The New Moon in Leo – the Birth of Our New Identity

Courage is Not the Absence of Fear But the Strength to Conquer It - The New Moon In Leo4th August  2014

By  Simon Vorster

Contributing  Writer for Wake Up World

Courage ~ “It is not the absence of fear but the strength to conquer  it”.

The curtain is opening and the main act of the show is about to start. Shhh… the theater’s lights are dimming while the center stage remains brightly lit. This is what we have all been waiting for. Now appearing… the star of the show? YOU!

Jupiter’s grand entrance into Leo on July 16th  began with a wonderful planetary alignment. The Sun was positioned in beautiful synchronicity with the moon and Jupiter to form a powerful surge of energy into this new moon cycle. A new opportunity to sow the seeds of evolutionary growth is available to us.  The theme? Creative self-actualization! The chance to ROAR as loud as possible!

It is time to leave your mark on the world and express your new authentic self. You know, the one you have been so intensely working on for the last 7 months. And as always the universe brings us the supporting cast and crew for the task at hand.

Mars joins Saturn in Scorpio.

Saturn has been in Scorpio since 2012, bringing up all our  hidden distortions. All of these themes have then been processed and reflected upon during the past 6 months of Saturn’s retrograde cycle.

Meanwhile, in synchronicity with Saturn’s retrograde, Mars has been in the sign Libra since December, forcing us to work through our differences and find equality. This was not an easy journey for us as it truly felt like we had our boundaries pushed and ours toes stepped on by others. Mars, our pure unedited instinctual drive, feels very uncomfortable in the diplomatic, harmony seeking sign of Libra. So we found our energies clashing with other ´s. We found ourselves longing for more justice and balance in the world and in our personal relationships.

Now, as Saturn turns from retrograde to a direct motion, re-establishing healthy structures, Mars enters Scorpio to give us the irrepressible, fearless energy needed to actualize and manifest our desires.  With both of these symbols in the same sign and fresh and ready to go, we are truly in for a ride.

Some qualities that we are able to receive from this transit are to be able to form deeper bonds with the people we love and to be able to extend that love to our fellow earth citizens. But there is a double edged sword here; the ‘negative’ side of these energies is to create conflict and confrontation. The quote “When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace” by Jimi Hendrix describes the clashing forces that we are facing at the moment perfectly.  Allow love to be your desire not war.

Pluto opposes Venus and Mercury in Cancer.

Letting go of the past for good! This transit is challenging. This signature reveals to us that although the Jupiter in Cancer cycle is over, we still have the effects of this cycle echoing in our reality.
We are getting an opportunity to now finally detach and allow the emotional flow. Simply allow the old self to be but only a memory of the past.

What is supporting this? Just before the new moon last Saturday, you were most likely feeling the final effects of the Cancer theme of the last month. Uranus is squaring Pluto and at the same time squaring Venus. Venus will also be in opposition to Pluto. So hold on tight and just recognize that all you are being given here with this pattern is the opportunity to finally sort out that which no longer works for you in your life. Sort through your needs and only take with you the ones that work for you.

Mars square Jupiter, Sun and Moon in Leo

Finding Courage and reamaining heart centered. With the recent events taking place in the world like the madness and chaos in Gaza and the Malaysian Airlines tragedy, it is easy for us to lose hope that there is going to be a positive change in the world. The fear of life on earth can creep in and create doubt. In these times it is important to remember: “It is not the absence of fear but the strength to conquer it” that will get us through the darkness and bring us closer to LOVE AND LIGHT. For each and every one of us, our new identity has now been formed. Breathing spirit and life force into it  is the next task at hand.

Choose to be courageous and face our fears, stand up or for what is our birth right as human beings. Don ´t become consumed by the fate of fear-based propaganda. Stand up for what you can change in the world and send love and light to the rest. Don ´t dwell in the feeling of powerlessness! You are powerful beyond measure.

Water trines. Neptune, Chiron, Saturn, and Venus.

These trines are extremely helpful in aiding us during these transformative times. Water in nature plays such an important role, it flows, and takes on any shape that the earth creates. Water is nourishing and helps us stay rejuvenated. It cleanses and washes away. We can take advantage of this energy to create and maintain a high frequency, by bringing more water elements into our lives. Above all when the energies become too overwhelming, slow down, take deep breaths and slowly remind yourself of who you are.

The stage is all yours.

It is time to open up our hearts and to let the love for you and humanity flow in, around and through you! Just as the lion is the king of the jungle, it is time to be the master of your soul.   You have access to the courage of this beautiful beast, so ROAR your truth! Find the love, joy and compassion for yourself. YOU are here for a reason. Your birthright. Show us what you’ve got!

The mantra for the New Moon.

As humanity wakes up and starts to observe the truth of our current world, I invite you to act on the passion that drives you – with the help of this year cycle. Start leading the way forward for humanity. Start acting on the impulses and idea’s emanating from deep down inside of you. Bring to the world your divine spark! Actualize the dream! Follow your  heart! Spread the love! Be a  leader of the new paradigm! Show up in the world as the highest expression that there can possible be of YOU! The time to take a stand for humanity and for your home, mother earth, is NOW! So bring life and attention to things! Brand yourself! Express your uniqueness! Integrate your personal truth into the world around you! Share your gifts! Breathe the energy of fire into your body! Stand up for what you believe in!


Love and light,

New Moon in Leo (Video) with Simon Vorster

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