The Healing Code: Radically Improve Your Health With This Powerful Practice

The Healing Code - Alexander Loyd PhD NDBy Carolanne Wright

Contributing writer for Wake Up World

If you had access to a single tool that would solve all your health issues — including those of the life-threatening sort — would you use it? How about if it was inexpensive and took less than 20 minutes a day?

The Healing Code is a cutting-edge protocol that delivers on the above promise and more. Not to be confused with Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique or other modes of energetic treatment, the Healing Code utilizes a combination of specific statements and energy points on the body to trigger profound healing. Easy to use — yet powerful in effect — The Healing Code is changing the way we approach disease.

The root of illness

Whether we are under psychological or physical pressure, it’s well-known among physicians, researchers, scientists, and those who take health and wellness seriously, that stress is the number one cause of disease. And most of us are under low-grade, chronic strain in one form or another. We can take as many supplements, herbs and miracle potions as we would like, but until we address the true cause of ill health, genuine well-being will always be just out of reach.

This is where the brilliance of the Healing Code comes in — the protocol works directly to eliminate stress on a very deep level. In turn, the body spontaneously aligns and poor health naturally fades away.

Don’t be fooled, the healing code is not some pie in the sky healing modality — it’s backed by solid science, along with numerous testimonials by leading figures in medicine.

Measurable stress relief

Dr. Alex Loyd, the man behind the Healing Code, came across the technique through apparent happenstance while searching for a cure in relation to his wife’s debilitating depression. By a stroke of divine intervention, he followed his intuition and discovered a simple method to rapidly heal any disease. Although he witnessed incredible results with his clients, the scientist within needed solid proof.

Dr. Loyd turned to the Heart Rate Variability (HRV) test, which is considered the gold standard of medical tests for measuring the level of stress in the autonomic nervous system. For a year and a half, Dr. Loyd documented the results of the HRV test and found that the healing code rebalanced an out-of-balance autonomic nervous system within 20 minutes or less (77% of the time). Even more impressive, the body was shown to still be in equilibrium 24 hours later.

“According to available literature going back thirty years, as researched by Dr. Roger Callahan in his recent book “Stopping the Nightmares of Trauma,” the least amount of time it has taken for any therapy to remove this much stress from the body was six weeks,” said Dr. Loyd.

Merrill Ken Galera, MD, Medical Director of The Galera Center and former Lead Physician of Dr. Mercola’s Natural Health Center, has also found the healing code to be an exceptional curative tool:

“I have used almost all of the latest and greatest technologies, treatment protocols, techniques, systems, philosophies and healing modalities in both conventional and alternative medicine, and if I were to choose just one it would be the work of Dr. Alex Loyd. I have found no other process that is as elegantly simple, effortlessly learnable, inherently portable, profoundly effective, and fundamentally timeless. The highest commendation I can give is that I use it for myself, my family and my patients.”

The method

If you’re interested in giving The Healing Code a test run, Dr. Loyd gives a basic overview in “The 6-Minute Antidote to Stress“:

First, choose which health issue you would like to heal. Then, bringing the fingers together into a beak-like point for each hand, position the fingertips over each of the following healing centers for 20 seconds each, cycling between the locations for a total of 6 minutes.

1. Directly over the Adam’s apple.

2. Half an inch above and behind both temples.

3. The spot between the bridge of the nose and the eyebrows.

4. Bottom back corner of the jawbone on both sides of the head.

“Aim all five fingers of both hands at the healing centers listed [above] for the amount of time indicated. The fingers need to be 2 to 3 inches away from the healing center they’re aiming at (as shown on the diagrams).” Repeat each session three times per day.

While this gives you a general idea of the method, it’s best to read The Healing Code for additional information on how to utilize the technique for ultimate benefit.

Moreover, Dr. Loyd highly recommends Music for the Healing Code, “a self-healing system that incorporates the power of music and the healing codes to heal the body and soul”. Music for the Healing Code was created by Elio — a composer whose work has spanned over two decades:

“I have always wanted to use music to make a difference, music with meaning and intention. So, the music isn’t just a powerful tool of relaxation and meditation, but is imbued with intentions of healing and love. Every piece of music is crafted to unlock, evoke and stimulate specific emotions, and promote healing. Additionally, the music calms the body’s neural and nervous system into alpha and delta brainwave states — the ultimate states of consciousness that promote healing.”

Testimonials from around the world describe Elio’s music as divinely inspired, evolutionary, empowering and soul healing.

You can find out more about Music For The Healing Code here or visit Elio’s website to learn more about his work.

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