DVD Giveaway ‘The Greenhouse Of The Future’ Documentary

The Greenhouse Of The Future - DVD Giveaway

11th May 2015

From Wake Up World

Wake Up World is giving away 5 copies of The Greenhouse of the Future: Abundance & Energy Autonomy on DVD!

With drought, economic instability, erratic weather and interruptions in transportation a very real threat, it really doesn’t take much to disrupt our food supply, especially since we rely so heavily on corporate farming and mega supermarkets. Add to this the challenges of population growth and the ecological toll of conventional, large-scale food production, and we have a seriously unsustainable food system in place.

But, as the famous proverb says: “Necessity is the mother of invention.” A team of innovators from Quebec, Canada (Francis Gendron, Christian Desilets and Curt Close) have developed and filmed an eco-friendly and exceptionally cost-effective solution — the greenhouse of the future!

Utilizing recycled materials, the team set out to build a greenhouse that would grow organic produce in any climate, while also providing a space for people to connect with nature, even during the winter months. Their main focus was to create a micro-climate for producing an abundance of food with minimal energy usage and low construction cost. According to Curt Close:

“The greenhouse of the future project… synthesizes many of the best resilient and passive sustainable technologies. It allows anyone to understand and apply them in their own lives, but also encourages people to keep innovating so that together, we can create a climate for change and transform the garbage of the past into the beauty and abundance of the future!”

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For more information about this groundbreaking system, please check out the article The Greenhouse Of The Future: Grow Your Own Food Year-Round With This Revolutionary System or watch the official GOTF documentary trailer here:

Courtesy of www.greenhouseofthefuture.com


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