10 Food Tips To Get Off the Poor Sleep Treadmill

10 Food Tips To Get Off the Poor Sleep Treadmill

By  Deane Alban

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

If you aren’t getting enough sleep, you are setting yourself up for memory and concentration problems, inability to handle stress, and depression.

When you are  sleep deprived, it’s natural to try to make up for your lack of energy by eating more and drinking caffeine to get through the next day. But this sets you up for another bad night’s sleep, and on it goes!

Here are the best diet tips that will break this cycle and give you the best chance at getting some decent sleep.

10 Food Tips for Better Sleep

1. Don’t go to sleep on a very full stomach.

2. Don’t go to sleep on an empty stomach either.

3. Don’t starve yourself during the day. This leads to indulging in the evening.

4. Avoid caffeine from 5 pm on.

5. Avoid alcohol after dinner.

6. Have an evening snack, but make it small and not immediately before going to bed.

7. Eat cherries, one of the few food sources of the sleep hormone melatonin. When not available fresh, you can buy frozen cherries or drink cherry juice.

8. Having healthy carbs in the evening can help create tryptophan, a relaxing hormone.

9. Herbal teas like chamomile can help you relax, but don’t drink too close to bedtime.

10. Start tapering off on all liquids a few hours before you retire to avoid night time bathroom visits.

Sleep Promoting Snack Ideas

Evening snacks should include  some healthy carbs and a little protein. You want foods that are easy to digest and not overly fatty or spicy. You don’t want them to just sit there, or worse yet, cause indigestion when you’re trying to sleep!

Some examples of healthy sleep-supporting evening snacks are:

10 Food Tips To Get Off the Poor Sleep Treadmill  Banana with peanut butter

 Apple and cheese

 Hummus and raw veggies or rice crackers

 Sprouted grain toast with cherry jam and almond butter

 Greek yogurt with fresh or frozen fruit

 Guacamole with healthy chips or veggies

 Fruit and whey protein smoothie

Additional Tips for the Morning After

When you have a bad night, resist the temptation to get through the next day on caffeine and sugar.

Here are some healthier ways to cope the following day:

  Drink  green tea, which has much less caffeine, instead of coffee.

  Stick to a  healthy diet  even when you feel like eating junk food.

  Skip anything with “energy” on the label.  Energy drinks  are loaded with caffeine and sugar.  Energy bars are candy bars in disguise.

•    If at all possible,  take a nap but keep it short. A long one will have you up at night. Again.

•    Meditate. This is as good as a nap and will leave your brain much refreshed.

  When you feel like you just can’t stay awake, take a walk, exercise, or stretch instead of reaching for the coffee pot or a candy bar.

  Try to stay up until close to your normal bedtime the next day. Crashing at 8 pm is a sure-fire way to find yourself tossing and turning at 3 am.

Sweet dreams!

Updated September 2014

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The human brain is designed to last a lifetime, but modern life takes a greater toll on the brain than most people realize.  Deane teaches the best ways to keep your brain healthy and stay mentally sharp for life at her website  BeBrainFit.com.


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