Astrology Update: A New Direction (with Video)

Astrology - a New Direction25th May 2014

By Simon Vorster

Contributing  Writer for Wake Up World

A fresh perspective requires an open sense of curiosity.

As we move into the end of May, we are now entering a time astrologically where we are being asked to become more open to new ways and perspectives. The timing of these events could not be more synchronized.

Since April 2014 we have been working on our inner identities. The energy of the zodiac has been reflecting this to us. As we have been realizing and aligning ourselves more with our true identities we have been asked to let go of who and what we thought we were along with everything attached to that.

So for almost 2 months now, we have been dealing with some really heavy internal purification. So much inner reflection and inner work. Now it is finally time to start taking charge and directing our energy outwards.

Explore and Be Curious

Mars, the planet of action moved direct on the 19th May, after a month of retrograde motion, starting us on a new journey of self-actualization. The zodiac is pointing at this symbol and saying it is now time to action. We have realized, and given birth to a new self. A new way of being. Now, just like with any new cycle, we have to go out and EXPLORE!!

With Venus now beginning a new cyclic relationship to Uranus we are relating to ourselves and others in new conscious ways. We have a fresh perspective. This new phase aspect is also urging us to explore and put these new perspectives to the test. This will be a time of exploring new and unseen adventures. Of trial and error. Now the trick here is to remember to hold our security within ourselves. Never to place it outside ourselves. This will keep you motivated, courageous and strong during this time. It will also help us maintain inner peace. Inner security comes in forms like, ‘’I am a resourceful, competent soul and I will be able to face and deal with any situation on my path.”

With the sun, the big flashlight in the sky, moving into Gemini there could be no better compatibility with these current energies. Gemini is all about gathering and collecting information.  It’s about being curious and open to diversity, not sticking to one subject for too long. So as we stand facing a new way of being, an invitation to explore as many things that bring us joy is offered. Now is the time to go for it! Be bold and curious!

Individually we are changing our lives, collectively we are changing the world!

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Simon VorsterSimon Vorster is an evolutionary astrologer who has been practising astrology for over 10 years. Currently studying at the  school of evolutionary astrology,  Simon’s work is rooted in helping souls de-condition the self and empower the soul into making new conscious choices. His  soul work, sharing his thoughts and insights and using the powerful tool of  evolutionary astrology, is to  help others find their own spiritual paths, live  in the moment and understand that they are able to change and effect their own evolution.

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