Relationship Between Garden and Gardener

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By Michael J. Roads

Guest writer for Wake Up World

There are many gardeners in the world, but few are outstanding. What is it that makes one particular gardener stand out from so many others? First and foremost, it is the relationship that gardener has with their garden. And it is a relationship! Some gardeners enjoy looking after the garden, and they have a very nice garden, while for many others – who do not actually qualify as gardeners – it is the bane of the their lives; mowing the lawn, hedge-trimming, pulling weeds – uh, pruning roses – ouch. Enough!

Let us be clear; you can be a very good gardener by following the books, and doing as they suggest. Repetition can make a person into a good gardener, learning the ropes, so to speak. It is not at all difficult to be a good gardener – but outstanding? That takes something extra; something beyond technique, something beyond knowledge, something beyond following a subconscious program of gardening success.

This is where the relationship truly comes to the fore. Loving the garden, loving the land, loving the plants; really loving Nature – this creates a conscious relationship with Nature.  In this great relationship, the garden is your meeting place with Nature. But something extra is required…

Nature lives in the eternal moment. Plants are not thinking about us, or their place in the world; they are simply growing and living in the moment. We think – as if you did not know! Unfortunately, we think our way out of the moment; we cannot think our way into it. This means, in effect, that while all natural life is consciously in the moment, humanity is so busy thinking that we live subconsciously. We are rarely consciously conscious of being in the moment. We live subconsciously, Nature lives consciously. Sorry, but full consciousness and subconsciousness can never meet – not even in the garden. You cannot be subconsciously conscious!

You cannot subconsciously love Nature. In fact, you cannot subconsciously love. Love, true love, requires full consciousness. You cannot be a subconscious gardener, and love the garden. As a gardener, you may quarrel or argue with your spouse, but never with the garden. For this type of gardener, the garden is a retreat, a refuge, a shelter from the stormy blasts! Sorry, but not outstanding! You may be a gardener who wants, and achieves, the most flower-filled garden in the street. Very nice, a good gardener; sorry, but not outstanding. You cannot be an outstanding gardener and use the garden as an outlet for your frustrations, or ambitions. Wrong energy. When you go into a garden thinking of problems, or worrying, or angry, or any other negative distractions, your energy-field changes; you lower the intensity and quality of your Light-energy. This, in turn, has a negative affect on the   energy-field of the garden; no chance of being an outstanding gardener. Let us leave all the regular gardening people and focus on the outstanding gardener.

This is why I wrote Conscious Gardening. An outstanding gardener is fully involved with the garden all the time they are in it. Why is this so important? A garden is a large field-of-energy; you, also, are a field-of-energy. If this energy could be physically seen, it would appear as Light. When I was a young teenager in England, I met a lady in her nineties. She showed me her garden. It was one small garden in the middle of a row of terraced houses, each garden divided from the others by a very high brick wall. The sunlight struggled to find her garden, but for most of the year it was filled with an abundance of flowering plants. I was a keen gardener, and I knew there was not enough sun to get those plants into flower. But as I watched her, feeling the love she felt for her garden, I realised that she was the sun in her garden. I learned that when you love the garden and its plants, as she did, you can throw the rule book away. She was the first outstanding gardener I ever met. I never forgot her – or what she taught me.

One of the great lessons I have consciously learned from Nature in a garden is about being with, while doing to. We get so busy, doing, doing, doing – all while thinking about our day. Doing to, but not being-with! If you are pulling weeds, be aware of what you are doing – be with it, and you will gradually become conscious of a greater connection with Nature. Nature speaks, but nobody is listening. We think hearing is listening; it is not. Listening takes place in the moment – but nobody’s home! Conscious gardening means that you are learning to be conscious in life, and your teacher is Nature. The garden is the meeting place, you are the student. Nature offers you the most wondrous relationship possible, taking you beyond the mundane and into the magnificent. All this by developing a deep and creative relationship between the garden and the gardener.

Some people talk of the spirit of Nature; this is found as a higher energy in the gardens of the true garden lovers. These are the ‘green thumb’ people. Their gardens may be huge and beautiful, or a sprawl of seemingly untidy plants, but energy-wise, they have the X-factor. Equally, a garden may be tiny, as the lady I wrote of, but the relationship with the garden can be huge. When you can follow the intuitive ‘feelings’ you have as a gardener, placing plants in the ground where ‘they’ want to grow, you will be able to develop that precious Nature/human relationship to its full potential. This is when you become aware of the clear parallels between life and the garden.

Pruning old, sprawling, thorny growth from the roses equates as removing the tangle of prickly attitudes we have developed, hindering our growth. If we are conscious while we clear away unwanted weeds from the garden, allowing our plants the room to grow, we can also release the weeds of our old thinking habits, giving space for the expansion and growth of our own potential. All this … from the relationship between a garden and the gardener!

– Michael J. Roads

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Michael RoadsBorn in England in 1937,  Michael J. Roads  discovered at an early age he was able to communicate with nature and go beyond linear time and space. He immigrated to Australia in 1963 where he was a beef and dairy farmer, and prominent in the early organic movement. He wrote the first book on organic gardening in Australia, which was an immediate best-seller. After becoming spiritually awakened in 1986, Michael wrote about his metaphysical experiences and has since published 14 books, translated into 16 languages. 2014 marks his 23rd year of traveling around the world giving talks and 5-day Intensives on unconditional Love and emotional balance.

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“For you to respect life, nature and people requires first a respect for yourself.” ~ Michael

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