Heroes for the Planet – Arctic Activists Making Slick Progress

10th April 2015

By Jack Adam Weber L.Ac., Dipl. C.H.

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

Believe  me, you’ll want to watch this short video. It brought tears to my eyes and passion to my heart.

These are Greenpeace activists trying to save the Arctic and everything we love. A  few days ago, they intercepted and boarded a Shell oil rig in the Pacific Ocean, and in spite of  legal threats against them, they are refusing to leave.

Does  something talk to you from inside when you watch this?

“It wasn’t until I actually started getting out there, experiencing nature and learning about what’s happening… something inside me told me I needed to take a stand… As more and more people become aware and decide to take a stand… it’s not going to come from the top but from the bottom up,” says New Zealand activist  Johno Smith.

We’ve done it before and we can do it again.

At a time when the Arctic and all its animals are in peril, when we are desperately in need of reducing fossil fuel technology and carbon emissions, when the biosphere is in the midst of what is being called the sixth mass extinction, when the permafrost of the arctic is thawing and in danger of releasing massive amounts of methane and carbon dioxide further warming the planet, we have Shell Oil and Barak Obama agreeing to go drill for risky oil in the Arctic. This is the utter stupidity, the utter greed, the utter psychopathology of corporate-government greed at its best (read: worst).

But Shell Oil will not slip into the Arctic so peacefully. The Greenpeace Esperanza and its crew are shining a light on this travesty. Currently, six passionate and brave Greenpeace activists have boarded the Shell Oil rig bound for Port Angeles, Washington. The activist boarded the vessel about 750 miles northwest of Hawaii in inflatable boats, using mountain climbing gear to get on board.

“We’re here to highlight that in less than 100 days Shell is going to the Arctic to drill for oil. This pristine environment needs protecting for future generations and all life that will call it home,” said  Smith.

Millions of people around the world are against this drilling, not only for all the reasons mentioned above, but because this is a dangerous venture, for which the United States government admits there is a 75% chance for an oil spill — in a region so remote that cleanup would be impossible. Hello polar bears, hello all life in this delicate region. In addition to the “Save the Arctic” banner the activists have draped from the massive 400 foot-tall oil rig, they plan to unfurl another with the names of all the people who have signed on to stop this monstrosity of nonsense of Shell Oil.

Get your name on that petition!!

Shell has yet to receive all the necessary permits despite being granted just recently the green light for this risky drilling. We’ve done it before and we can do it again. Please sign on and share this news  because Shell is now trying to get the activists evicted from its rig!

Read the full story here.  

“I believe that shining a light on what Shell is doing will encourage more people to take a strong stand against them and other companies who are seeking to destroy this planet for profit. I’m just one voice out here, but I know I’m not alone, and millions if not billions of voices demanding the right to safe and healthy lives will have a huge chance of changing things,”  says  Smith.

Big Hearts for Real Action,


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