Activating Your Divine Blueprint Of Awakening

Activating Your Divine Blueprint Of Awakening 3

By  Lisa Young

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Do you ever feel that your Spiritual Awakening has been “paused”, or that you have reached a plateau that has continued for months or even years? If so, the energies and information in this article and audio meditation may assist and support you in organically activating the next layer of expansion in your Awakening journey.

Awakening to Our Divine Self

We emerge from our most extraordinary spiritual experiences, knowing our reality has shifted. Whether through a momentary glimpse of our body dissolving its form into Light, or a powerful meditation in which we feel ourselves as the Planet or the Universe, our perception of Life is altered.

These enlightening experiences are as diverse and unique as we are.

Some of us begin our awakening to our Divine Self through communion with Nature, serving as a powerful doorway to experiencing the Beauty and Oneness of Creation. Others use sacred music and sound frequencies to catalyze deep Heart openings to Universal Love.

But then what?

We can feel we are in a new place, but where do we go next with it? How do we keep deepening and expanding upon these powerful experiences? Often people will have an intense period of time when they may feel that they are on a cosmic ride that continues for days or months, but eventually seems to abate.

Our journey of Awakening is a multi-dimensional, non-linear process that unfolds uniquely for each of us. If we allow it, we are beautifully guided by the Divine every step of the way. The next opportunity for growth and experience organically appears on our path, as our internal life and depth of self knowing grows exponentially.

A Plateau In Our Awakening

Yet, often, at some point, we begin to feel that we have reached a plateau and feel stuck. For a while, this leveling-off is purposeful and allows us time to integrate all that we have experienced. We may then seek out the teacher, book, or meditation practice to understand and deepen into this new, strange, yet exciting place we have landed.

Time passes and we begin to realize that we have less focus on our spiritual and Divine Self. We are back focused in our physical 3D world with which we are most familiar. Yet, this longing still nags somewhere in the background. We have tasted TRUTH, we have danced with LOVE. We have remembered ONENESS. And these experiences live in us.

Whether we stay focused on our Divine Self or not, it is very common to feel that we have plateaued along our higher, evolved path. It is, as if, a subconscious part of us pressed a cosmic PAUSE button, and from there, we cruise along on the same road for awhile. There is nothing wrong with this route, but a part of us knows there are many more highways of our Soul, our Consciousness, and the Universe waiting to be explored.

Fear Of Our Own True Self

While we may consciously think that it would be incredible to live as our full True Self operating in a place of Freedom and Love, outside of the fear-based, dominant paradigm of this planet, it also can create worry and resistance. Opening to our own Magnificence, understanding more of the True Nature of the Universe, and experiencing our intimate connection with Divine Creator/God, can often bring up tremendous fear. When we peel back the layers, it becomes apparent that our biggest fear is of our own True Self, our power and our knowing.

So… we dance on the perimeter and catch little glimpses of our God Self, rarely realizing our Full Self in this human form.

Most of this resistance is, of course, not on a conscious level, rather it is controlled by a running subconscious dialogue comprised of fears and limiting beliefs that profoundly impact us.

Divine Templates Of Awakening

(I highly recommend that you use this video, to energetically assist and support you in moving into this Divine Blueprint in a meditation format.)

We are immensely powerful beings. Through our focus, intention and surrender, we can activate the awareness and remembrance for our next step in Awakening. This process allows for a dissolving of fear and old programming that may have us in a holding pattern. We can also define how we want to experience this next step, such as comfortably, easily, joyfully and in alignment with who we are and our own divine timing.

If you feel guided to activate you own next level of Awakening through this Divine Blueprint of 5 Energetic Templates, you may do so with the guided meditation recording above, or independently with the remainder of this article.

If you choose to do it alone, it is helpful to move into a very quiet, clear, and grounded space. Take a few minutes to breathe, relax and create a Sacred Space. Ask to be connected to Source and only receive energies that are in alignment with your highest good.

(Here is a video to help you create your sacred space.)

Read each Template slowly out loud. Take a deep, long breath after you read it allowing it to sink into your entire Being.

Notice if it flows in comfortably or not. If it feels difficult to bring in and you experience doubt, ask that any fears or limiting beliefs you may hold around this Template be gently dissolved.

Edit the wording of a Template to make it feel aligned for you. Repeat each Template and take deep breaths.

Allow it to unfold in you over time. Come back to the ones that did not feel as easy to integrate a few days or weeks later.

Each Template is encoded with specific energies to assist you in effortlessly moving fully into it and dissolving all that is not Truth in you connecting to its particular information and energies.


My Awakening to my Divine Self allows me to deepen my relationships with those close to me and experience my true connection with all of humanity.

(Take 2 deep breaths, pause and repeat.)

This is a very important first element, as the fear of losing the love and respect of loved ones, family members, and friends in the journey of stepping out of what is seen as “normal” reality, can be very strong. This includes deepening into trust that, rather than isolating you from humanity, becoming more of your Actualized Self allows you to engage in Life in a deeper and more meaningful way.

Through moving into more of your True Self, the smaller, fearful, ego voice begins to quiet. With this ego quieting, you live and interact more from your Essence, and subsequently recognize and reflect others in their Essence. Life becomes richer, multi-layered, and deeply purposeful.


My physical body was designed with tremendous care and attention to be the perfect match for the energies I am bringing in this life and for my Divine Purpose. My physical body comfortably and perfectly houses my Awakening Self and all aligned energies that move through me as part of my work on this planet.

(Take 2 deep breaths, pause and repeat.)

With this new program, we release fear about our body being an inappropriate vehicle for our expanding self and consciousness.

Often the experience of awakening can be dramatically felt by the physical body. Sleep changes, weight changes, energy coursing through the body can cause ringing, vibrating, and even symptoms such as headaches or dizziness. Understanding that these disturbances are the body re-calibrating itself to house higher frequencies, and receive energetic downloads and upgrades, is very key.

The more we open to these experiences from a place of understanding and not fear, we can relax into it. We learn to embrace the process and allow the body extra sleep, nourishment and care, trusting its innate intelligence and the perfection of our Divine Design.


I bring my expanded perception and awareness of life, myself and my consciousness into my every day reality and activities, allowing for greater understanding, clarity, and enjoyment of all that is unfolding around me and in me.

(Take 2 deep breaths, pause and repeat.)

With this template, rather than feeling cut off and unable to cope or find your way in the world which is still “running” on an old program, you move through it with greater ease and trust. You use your more realized self, to “engage” in life in a new way that is not controlled by a limited human emotional program. You allow your knowing, aligned with Source, to guide you.

This also allows you to more fully integrate your intuition and multi-dimensional Self into your every day world, including with your family and work. You tap into more of your full consciousness, which is one with the Universe, and thus has access to immense knowing and possibility.

In time, you “stream” more of your consciousness through you in creating your life, your day, and your work. Everything becomes easier, as you align with the Divine Flow and Grace of the Universe.


My Awakening Divine Self is welcomed and appreciated by those I attract into my life. Who I Am, is a perfect fit and a match at this time on an Awakening Planet. It is the perfect time for me to allow more of my True Self to be seen, heard and known. 

(Take 2 deep breaths, pause and repeat.)

This Template allows a dissolving of any old and ancient fears of being ridiculed, rejected or even harmed for expressing your Divine Self out in the world. Because human beings have lived for millennia with confusion and fear around reflecting their Divinity, most of us carry cellular memory of wariness. It is a New Era in which humanity is waking up at a quantum level. Being seen and heard as our full Divine Self in human form is needed and in alignment now with the larger Divine Plan unfolding on the Earth.

The Time is Now. And the more we believe it and trust it, the more we will see reflections of a New Earth and a New Consciousness all around us. The seeds of it are everywhere when you are looking.

YOU are perfectly on time.


I trust myself completely to express my Source Consciousness (larger Divine Self), with integrity and Love, using my gifts and power for the highest good of All.

(Take 2 deep breaths, pause and repeat.)

We move into total trust that we naturally use our more powerful, awakened Self for the betterment of the World and those around us. This
Template assists us in releasing any self doubt that we may mis-use our gifts in some way if we become our fully embodied, powerful Divine Self.

We fully and lovingly embrace exactly who we are in each moment, trusting our natural thoughts, desires and expression.

To assist in this process, we can set the intention:

“I intend to deepen every day into conscious knowing and experience of my full Divine Self in a comfortable, joyful way that is in perfect timing and alignment with my highest good and the highest good of All”. (Again, edit the wording to make it feel aligned for you.)

And then… Relax, Let go and Enjoy the Ride :).

With Great Love,

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About the author:

Lisa YoungLisa Young is a Visionary and Spiritual Thought Leader focusing on the emergence of a New Reality on our planet. Her private practice as an Energy Medicine & Consciousness Consultant, has allowed her to support individuals in their spiritual evolution and remembrance of their True Self. From these profound experiences, along with her own spiritual awakening, she shares an understanding of the extraordinary cosmic plan unfolding on the Earth:  One person… One new thought… One new possibility… a Whole New Earth.

Lisa’s  writings are varied and address areas in life that are Universal to the human experience. She  addresses patterns and concerns that often arise as we live more consciously and invite more joy and peace into our daily experience. She shares insights, tools and energies that assist in our awakening to the Beauty and Magnificence of Life and our Essential Self.  And she  shares the excitement of having the greatest seat in the Universe  –  alive and awake on Planet Earth, Ground Zero of the Greatest Show in the multi-verse.  All is shared with LOVE.

You can experience more of Lisa’s  writing at You can also  connect with Lisa  through  her  Facebook communities:  Universal Soul Spa  and  Create a New Earth.


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