Why Relationships Bite The Dust … Or Not

Why Relationships Bite The Dust … Or Not

By  Carmen Allgood

Contributing  Writer for Wake Up World

Love is a many-splendored thing but the world is still clueless about the energy of love. The proof is in the sheer volume of conflict we hear about every single day. This includes the war that rages on in the mind of the individual who is hoping to keep the conflict a secret from everyone – except themselves, of course.

The most prevalent misconception is that we have to get love from someone else in order to experience the high we are all hoping for.

Recognize this, for it is true: The love that everyone is seeking is their own; we all have it now. This will be forever true as we make our trek through this mixed up shook up world back to our origination point, which is that Big Gigantic Love Wave in the sky.

The Problem

With the current rate of divorce running upward of  25 – 30% in the ‘civilized world’ for first-time marriages, we have to wonder: What up with that noise?

Some religious organizations have put the kibosh on divorce, but that doesn’t keep the flame of love ignited.

Aside from our failure – or refusal – to extend our love to include everyone, there are a couple of reasons for this seeming lack of love in our lives.

First, we are simply not yet advanced enough spiritually to fully recognize that the love we are all seeking is our own and already belongs to us. Secondly, we have learned to fixate on other people and hold that one special person responsible for the way we feel, and put them in charge of “making us happy.”

This sets most people up for dismal failure and all kinds of unhappy situations can rear their ugly heads – from arguing incessantly, to full-blown rage, and murder.

In a complete moment of clarity and total honesty, it is easy to understand why so many personalized love affairs are doomed from the start.

The Blame Game

The biggest issue in the demise of losing that loving feeling revolves around wrapping the relationship in a jealous possession and claiming that “this is my love.” We then fail to extend our love and the love affair automatically collapses on itself.

Our next smooth move is to put conditions on our love with demands such as “if you do ‘this’ you are going to make me happy! If you don’t do ‘this’ I’m going to be unhappy and then I’m going to hold a grievance against you”. Now the blame game has taken over the relationship and all hell breaks loose.

Casting blame and holding grievances leaves no room for joy or happiness and is a ball and chain for both partners. This is not exactly a good atmosphere in which love can grow and flourish and, in fact, makes it impossible.

Using the body as the prisoner and jailor is a death sentence. All of our happiness will only come from sharing the Source of Love with our partner and extending that thought of love to include everyone. This makes the individual extremely happy because it brings them into contact with their own perfect love.

The Rules for Love

In a nutshell there is only one rule for love: Give it all away to make it yours.  This means we literally need to do exactly what love does to understand and experience it in the fullness we all yearn for in our secret, romantic hearts.

The only way that love operates and functions is to extend itself to everyone and everything all of the time (eternity). Most of us cannot even love one person all the time so the problem becomes super obvious in the face of reality.

The vast majority of us will spend our entire life picking and choosing who is worthy of love, which is diametrically opposed to the energy of love.

If we withhold our love from anyone, we have missed the boat and are blindly seeking without for what is clearly within. It also prevents us from experiencing all the happiness and peace that calls to us every day.  At this point scarcity consciousness kicks into overdrive and all kinds of emotional and physical issues arise in our personal experience.

The Simple Solution

The proof that the love we are seeking is our own is easy to see. The happiest moments of our lives are always found in the most loving moments of our lives. Why? Because we just came into contact with our own love.

This is the best news we could ever hope for because it means we don’t have to rely on anyone to make us feel complete or worthy of love.

Take these baby steps to return to perfect love:

  1. Forgive everyone and everything all the time.
  2. Apologize for unloving thoughts so they will dissolve in the mind.
  3. Practice sincere gratitude for everything without judging any situation.
  4. Share love with the world through words, thoughts, and deeds.

Do your part – think with your heart. This is the perfect formula for a deep love affair with ourselves and explains why Love is the Answer.

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