where is all this weight coming from? (Can also be holding onto others’ or your own emotions in the body.)

FATIGUE:  Boredom, resistance, and denying what it takes to move forward, “What’s next?”

FIBROIDS:  Questioning if you are loved. Nursing pains from the past.

FLU:  Time out. This is your body’s way of making yourself slow down.

GUM PROBLEMS:  Not making a decision for yourself and not sticking to it if you did. Be clear, and go for it!

HAY FVER:  Not feeling that you deserve to be happy. A form of self-persecution.

INSOMNIA:  Fear, guilt and a feeling that “I just can’t control life…”

MUSCLES:  Representing our ability to move in life. How flexible are we?

NAIL BITING:  Not liking yourself and wondering if you really have anything to offer. Questioning your worth.

PNEUMONIA:  I’m so tired. Trying isn’t necessary anymore.

SACRUM:  What are you sitting on? Let’s get to the bottom issue.

SPASMS:  Holding onto old thoughts when old thoughts are ready to be released.

TEETH:  Not liking your situation. (Because they are bone, it could be past life pain coming up for release).

ULCERS:  Not feeling fulfilled. Leaving a hole and causing grief.

These are just examples of how the body speaks for itself. It knows not good or bad, it only reacts. No one has random effects in a physical body. All things are energy, and we are in charge. This is a time of recognition and reconciliation of our own spirit. We live in a time when our human awareness is poised to experience a more fulfilling connection to the greater universe as we journey back to who we truly are. Oneness within ourselves guides and produces oneness in the world. This is how true health is created and shared. It is an integrated way of living, where simplicity and knowledge shall lead the way towards a planet of balance and harmony.

May you stay healthy in these times of constant change and resilience.

Blessings, Mona

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Mona Delfino is a speaker, teacher, intuitive and healer who found her passion in helping people heal, assisting them through the process by reading the soul’s energy, accrued over lifetimes, which can create blockages in one’s freedom today. She works with individuals through Skype, telephone and hands-on sessions. Connect with Mona on her website

If you want to learn more about Mona’s ideas on exploring and participating in your own healing, check out  her book  The Sacred Language of the Human Body, available now on Amazon.

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