In Enlightenment, Does Duality Dissolve?

In Enlightenment, Does Duality Dissolve

By  Openhand

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Duality, oneness or both?

Some spiritual teachings would tell us that the full state of Enlightenment is to be beyond the perception of duality completely, that there is only the experience of oneness or pure presence. In my opinion this is not Enlightenment. Although we might realise that multiplicity of form within the relative universe is an illusion and experience oneness, to me, Enlightenment is being able hold the apparent duality of being the absolute and a finite expression of the absolute simultaneously  in every moment…

In other words the absolute is expressed uniquely through each of us. We experience the eternal unchanging nature of existence which cannot be affected by the illusionary phenomenal world and yet we can be deeply engrossed in all the feelings of being human without attachment:

“Less pain without more wisdom defeats your purpose;  does not allow you to experience infinite joy – which is what I am.

“Be patient. You are gaining wisdom.  And your joys are now increasingly available without pain.  That too is a very good sign.

“You are learning to love without pain;  to let go without pain; to create without pain; even cry without pain.  Yes you’re even able to have your pain without pain, if you know what I  mean.”

~ from  Conversations with God – Book 1 – an Uncommon Dialogue

The Duality of Reality

True enlightenment (as far as Openhand is concerned) is to be able to experience the all of it, pain, pleasure, joy, love, fear etc. and yet be attached or identified with none of it.

Many spiritual teachings speak of non-duality between that which is experiencing and that which is experienced. However there is still a sense of duality (even if illusionary) because the absolute is expressed in a unique way through us.  So for example, we still feel pain even though the pain is an illusion…

Student:  Master, I have reached the state of oneness, all is perfect.

Zen Master:  Tell me more….

Student:  I am at one with the divine, there is no duality.

Zen Master: What else?

Student:  I am….

Zen Master:  What else?

Student:  I…….

Zen Master:  What else?

Student: (no reply… dissolving into state of oneness)

Zen Master: (strikes the student hard across the face)

Student:  OOOUUUCCCHHHH!!!!!!!

Zen Master:  Well who felt that then!?

Continually seeking the empty clarity of oneness may cause us to think we have not reached it while  there is still thought and feeling of the separated self happening. In truth, the two exist side by side. When we stop seeking absoluteness, the Observer within us dissolves and we truly experience being at one with everything – the duality dissolves.

However this is far from the end of the story. Every master who has reached this state of Enlightenment can still be identified by a consistency in their action. The consistent action builds an identity – but not within themselves. Rather others observe their consistent action – this is the action of the soul – a unique and authentic expression of the absolute expressed spontaneously in the moment.

In my truth, experience of the absolute is not possible without the perceived separation of the soul, for if relativity ceases, there can be no experience at all.

Therefore long live the apparent experience of duality!

Updated September 2014

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