The Solar Logos: our Heavenly Father


22nd  September  2014

By  Open

Contributing Writer for  Wake Up World

Becoming a child of the universe

Anyone whose read Divinicus by now, will know the significance I feel of the “Solar Logos” – the soul of our Sun – and its anticipated impact on the changing biosphere of our planet. Of course Earth is intricately connected to the Sun, not just as a ball of rock and dust orbiting it by some perverse ‘gravitational pull’. These are cosmic deities, drawn to each other by the universal Law of Attraction, just as you were to your father; there’s an intimate interrelation – a heavenly dance taking place. So what’s the significance of the recent solar storms, growing at a time when Gaia’s magnetic field is dwindling?…

Our Celestial Connections

Do we not all love the sun? If Gaia is our divine mother, then the Solar Logos is our heavenly father, shining down upon us, bringing life and warmth to the planet. Just stop for a moment in your busy day: imagine yourself walking across a sun-kissed beach, through a golden meadow, or swimming in the ocean as the sun glitters down through the surface. Are these not some of the simple pleasures of life that we came here for?

But humanity so easily forgets the greater significance of his celestial connections. As we were approaching the all-important winter solstice of 2012, many people were seeing the symbolism of 11:11. Some speculated it was relating to a particular time; that some key thing would happen then. But actually to me, it always meant the connections between four key centres of consciousness: your own soul (and those of other guests on planet Earth); Gaia our divine mother; the Solar Logos, our heavenly father; and finally the soul of the Galaxy, the galactic core around which our solar system gravitates.

These centres are actually crucial to our well being, yet the mainstream of humanity carries on its busy life paying scant regard to the impact of these key soul centres. I’d say it’s the main reason why society is in such a mess; why it’s so unsustainable, and why its heading for a major crash. Whenever existence steps out of alignment with the natural flow, then the universe in its vastness will be tolerant, but only for so long. Of course, everything is interconnected – where disharmony forms distorted eddy currents in one place, then the energy of the cosmos is drawn to it, to unravel it, and restore the flow once more. This is what I mean by The Great Realignment.

Gaia dispenses with the dog-eat-dog mentality of fear

As I’ve explained in Divinicus, I feel Gaia in great pain, caused by an Interdimensional Intervention which she drew by her own karma – yes planets and deities have karma too! This aspect of her evolutionary growth, drew an Opposing Force of gross consumption and disrespect – the very synthetic society you and I currently live in. She needed this ‘dog-eat-dog’ mentality in order to allow in the ‘beast’, just as the divine feminine in humanity has. You can’t fight excessive force successfully by directly confronting it. A more highly evolved (and very evolutionary) approach, is to allow it within you, and then realign it, with the softness of surrender, always shining the light back to the Source. We must evolve and transmute this consciousness within our very cells, otherwise the karma just recreates itself and we have to confront it again. This is what Gaia has been doing too – softening, evolving and thus working to bring the Opposing Consciousness back into line.

I sense now she’s processed that old reality, which led to her Ascension in 2012 – specifically the centering of her consciousness in the Fifth Density. This didn’t happen in its entirety at the back-end of 2012, but was completed then. You can read more about it here…21st December 2012 – a New Earth is Born

And so what will happen now? The significance to all life on the planet of this momentous shift cannot be overstated. As I explain in Divinicus, she’s created a new reality in the Fifth Density. And specifically – of utmost importance – she doesn’t need this old fear-based reality of dog-eat-dog consumptiveness any longer. She doesn’t need the ‘survival of only the strongest’, but those of compassion, empathy, interconnected love and respect for all life. These are the new vibrations of Fifth Density Earth. Indeed the old consciousness will be purged from the Earth like the cancer that it has become. How will this happen?

The cosmic cycle of death and rebirth

This is perhaps one of the most challenging things to share: the visions I’ve seen, and the tumultuous shifts I now feel taking place which confirm those intuitions for me. I feel Gaia moving on, drawing her energies into the higher paradigm, and as she moves, I feel her bio-magnetic energy field will dwindle over time. The cosmologists say this is already happening. Ultimately, with Gaia’s atmospheric guard lowered, solar storms will cleanse the surface of the Earth and transform the biosphere. I believe this is what the Hopi Elders also saw when they spoke of the Earth’s ‘Great Purification’ through radioactivity and fire.

Is this a prophecy?

For me I don’t believe so. Rather I feel it as an inevitable sequence of shifts now beginning to take place. I’d say it’s because the key cosmic centres work together in unison to create realities, break them down, and reconstitute higher harmonies for higher levels of self realisation.

This is the entirely natural process of the universe working its way to ‘Nirvana’ – balanced harmony everywhere.

Is that too much to grasp? Is it too ‘out-there’ to really take note and process? But rather than burying our heads in the sand, how might we work with such massive global shifts now beginning to take place? Even if you don’t accept or believe the possibility that I’m putting forwards, who can still deny that fundamental change is upon us to destabilise and uproot the old fear-based reality we’re living within?

Surrender to the flow

I share this possibility not to spread fear, but to spread awareness. And if it invokes fear within you, then it is your fear. It is already within you. There is no fear in a self-realised being: for ‘he’ knows ‘his’ intimate connection to the eternity of the cosmos. So if fear is invoked, you could instead consider it a blessing: where do I contract, where do I resist, where do I slip into the victimisation of the small “I”?

What’s coming is the potential for the birth of your cosmic self, a child of the universe; something to be embraced with courage, passion, surrender and grace.

Some in spiritual circles would likely say: “we should rather manifest the reality we want, one that is safe and loving”. However, to me, this is quite delusional. We’re an intricate part of a much greater system to which we’re being invited to surrender. Loving thoughts may make people feel better yes, but they’re not going to change the overall directional movement. For too long, humanity (influenced by an Opposing Consciousness) has been manifesting illusionary realities – eddy currents in the flow – which are now being unwound.

Yes it’s surrender that I’m inviting.
I’d say we need to surrender many things.
In particular, we need to surrender the idea
that today will likely be just like yesterday,
Because in the future that is opening in front of us,
the only certainty will be uncertainty.
And that in itself, has the potential
to unleash the mastery in us.

So there’s absolutely no need to fear these tumultuous shifts that are now growing in strength. Rather the other way around: it would be the continuation of the old status quo – the out-dated fear-based reality – that would be the most disheartening. When we’re locked in the mind, planning and strategising what we’re going to do on that tablet pc or not-so-smart-phone, we’re much less in the heart, feeling the flow of the field and what now wants to happen. What is benevolence inviting of us? For each of us there will be a path of light, shone by the divine, helping us confront all our distortions, that we may peel them away and unfold the spiritual wings of our destiny.

End/Beginning Times

This is the message I’ve been sharing on my current Divinicus World Tour.

I’m working to help people open up to the vastness of our cosmic selves, the infinite potential that we are; as we confront and let go of the contractions of the small “I” – the old Homo sapiens mentality. It’s time for humanity to come of age, to take his place as a universal child, to consciously embrace the entirely natural cycle of death and rebirth. For just as the Solar Logos – our heavenly father – brings life, so ‘he’ can take it away. But only to transform it, into something even more spectacular. It’s time then to let go, and embrace the vastness of who we truly are.

This is what I’m experiencing with people as I make my way around the world. And as it transpires, it feels utterly awesome. As we challenge the fear based contractions of the old Homo Sapiens, reality shifts for people; they expand within, where the whole universe is to be found. It’s simply breath-taking!…


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My soul is intimately connected with the higher dimensions where I find myself in communion with this benevolent presence most of the time. We ‘speak’ through the language of telepathic synchronicity: plain knowing of signs and symbols, an intuitive, objective interpretation of the flow of the moment which helps me understand and realise the various underlying impulses that are activating and influencing people’s lives here in the lower realm.  The Openhand Foundation works on behalf of this energy, helping ground its presence in this realm.

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