It Really Is Time To Wake Up World

It Really is Time to WAKE UP WORLD

By Michael J. Roads

Guest writer for Wake Up World

Years ago, I remember hearing a story of how God came to Earth to see how humanity was developing. Having created us, it is obvious that God had a strong sense of humour, so there came the time when God called humanity together to share  the latest funny story from the the angel-net. The joke was very involved, so as time passed people became rather sleepy. God, being God, took care that nobody had hunger or thirst, but completely overlooked the fact that people live with linear time. For God, all time occupies the same moment.

After a couple of weeks, many people were asleep.  A month after the funny story began, God still had not reached the punch-line, but by this time all humanity was deeply asleep. God looked around, shrugged, and said, “Never mind, you will ‘get’ the joke when you wake up”.

Most of humanity is still asleep. The joke is on us.

If you were to tell any regular/normal person — if such exists! — that it is time to wake up, I’m sure they would reply by saying, “I am awake”. Okay, so what exactly do we mean when we say “it’s time to wake up?”  For me, there are several levels of meaning.

Reclaiming Health

A very obvious level is the mostly unrealised, but rapidly declining human health in the Western World. To make a mere offering from the vast quantity of statistics available, it is estimated that by 2020 over 50% of the population will be diagnosed with cancer! Currently, every minute a person dies of cancer, with a new case diagnosed every 3 minutes.

In Australia, diabetes will soon be the No. 1 cause of death. In Europe an estimated 55 million people have diabetes. Add to this the shockingly rapid escalation of dementia; One new case every 7 seconds, and accelerating. As if that is not bad enough, dementia is now appearing in older teenagers, and on up.

All this without mention of the No. 1 cause of death; heart disease. A U.S. citizen dies of this every 37 seconds, and now there is a new major killer sweeping in with the 21st century that now tops the list; death by prescription drugs. In the U.S. the odds of being killed by conventional medicine are almost 2000% greater than being killed in a car accident, and 3000% greater than being killed by a gun. It’s a crazy world!

I will not bore you with more of this, check the facts for yourself. There are many frightening facts and figures available — frightening because the many and varied forms of disease are out of control — all indicating the extent of the decline in our modern health. The long term prognosis to all this … it is expected to be twice as bad in 20 years! We have reached a point where human sickness is the world’s greatest industry, as the ruthless few exploit the gullible many. Amazingly, the greater population seems completely unaware of this widespread degeneration in human health. Maybe they don’t care. Perhaps  they are too sick to notice.

Wake up! We need to take responsibility for our own health, and for our own well-being. After all, it is our body!

The Half Life

Let’s look at this from another level. It is estimated that all mammals have a life expectancy of seven times (x7) longer than it takes to develop their physical body. A human takes 20 years to develop a physical body, but up to 26 years to fully develop the brain. On this basis, 7 x  20 = 140 years, plus a decade or so for our full brain development. What happened? Did God change the rules just for humans, or have we, in some strange way, been deeply sleeping while we thought we were awake? As a species, we average somewhere around a half life! Why is this?

Animals do not think, they live in the moment, the place of life, of energy, of conscious intelligence. We live in our thoughts, out of the moment, the place of the subconscious intellect. And if you dispute this, remember that you cannot think your way into the moment, you can only think your way out of it . . . this is what meditation is all about, the moment. The moment is the place of a spiritually enlightened soul, living in the  greater reality. With all due respect, they perceive the world in a very different way than does the average person.

There is no right or wrong to this. Most of the people living in the illusion live their lives in a very admirable way. However, people in the illusion are often self-critical, they fear and blame, feel guilt, see the world as being in a mess, get angry … all the stuff that is considered normal. Those who have left the illusion choose love, not fear, they do not seek to blame, they take full responsibility for their lives, and they see the beauty and perfection of the world.

Seriously folk, it is time to wake up.

The Metaphysical Reality

Another level of meaning is the fact that most people live their entire lives in a state of illusion. Listening to a retired former Prime Minister in a TV interview recently, I was impressed by his sincerity as he described certain events from his political life. He deeply believed in his reality, as would most of the people listening to him, but his world and my world were, and are, very different. For me, his world is a fantasy, an illusion, even if it is a very convincing one, while my world is based in a greater metaphysical reality.

Let me explain this. We have a simple English word; individuality. If we take a slightly different view of that word, we have in-divided-duality. As humans, we have a tough job with this divided duality. We are simultaneously physical/mortal, and metaphysical/immortal. To live in a greater reality, we are required to live both aspects simultaneously. And most people fail. We focus on, and believe in the physical and mortal aspect only. This is tangible and obvious. Few people cross the membrane to the intangible unseen metaphysical and immortal aspect of ourselves. It’s a pity, for our immortal self is a giant, with the mortal a comparative pygmy. We are asleep to this sleeping giant within. Wake up!

During my lifetime I have learned to remove the divide between my physical and metaphysical self. I live a fairly seamless whole, with no inner conflict. In a greater reality, the metaphysical world precedes the physical world, yet the vast majority of people believe in, and live, as though all life is physical. This is another illusion . . . and it does not work. This illusion is the cause underlining the huge upsurge in human sickness. From my reality, humanity needs to Wake up from the massive and long term illusion that has enslaved us for so long.

We are God-Beings in denial. As a species we have not yet learned or embraced the fact that in every moment of our lives we are creating the content and direction of every moment of our lives. Yes, we create our lives, every aspect of it. Our immortality spans aeons of linear time, countless so-called lifetimes, for we are metaphysical Beings of eternity. When we embrace this, our whole relationship with self changes, thus our whole relationship with life changes. Many  have yet to learn that our relationship with ourselves is our relationship with life. In other words, life treats us in the way that we treat ourselves, for we are life. Life is not an outside event enclosing us; life is an inside event expressing outward and creating that which we call our lives.

Having scarcely scratched the surface, I could go on and on … but enough.

Hopefully, if your state of consciousness is receptive, you may just be inspired enough by my words to know that it is time to wake up.

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About the author:

Michael RoadsBorn in England in 1937, Michael Roads discovered at an early age he was able to communicate with nature and go beyond linear time and space. He immigrated to Australia in 1963 where he was a beef and dairy farmer, and prominent in the early organic movement. He wrote the first book on organic gardening in Australia, which was an immediate best seller.

After becoming spiritually awakened in 1986, Michael wrote about his metaphysical experiences and has since published 14 books, translated into 16 languages. 2016 marks his 25th year of travelling around the world giving talks and 5-day intensives on unconditional love and emotional balance.

Connect with Michael at and Facebook/MRoads.

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