A Letter to My Awakening Siblings

Letter to My Siblings

By  Zen Gardner

Contributing Writer for  Wake Up World

This article is an answer to a question from awakening siblings,  and is  part of a discussion on world topics that we’ve been debating, including the engineering of our society and its reactions/non-reactions to the world around us as presented by the mainstream media and the ongoing social memes.  

I read – a lot. And write and edit articles, and research like a house a fire. Have for years. On line you can get anything from MSM to ultra alternative – I look for perception, trends, analyses, but do take in a lot. It’s funny, in the US you hardly get any world news, it’s all US-centric. We used to laugh listening to the BBC back in India, the Mideast or Latin America on our shortwave way back when the Beeb (the BBC) wasn’t a full on corporate sell out like they are now, and hear about things I never heard in the US. Even Time magazine and other US publications overseas, which I don’t get anymore, carried different stories and viewpoints. Still does – just compare the covers which you can do online and it’s amazing how insular they keep Americans – makes for good ‘sleeple’.

But the internet phenomenon makes everything available, and there are tremendous resources of bonafide researcher/reporters who fastidiously document their work now who are on top of what’s going on, or at least present more information to give a more well rounded picture. Besides, you can go to the links for where they got their info and confirm it for yourself.

I don’t follow anything, I just process then process again and don’t hold anything sacred or any debilitating “beliefs” – I re-evaluate constantly. It’s important to keep your head above water, as you know with the inundation of BS the mainstream pumps out. The biggest thing is what they don’t  tell people – all mainstream Americans get is the processed pablum spewed by high heeled, well greased corporate monkey talking heads who’ve garnered this assumptive air of authority. Wolf Blitzer for one is a former AIPAC lobbyist so you know where he’s coming from, but it’s carefully cloaked, or so they think. Many of these “reporters” are members of the Council on Foreign Relations. Go to the CFR site, they list the members, you’ll be surprised. These bodies, think tanks, groups, foundations are what essentially steer things – and they’re globalists. National and personal sovereignty must go to make that work.

“Honey, the bug guy says the house is infested with termites and it’s gonna fall..”

“That’s OK dear, we owe more than it’s worth anyway…”

Ugh… very sad what’s being done to Americans.

1984 and Brave New World are here, and Orwell and Huxley were buds, both were in the Fabian society which you can read about, and those works were both penned in the 40’s and are coming to pass today. HG Wells was a massive eugenicist, as were Huxley and his brother, but HG was a social activist and campaigned rigorously for a new world order even before them. The list goes on, but the history books won’t tell you that, it’s all been sanitized and revised and they continue to do so. That’s how they rule, social engineering. Pavlovian school bells, TV “programming”, Hollywood (the tree used to make magic wands, btw) weaves predictive programming and fear and hate inducing violence or in the case of kids, over-sexualization and what they call “princess” or “hero soldier” programming of children into the societal fabric without a hitch – just look down the ToysRUs aisles and see the colors – pink for girls and blue for boys – and the images and action figures children learn to crave and emulate. It’s not by accident. We had it too – GI Joe, Ken and Barbie, Cowboys and Indians. The industrial/corporate moguls are not following trends, they’re setting them.

Imagine the world we would have if they didn’t force constant war and fear mongering to keep their machine well oiled and the people “on board” with the program? How much could be invested in real  education, housing and working local farms, real productive science instead of weaponizing everything? Before World War 2, 90% of Americans didn’t want to enter the European theatre of war and sacrifice their children. After Pearl Harbor? There were lines around the country to enlist and fight and kill. As I said before, leading up to 9/11 both Brzezinski and the PNAC neocon think tank said it would take a “new Pearl Harbor” to galvanize Americans into supporting a renewed massive military push. That day 3 high rise steel buildings fell straight down from “fires” when it’s never happened with steel framed buildings before or since – seen any building code changes? Any questioning allowed? But who’s looking?

By the way… for what happened to American education, the former senior education advisor under Reagan  –  Charlotte Iserbyt  –  became a whistleblower and wrote the powerful book “The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America” and documents how they’re doing it and where these social engineering ideas came from.

Here’s a terrific recent video of her that encapsulates it:

See also Agenda 21 and look into that UN program – it’s a massive assault on everything sovereign, including education.

The amazing thing is, it’s all in open documents. Plus thanks to FOI we can now read what really happened at Pearl Harbor, for example – the newest ships pulled out just prior to the attacks, radar removed, warnings went unheeded, all while FDR was provoking the Japanese to attack, as getting America in the war was imperative to the economy and other agendas. Not just a coincidence. Pearl Harbor, like the Pentagon, are as tightly guarded as they come. Why does the Pentagon release about 2 shoddy seconds of some doctored footage of “something” hitting the Pentagon years later, and all  the camera footage from gobs of security cameras are kept under the ever handy “national security” clamp? Show us the plane then if you’re so damn sure.

Same with Oklahoma City – all footage was confiscated by quickly arriving agents never to be seen, which would explain why pillars were blown outward from the center of the building which you can see for yourself if you look at old photos… never mind the media reports of additional army grade devices that they removed following the bombing, with employees reporting the bomb squad was seen around the building both prior and immediately following the attack.

What’s to hide boys? Is that why there was no giant jet to be found at the Pentagon? Was it a cruise type missile? Most probably. Many pentagon employees said immediately after  they could smell there was a strong explosive war-head scent, and said there was no sign of an airplane. Yet people believe the entire plane disappeared into the building – like Shanksville – just poof! It’s surreal. Why? The hysteria and being told what to believe right from the start fills the vacuum. Bin Laden was guilty within 20-25 minutes of the towers being hit. There still is no evidence of a connection – but in people’s minds the emotional connection was very carefully made. Then when Building 7 fell free-fall later that afternoon it wasn’t even mentioned in the NIST report!! They finally revised it years later after public outcry and say it was a few scattered office fires that weakened the structure and down it came. If that were the case we should be seeing collapsing steel buildings all over the place. None. Plenty of witnesses heard multiple explosions there, and at the twin towers, but no mention. Blip – gone. Once the narrative is “adopted” the mass mind believes what fits, and they get plenty of that from the MSM. By the way, Building 7 housed the investigation into all the securities frauds and other financial wheelings and dealings going on at the time – all evidence was obliterated, as well as the CIA command post in the building etc. etc.

How convenient.

Again, cui bono? Who benefits? Would they do something that heinous to their own people? Look how many die at war, sacrificed on the altar of so-called freedom or “democracy”. Of course they would. In their psychopathic world view it’s sacrificing a few for the good of the many – them and their plan. All seriously evil driven lies. Sorry if I offend, but it’s the truth.

Yes, it’s damned scary but that’s the world we live in. Now you see why people who wake up to this scam are branded whack jobs and now potential terrorists. Works pretty good, doesn’t it?  As Voltaire said, to find out who rules over you see who you’re not allowed to criticize. It keeps the awful truth at arm’s length or they might just have a rebellion. Can’t have that, can we? Might have worked back in the revolutionary war but who needs one now? Besides, “the Packers are playing the 49ers and I’m outta beer…”

I can send any documentation, TV footage, scientific analysis you want. But it doesn’t do any good until you open yourself up to the possibility, otherwise you “might as well be walking on the sun”…. 😉

The good news is humanity is waking up…

1. Politically, to this right/left paradigm scam – they all push the same program with different flavors.. to give the illusion of freedom;

2. Economically, with manipulated markets and fiat currency borrowed from an illegally placed private  central bank who loans to the government at interest  and we’re not allowed to know who’s on the board of directors – nothing FEDeral about the FED. Nothing. They appoint someone as a government liaison to give the air of legitimacy. It’s bunk set up by big bankers back in 1913 – look up the Creature from Jekyll Island for the history, a great book by G. Edward Griffin. But there are vids too and tons of materials. They duped the spineless Pres. Woodrow Wilson who also brought us income tax, only to lament what he did on his deathbed. And our tax dollars barely pay the interest  on their massive loans to the country. Great for infrastructure, eh? No worries, they just print more money. Backed by..?? – Nothin’ – people’s faith in it. The populace are like mice on a wheel in a cage.

3. Socially: the internet has been a game changer with free flow of information. With education comes awakening and personal empowerment and less dependence on the nanny state.

4. Spiritually: people are realizing it’s time to take control of their lives and get off the treadmill. With the world situation so dark (again, engineered, and driven by very dark spiritual forces) they are turning more fervently to their spirituality and finding new empowering forms of spiritual expression and discovery. Quite wonderful, but the cost of awakening is high as your previous world just crumbles – that’s where spirituality kicks in and getting back to the real values of life and to stop supporting the machine that’s eating them alive – and to tell others the same.

Anyway, this is how I see it on a few issues. The 9/11 anniversary is coming up (sic) and if something happens it won’t be ISIS. The “powers that be” have built and encouraged that new boogie man up fast and furious just as they did with Bin Laden (armed and trained by the CIA, admitted) who was staged to be a boogie man for years leading up to 9/11. It’s being parroted in all the NATO countries, but the US is still the kingpin at this moment. I am concerned they’ll do something massive or several events to horrify and scare the crap out of Americans again and galvanize them for the final push to finish off Syria, split up and further occupy the region, and move on Iran, if not also pick a fight with Russia which they’re obviously itching to do. The US installed Ukrainian government is insane and wants to pull a pre-emptive nuclear strike on Russia – while of course accusing Russia who is getting hemmed in on several fronts and gang-sanctioned and rightfully pissed off…  but level headed compared to the US/NATO onslaught.

Absolute insanity,  but again  –  ordo ab chao – out of chaos they can have their “agreements”, re-establish boundaries, as in Yalta, and bring on global governance, monetary centralization etc. WW1 gave us the “League of Nations” and WW2 the UN. And all while participants were clamping down on their home states.

Too sinister? Too coordinated to believe? That’s looking at it from the mindset they gave you. It’s time to take back our minds and freedom and see things for how they really are. Unfortunately the churches have been infiltrated with doctrines to support much of this. Those are the toughest to come to terms with. Faith is one thing, and having a personal relationship with your Creator as you perceive it, but following doctrine is another. We each have to follow our own paths and come to realizations for ourselves. That’s one of the problems  –  people are told what is right and wrong and stopped learning for themselves. The whole thing needs a major reset, but it starts with each of us individually. I’m just sharing a little of what I have learned. As Einstein said, we can’t solve a problem in the same level of consciousness that created it.

Oh well – thunderstorm woke me up here, when I found your note – guess a bolt must’ve hit me – ha!

Your whacked out brother, or am I on to something here? ….. Hmmmmmm – just wondering… 😉


“This present window of opportunity, during which a truly peaceful and interdependent world order might be built, will not be open for too long – We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.” – David Rockefeller – UN, September 23, 1994

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I have questions. Life is wonderful – full of amazing wonders that continue to unfold.  My quest for truth has given me new perspectives which lead to well springs of information that continue to inspire awe and wonder at the world we live in. Dare to explore and see what leaves you…. just wondering. Love Zen.

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The hourglass is almost out of grains…”


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