The Full Moon in Aquarius – Fundamental Change

Full Moon in Aquarius – Fundamental Change10th August 2014

By  Simon Vorster

Contributing  Writer for  Wake Up World

Pluto in Capricorn

We need a new system, not a new government!

From 2008 till 2024 Pluto’s movement through Capricorn is leading us on a path in which we are tearing down the outdated foundation of our reality. Everything is outmoded. We are at a critical point in our evolution in which the orientation from unnatural living to natural living is being shaped. It requires us building a new earth from the very foundation up. It means creating a new community.

So where are we in this process? What is this powerful full moon reflecting to us?

Full Moon in Aquarius

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much!

New Moon in Leo kicked us off in sublime fashion filling us with excitement, personal empowerment and the feelings of a new special destiny awaiting us. This is all great and wonderful, but we have now reached a point in the evolutionary process in which we need to inwardly reflect on those desires that are emanating from deep within us.

The Full Moon always asks us to take a good look at ourselves and see what we can improve, and this particular full moon’s lessons are around  developing objectivity (see “Jupiter in Leo – the Activation of Life Force”).  The Aquarius sign holds space for us to link our dreams in with the overall picture of reality, to take our creative talents and find out where they are needed in the community. This moon is also covered with Saturn’s lessons of responsibility, maturity and reflection. Our combined talents and efforts are the direction we are to be moving towards if we are to achieve our goals.  Meanwhile the universe is reinforcing this with  the synchronized transit of Neptune inconjunct the sun and Jupiter.

Neptune in Pisces inconjunct the Sun and Jupiter in Leo


The creative process is of surrender not control!

This brings lessons teaching us how to align our ego with the knowledge and awareness of larger universal forces. If we are getting ahead of ourselves or happen to have any illusions of grandeur, this transit will repeatedly knock us off of our high horses and remind us of the greater forces we are a part of. So let’s reflect on our personal identification and then purge the egocentric structure of any feelings of false empowerment. When we move forward in actioning our special destiny, we will be grounded in linking our destiny with the overall picture of reality and life on earth, not for self-glorification but instead for a healthy orientation towards integrating it into society for the betterment of humanity. Do this, and you will be greatly recognized for your efforts.

The Wright brothers believed in flight. Their special destiny, linked with the idea of bettering humanity, has left their presence echoing in our conscious. They taught the world to fly.  

Another very grounding planetary alignment stopping us from taking off is Saturn squaring the Sun and Moon.

Saturn in Scorpio square Full Moon in Aquarius and Sun in Leo

An exact planetary alignment!

With great power comes great responsibility!

At the core of this pattern an amazing opportunity for re-birth of new psychological behavior is available. These energies will help us to make fundamental changes. We must learn that with this recent surge of power and purpose, solid responsible structure must first be formed. Saturn’s lessons are tough but the rewards are profound. We are given great power to do great things but unless we act with responsibility and respect our limitations will lead us directly to our own downfall.

Luckily we have already spent the last 7 months connecting to ourselves with Venus transiting through Cancer.

Venus in Cancer

Be true to yourself!

These months have been all about re-inventing our self-image by truly connecting with who we are.   We have been getting to the core of our interconnectedness with nature. It has been a long and tough journey for us all. It is not easy to face ourselves. Now, with Venus moving out of cancer the final touches are being sculpted on to our identity. We should now have identified our true values and are getting ready to express them.

So what needs to change?

Mercury and the Sun trine Uranus

It always seems impossible until it’s done.

Transformation takes place when we challenge the established structure with new and innovative ideas. This leads to liberation. Remember the main theme in our evolutionary journey (Pluto in Capricorn)? Uranus is all about the future,  about breaking free and allowing evolution to continue, to not get stuck within outdated systems. So with this beautiful Sun/Mercury conjunction aligning with Uranus in Aries we get the chance to break free from distorted patterns and re-invent ourselves. Your challenge is to explore all of your new thoughts and ideas. To see where they go.

Don’t hesitate to try new things, even if they have never been done before. You are bestowed with greatness don’t edit your potential!  Be the change!

Full Moon Mantra

As we reflect on our new found sense of purpose we are invited to join hands with likeminded souls to co-create the foundations that are to become our future. We have great forces working behind us and with this comes the responsibility to stay grounded and focused on our collective goal… to create a better world for all of us to live in. So bring your true value into the world and dare to break new ground. Each and every one of us are important pieces in the puzzle with the picture of a new world. “There is no faith without hope, no justice without compassion, no humanity without fairness… every one of us, the least of us, is still divine.”

Love and light,


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