Planet Mu’s Lost Civilizations

The Lost Civilisation of Planet Mu - Moai Statues, Easter Island - Photo by Ryoji

5th September  2014

By Anne Tittensor

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Through sheer hard work within the IT industry over the past 30 years and a chance meeting five years ago, I have been fortunate enough to travel globally in my quest for connective information that backs up my theories. This research path has continued through ups and downs in my life, broken relationships, hard times and good times.

I personally have nothing – no ties, no assets, no place to call home. I have a laptop, a camera and a few clothes which can be thrown into a bag when required.  I simply chose to carry out my research rather than own a house, pay a mortgage, own a car etc. I do sometimes crave hot running water, a bath, heating at the flick of a switch and all the things other folks find absolutely necessary, but I have made my choice.

I hope that this article “Planet MU’s Lost Civilizations” provides an insight into my global theory and introduces you to the concepts that will appear in my book.

The Physical Research

Most researchers focus on their individual theory and line of expertise. Having studied mainstream Archaeology, I came to the conclusion long ago, that the rigorous and sometimes stifling requirements within this discipline were not in fact providing an overall picture of any particular site. As John Anthony West says – the “pot shard theory” (See Appendix 1) does little to explain the sites around the globe. I always felt that to enable an overall picture of a site, one really needs to be part of a multidisciplinary team.

Let’s take an example that most of the world is aware of. The Great Pyramid. “Oh no, not the Great Pyramid I hear you cry” – but it is the best example to put forward from a global anomaly understanding. Egyptologists and archaeologists both mainstream and alternative have given us their theories in school, at university, in magazine articles, in books and nowadays on Facebook. All the theories are fascinating and keep the Great Pyramid in the forefront of global anomalies.

But here is the rub. Instead of having to dig through all the various theories provided by each individual researcher and/or mainstream Egyptologist, why do we not, globally, put together a contextual team – a team made up of all the various disciplines from around the planet: Archaeologists, Egyptologists, Engineers, Independent Researchers, Astronomers, Stone masons, Geologists, Paleontologists, Anthropologists, and so on…  You  get the idea.

Contextual Archaeology has been tried but so far has failed as the participants’ tunnel vision always interferes. It was tried at Göbekli Tepe by Klaus Schmidt for example, but in my opinion, he did not take the vision far enough. Dr. Sam is trying to put in place this contextual research at Bosnia, but it is not being recognised out with the independent research world and indeed the debunkers are out in force on that one!!

[For more information, please see the article  “The Mysterious Anti Scientific Agenda”  by Jock Doubleday]

As a sole person, I have tried to use the contextual approach with my research. I do not focus on one particular area, although I could happily spend the rest of my life living on and studying Easter Island. It is very tempting and that seems to be the overall problem within the research world. Instead, I chose to travel and connect contextually. Rather than focusing on one theory that may have actually made me some money via articles, photographs and books, I decided to connect the dots through stonework and symbolism on a global and universal scale – yes, universal!! – Utilising the theories from varying sources and from a vast arena of disciplines, I have pulled together what I think is a viable, grand scale, overall view of the forgotten ancient civilisations that inhabited this and other planets.

I have used Archaeological theories, Geological theories, Quantum Physics, Historical facts and fictions and Mythology, to mention but a few, to enable me to come to the conclusions in this article which are the basis of my book. I have had the help of some wonderful people and researchers along the way who have stuck by me even when I have been pulling my hair out. I have personally spoken and discussed theories with the majority of the people quoted in this article and have absorbed as much as humanly possible to date. I work with both alternative and mainstream researchers as I find that the “both sides of the coin” approach enables a truer and more accurate overall picture.

Global out-of-place artefacts and symbolism

I first became interested in both Michael Cremo and Klaus Dona at around the same time whilst trying to make sense of this obvious (at least to me) connectivity that the mainstream were trying to deny or just plain ignore due to the fact that the connections did not fit in with the mainstream analysis of their timeline. This is when I began to seriously question the standard timeline, carbon dating techniques and the mainstream use of the Pot Shard Theory. (see Appendix 1). Something was amiss.

Figure 1

I could clearly see the connectivity when viewing the out of place artefacts and anomalies being presented by both Cremo  and Dona. The symbolism was foremost when looking at these artefacts, and the more I looked, the more I saw. I was drawn to certain symbols, especially those carved in stone found globally and seemingly unconnected if one accepted the mainstream viewpoint. These out of place artefacts were being debunked, ridiculed and blatantly labelled as fraudulent by the mainstream and in some cases by the alternatives.

Whatever your stance is on some of these artefacts, it cannot be denied that certain symbols keep popping up!. Some have been bastardised throughout time and some have been deliberately re-utilised as symbols of evil, thus reinforcing an understandable aversion to a particular symbol, the original meaning and representation being lost along the way. This together with the “woo woo” interpretations of global symbolism (I discuss the “woo woo” hypothesis at the end of this article), whereby everything is “sacred” and symbols represent “gods/goddesses” or “nymphs gathering around a fire”, the true meaning of certain symbols that are consistent throughout civilisations, are consistent within  out of place artefacts, that are consistent still to this day and can be seen within textiles and pottery and in fact in our everyday lives, although the memories have been erased, all belong to an ancient civilisation that once inhabited this planet called MU.

Global Connective Stonework and Symbolism

The hands on research of global connective stonework and symbolism has taken me to Albania, Armenia, Syria, Turkey, Egypt, Easter Island, Peru, Bolivia, Scotland, Spain, Greece, Italy, France, England and the USA. I had been looking at stonework for many years, starting with my archaeological studies in the 1980’s. I participated in a few local digs and had attended a couple of conferences dealing with European digs. Some things in the background kept niggling at me, I repeatedly focused on the background stonework and at every turn, I noticed similarities – angles, block sizes and out of place masonry and symbols that my mainstream colleagues dismissed. Although some of these global sites could be accurately dated from historical records, some of the stonework I was seeing seemed to me to be much older. Glimpses of strange building techniques were popping up everywhere, usually underground or just beneath site level.

Could these similarities be a remnant of my “lost civilization theory”?

On a return trip from Egypt where I had been focusing on the stonework of the so called sphinx “temple” (everything unexplainable these days is referred to as a temple) at Giza, I became Facebook friends with Jan Peter de Jong and was introduced to the works of Alfredo Gamarra. I stripped away the obvious religious connotations which had been used to pacify the censors and the Catholic Church, and what I was left with rang a bell in the back of my head. The stonework citied in the works of Gamarra and indeed the symbology in Peru I was reading about in Gamarras theory seemed to link to a lost thought – I call it “the tip of my tongue thoughts”. I realised that the Peruvian stonework was the same stonework that I had been puzzling over globally. As a child, I had also read about this stonework, albeit it fleetingly in a childhood book.

Whilst pondering over this and re-reading all of my research, I came across a person in a Facebook group called USOKS who had mentioned MU in a thread. That was it! MU – The so called lost continent. I immediately downloaded the PDF of the original MU book from the author’s Great-grandson (Jack Churchward) and posted it in the group and began scanning the pages. My ‘Ah ha’ moment and I quote here from the stonework on MU,  “The roads  are so  precise that not  even  a  blade of grass  can fit between the  stones”.  It had been staring me in the face for years!

I continued discussions with Jan Peter de Jong and made contact with a couple of other researchers along the way, all via Facebook. This is where I met the Independent Researcher, Bob Newton, the MU expert. At last the links were visible. In those days, any mention of MU was immediately discarded or slated, however, I stuck with it. It made sense to me and I saw where it slotted in to my research. Was MU, a childhood “fantasy” or could it be the reiteration of memories passed down through the civilisations? Where  was  MU? Was it an island utopia   somewhere? – where had the original information come from and how had  James Churchward  come across it?

It is amazing what crops up when you least expect it to. I had been living and researching in Turkey at this time. Having recently visited Ani – a ruined medieval Armenian city-site situated in the Turkish province of Kars, near the border with Armenia – to photograph the swastikas and some bird man symbology that I had been told about by a Turkish Archaeologist. I required some reading material on  Ataturk, the blue eyed, president  – not a good idea when you live in Turkey!

All of the reading material dealt with Ataturk’s ‘wonderful’ military career. I came across an old book on which allegedly contained non-military information on Ataturk. This book, however mentioned the Armenian genocide – not a good idea to be in possession of this material, if caught with it. However I bought the book and waited for the delivery. On this occasion, I was in fact called into customs whilst they searched the package – I had also purchased from Amazon a couple of romantic DVDs to throw them off the scent. I acted dumb, batted my eyelashes and spouted some nonsense about how fabulous Ataturk was. They let it through. The book was huge, but I was determined.

Not finding what I was looking for, I was about to give up when a chapter popped up dealing with Ataturk’s so called “scientific” research. He had financed a small archaeological group to travel to Mexico – Astonishingly, Ataturk knew of Churchward and Nivens!! – The MU connection meets the out-of-place- artifacts connection, and dear old Atatuk’s secret passion was the search for MU – unbelievable! (reader please note I have a whole chapter on Ataturk and the possible hidden artefacts in Turkey, my obstructed access to information, the black ops cover up and various other “oddities” I came across in Turkey and in Armenia in my book).

Photo of Anne Tittensor on Easter Island by Carol Engel

Anne Tittensor on Easter Island

Easter Island (Rapa Nui)

That was it, the search for MU was on, and the decision was made to start the search by travelling to Easter Island – could this be MU or at least a small part of it? There are some very odd connections to be made on Easter Island. Most folks travel there to stare and wonder at the Moai (see main picture at the top of this article). I travelled the 36,000 miles to photograph a wall!

Here it was yet again, the connective stonework, the bird man symbolism and a case of targeted  vitrification  underground.

Even today there are some strange associations with Easter Island that makes one wonder what Easter Island  was  in the deep and distant past, and what our “elite” today actually know yet withhold about Easter Island’s past history. A good example of a modern day little known fact about the “island” is its association with  NASA.

Peru & Bolivia (Initial visit)

On continuing discussions on my findings with Jan Peter de Jong, Bob Newton and some other members of the USOKS group I was now part of, I was all of a sudden out-of-the-blue invited to travel to Peru and Bolivia! I packed a bag and left Turkey. Jan Peter had been more than helpful with this trip and I knew now exactly what to photograph, when to photograph it and even what angle shots to focus on. I had obviously seen this style of stonework in many places but the difference in Peru is the actual scale of things. During this initial visit, I spent two intensive weeks travelling through Peru and Bolivia which enabled me to gather together as much information and as many photographs as possible. By this time I had been able to give a label to my global connective stonework thanks to the works of Alfredo and Jesus Gamarra.

Hanan Pacha and Uran Pacha, Peru - Pics by Anne Tittensor

Hanan Pacha and Uran Pacha, Peru – Photos by Anne Tittensor

Turkey and  Göbekli Tepe

During a visit to Egypt, when travelling with John Anthony West, John and I had many discussions on what he called the “smoking gun” in Turkey. Previous to the trip, John had been helping me with an ongoing argument I was having with a Turkish Archaeologist on the findings at Göbekli Tepe, a gentleman by the name of Bey Khan, (later affectionately nicknamed by John as “Trash Can”) – John and Robert Schoch were in discussions planning a trip to Gobekli Tepe in the near future. I was desperate to tag along. This was not to be however and my trip to Gobekli Tepe would not happen for another two years. I had decided not to travel to Gobekli Tepe on my own, if not with John, then it just had to be with Schoch.

Patience paid off. I travelled to Göbekli Tepe with Robert Schoch in 2012. I was obviously searching for connective stonework (now labelled Hanan Pacha and Uran Pacha) which I had found in numerous places in Turkey, but to discover perhaps a link at or near to the Göbekli Tepe site would help to convince others of the antiquity of the stonework that I was seeing globally. I was not disappointed.

Back to Peru

It was decided that the only way to complete the research would be the return to Peru and specifically Cusco. So, after spending three months with Bob Newton in the states, compiling as much evidence and information as possible, Bob and I travelled to Cusco, rented a small apartment within the Gamarra complex and started on site work with the assistance and knowledge of Jesus Gamarra himself. The goal was to gather up the global connective stonework, the global skull anomalies and the global symbolism which we are still working on to this day.

The Skulls

I have made extensive studies into the phenomena of out of place skulls on a global level. The most obvious collection of some of these out of place species can be found all over Peru, Bolivia and Egypt, although another strain of the species can be found in Europe, the most famous collection being that found in Malta (See Appendix 2). More and more of these odd skulls, elongated skulls and downright weird skulls  are now being presented via private collections and private museums. But it should be noted that  every  presentation is that of the skulls only. Where are the bodies?

P. aethiopicus, Paracus & Wayqui

P. aethiopicus, Paracus & Wayqui

I had received information via Zecharia Sitchin that there were in fact two non-boarded (See Appendix 3) intact elongated skull, giant skeletons that were being held in England. Sitchin had in fact communicated with the head of the Museum requesting a DNA sample and/or photographs of the two skeletons. He was refused. When Sitchin passed, I too wrote to them. I was told that they now had no record of the skeletons. The only semi-intact skeleton that I have personally seen (the legs are missing), is that of Wayqui  which can be viewed in a small private museum in the Sacred Valley in Peru. It is labelled as an “alien” being.  Again, misinformation – until a proper DNA sample is tested within the confinements of a sterile, professional and reputable lab. Until then the label “alien” is questionable at the very least. If anything, Wayqui is yet another of the still to be defined ancient ancestors that existed during one of MU’s (Earth’s) previous pre-catastrophe civilisations.

The majority of the out of place skulls, including the elongated ones, have one thing in common – appendage openings or place markers. Appendages that were attached either on the top ridge of the skull or around the cheek bones and jaw. As with the dinosaurs, we have no way of knowing what this species actually looked like – skin colour, texture, and external appendages – are all guess work. Due to the often misleading, sensationalistic and artistic license available nowadays, and indeed in the past, the masses are led to believe that these beings, as with the dinosaurs, looked a certain way. In fact today, artistic license is a prime resource for misinformation and is used to implant suggestions to further careers, tours and conference attendance.

Unless we can acquire a time machine, none of us know with any certainty what these people looked like, just as we cannot comprehend what the dinosaurs actually looked like or how their species behaved – it is all conjecture!  I could quite happily sit here and “design” an elongated skull ‘being’ with scaled skin or “alien” almond shaped eyes – but that would be wrong of me, that would be using my artistic license in order to persuade YOU that my particular theory is correct and “please buy my book which I will be presenting at my next conference”!   – No, I can however provide you with a theory that is a culmination of years of research, but I will not try to persuade anyone as to what these beings looked like by drawing pretty pictures and presenting them on t-shirts, mugs, or by flashing a couple of ridiculous and speculative artistic presentations at a conference.

The  possible  appendages that were sported by these beings brings into play Quantum Physics and the use of geological phenomena still available globally today, but now unrecognised and refuted due to lack of understanding and the usual reductionist research methods of investigation i.e. tunnel vision syndrome.

The Scientific Research

I have been fortunate enough to experience the rise of Quantum Physics, albeit from a mainstream stand point. Ever since I was a child, I knew there was a missing element to my research and ideas. Thankfully, now, this missing piece is in place, still on a simplistic level, but the ‘drip feeding’ is progressing at a faster pace than I expected which is lucky for me as our forced, stunted longevity is still at approximately seventy to eighty years. So not long to go now!

I doubt I will live to see the level of Quantum Physics required to prove and explain what went before and what our ancient ancestors were aware of or how they manipulated and utilised Quantum Physics to their and others advantage. From the “Black Knight” satellite to the “jump rooms”, from the long gone “communication devices/towers” to the switching off of the global “pyramid grid”, that the mainstream try to debunk at every turn, these are just a few of the out of place artefacts and anomalies that we should now be reconsidering in the light of Quantum Physics. I will not go in too deeply into the scientific research at this stage. I have been told, probably quite rightly too, that it puts people off. The full blown scientific analysis will be presented in the book and an associated scientific paper for Quantum Leap and the USOKS Facebook group.

The following is a straight forward, simple explanation as to the probability that our ancient ancestors not only meddled in Quantum Physics but were, during one civilisation, able to manipulate and utilise the knowledge. The most important aspect of the association between the high tech civilisation we see across the globe and beyond, and the probability of linking the research, begins and ends with –  Communication  – It has been said that at one time, each civilisation post-catastrophe, kept safe an elite group of individuals that carried forward information that would explain our “forgotten” past to future civilisations and prepare said future civilisation for what was to come, and the probability of further “known” catastrophes.

Taking into consideration the section of this article that deals with the skulls and the fact that we cannot determine their physical and mental capabilities, along with the fact that we are faced with a global stonework anomaly that a very few can yet explain let alone comprehend, the only way to try and picture or theorise about this lost civilisation is to align the research with Quantum Physics and what we can grasp to date. Catastrophism is two fold – natural and man-made, terrestrial and non-terrestrial. In other words, deliberate and non-deliberate. Two excellent examples of provable deliberate and targeted catastrophes are 1. Irrefutable evidence of ancient atomic warfare (see Appendix 4) and 2. Scattered evidence of targeted sonic and as yet, undefined warfare used in the destruction of global and universal communication devices. (see Appendix 5)

“Once upon an ancient civilisation, we have an entity who was known as the Ra. Imagine, if you will the Pope today. He is deemed the mouth piece of God, a representative of “God” on Earth. This however is symbolic, the Pope DOES NOT chat on a daily basis with a white haired entity sitting on a cloud, at least not in my book, however I investigate this symbolism. (Another article for another time perhaps). The Ra being, along with an initiated team of elite communicators were communicating with their peers on a daily basis. Universal information was announced and dispersed via the Ra, the “mouth piece”.

The communication devices, which can still be seen today, were run by the elite group of communicators, satellites and the use of on the ground energy systems via an organised and connected set of outposts – in other words, they were able to plug themselves in. Using Peru as an example, the outposts can be clearly seen today if you study and analyse each outpost – these “outposts” can also be seen in other parts of the world, but Peru has the most prolific and noticeable examples to date.

The situation and angle of each outpost, the targeted vitrification on the so called “alters” set within each outpost, through detailed examination and analysis provide the onlooker with an obvious insight to part of a machine. There is however, one outpost here in Peru that sports further evidence of this machine and that is Inkill Tambo

Jan Peter de Jong at Inkill Tambo - Photo by Anne Tittensor

Jan Peter de Jong at Inkill Tambo – Photo by Anne Tittensor

The ice cream cones shaped stones on the outside of the outpost seems to be a supportive structure for some sort of coil/coils? As with other global outposts and sites, the problem we face today is that of scale. The lack of comprehension on what we are seeing and faced with is in my opinion, due to the fact that we today are just too small in stature to visualise what is in front of our eyes. To be able to make sense of these outposts globally and especially here in Peru, we have to visualise ourselves at approximately twenty nine feet tall at the very least. As MU (the Earth) has expanded, and as gravity has increased, we have inevitably become smaller.

NOTE: The spine is less compacted  and  astronauts get a bit taller in space. On Earth, the disks between the vertebrae of the spinal column are slightly compressed due to gravity. In space, that compression is no longer present causing the disks to expand. The result: the spine lengthens, and the astronaut is taller. See appendix 6). Here lies our inability to see things for what they really are. Imagine a tap (faucet) top. In our hands, we turn it without thinking – a small everyday item. Now imagine seeing this:

[Excerpt from  the book “Planet MU’s Lost Civilizations”  –  Copyright Anne Tittensor 2014.]

Approx 3ft x 3ft & approx 3 tons

Stone measures around 3′ x 3′ and weighs approx. 3 tons

At our present size, we call this a “ceremonial alter piece”, an “alien cut piece of rock” etc… but, really take a good look and imagine yourself being twenty nine feet tall – it is a tap (faucet) top. Keep imagining yourself at twenty nine feet tall and look again at the cone shaped stones found on the exterior of Inkill Tambo. – do you see it?

Now in contrast to the other outposts, for example, at Kenko, Zone X, Temple of the moon, Tete Kaka,   Inkill Tambo is somewhat hidden, remote and topographically protected. Inkill Tambo is a special and important part of the overall machine – it is the  source  part of the machine that enabled the communication tower (the tower of Babel) at Sacsayhuaman and all of the associated outposts to function. When a targeted catastrophe loomed high above planet MU, the machine was literally blown to pieces and thrown back to earth in massive globs of indefinable stone, thus destroying forever the universal language and the communication capabilities we had with the previous universe. From  Genesis 11.7:

The lord said, “Behold, they are one people, and they all have the same language. And this is what they began to do, and now nothing which they purpose to do will be impossible for them. Come, let  Us  go down and there confuse their language, so that they will not understand one another’s speech” .

Disinformation, Debunking and the Reasons Behind Them

The worst kind of “Independent Researcher” is that person or group of people that have been “sent in”. They are recognisable in that they embed themselves by spouting what I call “the woo woo” – they attach themselves, usually remotely to start with, to people that either want to be or need to be a part of the alternative research world. Usually these attention seeking, low esteem folks are drawn to the illusion that the embedded person or group will help them realise their dreams, will “allow” them to talk at a conference or will promise them the chance to publish their book and so on. As with everything else on this planet today we have in the research world what we call ‘warring factions’. This usually consists of two or more cult status groups trying to underhandedly recruit members, which they then use to infiltrate and steal – information, research, pictures etc. All of this causes confusion and the dissemination of misinformation which is  exactly  what the mainstream are hoping to achieve.

To be honest, dressing up in white diaphanous robes, chanting and clashing symbols, and spouting love and  light will NOT explain the phenomena that is the Great Pyramid, nor will it magically produce ”pure love” at what they call the “sacred sites” – the “sacred sites” that in most cases have been rebuilt or worse, relocated. The woo woo faction are the cause of most of the debunking we see by the mainstream and through rigorous research, one can usually trace back these cult factions to deliberate embedment. This type of behaviour is organised and has been well thought out, and executed down to the finest detail.

Then we have the “rogues”. These are individuals known as the “fans”. These people are extremely easy to manipulate and appear on research threads to instil doubt. It only takes one person on a thread to shout “photoshop” and no matter how extensive the research may be, that one person has now instilled doubt into the minds of others. Simple, straight forward but very affective unfortunately.

The Pot Shard Theory

The Pot Shard Theory – a statement by John Anthony West to the so-called mainstream:

If Dynastic Egypt is, as we claim, indeed a legacy, not a development, where was it hiding all those thousands of years? Good question. But the astronomically oriented megalithic stone circle (and megalithic, pre-weathered non-burial chamber within the Red Pyramid) prove categorically that something far more sophisticated than simple hunter / gatherer activity was going on in those pre-Dynastic days.  So for starters, a major revolution in the standard scenario is in order on that basis alone.

There are many big open questions. But however big, and however open, open questions are not (as our opponents would like to have the poor, misguided, academically uninitiated and probably unwashed reading public believe) arguments in rebuttal.

‘Show me a pot shard’ challenged Mark Lehner ‘Show Me a Pot Shard’ at our debate at the 1992 American Association for the Advancement of Science Convention in Chicago. Well, we don’t have a pot shard, this is true. But we sure do have a pot! It’s called Geology.

‘Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence’, somebody very bright once said.

And, as Alfred North Whitehead put it, ‘it takes just one white crow to prove that all crows aren’t black’. The differential weathering to the enclosure wall of the Sphinx, and our other ‘exhibits’ cited above amount to an (admittedly) untidy flock of glaringly white crows. And in keeping with their corvine nature they squawk a lot. And loud!  ~  John Anthony West”

The Conclusion

The conclusion I have come to on the existence of MU, is as follows. MU was not an island or a group of islands. MU was planet Earth, swimming in the sea we call the Universe in the deep and distant past when  MU (Earth) was smaller,  as Churchward says, “before the mountains rose”. A past that we have forgotten, a past that has been deliberately taken from us, a past that, if proven would destroy all educational, religious and political practises and systems in this, our present civilisation. It is therefore understandable why our past has been hidden from the populous – just imagine if the masses  were faced with the truth that we, the awakened are mistily aware of? Think about it – really think about it. We are not the first technically advanced civilisation to inhabit this planet, in fact our technical and scientific advancements are but a scratch on the surface of what a previous civilisation achieved.

We have survived catastrophe after catastrophe, some natural and some man-made as stated within the research. Darwin had a theory that is still pumped through the education system even to this day, but his “theory” is only tentatively viable for this particular layer in time and does not take into consideration the NOW quantum reality. Here we have a prime example of the expression “everything we have been told is lies” – no matter what advancements this civilisation happens to stumble across, Darwin will still be taught in schools. Why? Because anything else would upset the apple cart and all the anthropologists and their peers would have to go find a job in Tescos. Can you see that happening?

Think about the implications. The proof is out there – The global connective unexplained stonework, the as yet unknown race of people as proven by the skulls, the out of place artefacts and anomalies that are becoming more and more evident today, the fact that pre-ice age pyramids are showing up globally, the fact that we now have an Egyptian tomb waiting to be excavated in Australia! (yes, you read that right).   The researchers that stray from the mainstream will force the information to the surface, all the while fighting through the misinformation machine, the bullshit and the Nay Sayers, it will prevail – hopefully.


Appendix 1 –  The Pot Shard Theory – a statement by John Anthony West

Appendix 2 –  Maltese skulls –

Appendix 3 –  Deliberate boarding of skulls –

Appendix 4 –  Ancient Atomic Warfare –

Appendix 5 –  Crystal data storage –

Appendix 6 –  Low gravtity effects on the body

Appreciation and thanks:

Thanks to the following, for providing references to this article and my  book, in alphabetical order……

Alfredo Gamarra,  Andrew Gough,  Ataturk,  Bey Khan (“Garbage Can”),  Bibliotecapleyades,  Carol Engel,  Cecelia Hall,  Chris Jordan,  David Hatcher Childress,  Emanuel Velikovsky,  Geraint Hughes,  Graham Hancock,  I Fucking Love Science,  Jack Churchward,  James Churchward,  Jan Peter de Jong,  Jenny Winder,  Jesus Gamarra,  Jock Doubleday,  John Anthony West,  Katherine Routledge,  Klaus Dona,  Laird & Risa Scranton,  Martha Kilpatrick,  Michael Cremo,  Nassim Harriman,  Neal Adams,,  Rick Lane & Richard Fairman,  Robert Bauval,  Robert James Newton,  Robert Schoch,  Sohaila Hussein & The Cairo Museum,  Steven and Evan Strong (Australia),  Steven Hurrell,  The Armenian Archaeological Society,  The Bradshaw Foundation,  The Hollow Moon Society,  The Quantum Leap Facebook Group,  The Turkish Postal Service,  USOKS Global Connections Facebook Group  

About the author:

Anne Tittensor

Anne Tittensor is an Independent Researcher. She has travelled the globe searching and finding ancient global connective stonework from Egypt to Easter Island and everywhere in between. With a background in Archaeology and Quantum Physics, Anne researches the possibility that within the different layers of time on this planet and beyond, there have been many ancient civilisations inhabiting planet Earth, including high tech societies that are incomprehensible to us today and will continue to be so until our understanding of Quantum Physics reaches a peak.

You can connect with  Anne via email  or Facebook

Article and original photographs copyright Anne Tittensor.

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