New Moon in Taurus – Creating Self Reliance

New Moon in Taurus - Self Reliance

18th May 2015

By Simon Vorster

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

With every New Moon and Full Moon alignment that takes place, there is always an important message that reflects to us where we are in our current evolution and exactly how we are evolving and changing at an energetic level.

When I look at the New Moon cycle and the configurations of the planets and the aspects and angels they are making to each other, I am becoming increasingly aware of the magnitude of the events taking place right now. As these planetary alignments are intensifying and huge shifts are taking place in our perception and our vibration, I am compelled to share with you how I am seeing these changes reflected in the skies — although in truth, there are not enough words available to describe what is taking place at this unparalleled point in our evolution…

We are subtly but constantly having internal spiritual earthquakes, bringing us more into alignment with our authentic selves and prompting us to help consciously evolve the planet. Are you feeling it?

Happy birthday Gemini! May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warmly upon your face.

Planetary Alignments Reflecting our Evolution

Jupiter in Leo and Mercury in Gemini Inconjunct Pluto in Capricorn

This alignment between Pluto, Mercury and Jupiter in astrology is called a Yod. This is when three planets are involved; you have two planets (in this case, Jupiter and Mercury) on one side, 60 degree’s apart, making connections to a third planet directly opposite the other two, in this case Pluto, which forms the apex of the yod.

Example of a Yod - Astrology

Example of a Yod in Astrology

The third planet, without getting into too much detail, is in a blind-spot alignment to the other two planets, which essentially causes a unique interaction between the planets. Creating a crisis which then leads to internal reflection and then to a confrontation of limitations inducing evolution, the Yod is about evolving past the limitation through crisis.

But, with this current alignment, there is so much more going on – and in this story, Venus will be playing the ‘bad cop’. As she travels through the constellation Cancer, she Venus be triggering off what is called the midpoint of the Yod. This point is located in between Mercury and Jupiter. A planet at this point activates the intensity of this pattern greatly, catapulting its energy towards the apex of the yod. This is a big deal in relation to our current spiritual evolution. Let me explain…

In order for to us to innovate and change the way we are do things, we have to think outside the box. We must challenge the pre-existing definitions and patterns of psychological conditioning, and enact what we have integrated. This moment, marked by this powerful alignment, is where we begin re-writing our history on both an individual and global level. In essence, this alignment is reflecting the need to diversify and expand our knowledge and gain a new skill set, explore new avenues of creation that you have never felt possible before, and take a leap of faith in a direction never before pioneered.

Find the courage and conviction to chase your dreams, believe in your ideas and bring great things to the planet. The whole world is waiting.

Venus in Cancer Square the North Node (Libra) and South Node (Aries) Opposite Pluto in Capricorn

This alignment is adding to the collective need and feeling of that something needs to change, pushing us toward a new direction and inspiring the feeling to begin rewriting our collective story in new way. This is a grand cardinal alignment. These archetypes are reflecting a new direction (South Node in Aries) from the past that is leading to a new sense of belonging (Venus in Cancer) which is changing the way are forming new relationships to ourselves and others (North Node in Libra). This change is then leading us to redefine ourselves (Pluto in Capricorn) as individuals and as a collective.

This alignment, in the context of this new consciousness that is emerging on Earth, is one through which we bring our power back from external dependencies and into alignment with our natural ways — nurturing our personal needs, each other, and our planet.

Mercury Retrograde ~ 19th of May until 11th of June

Lastly the winged messenger Mercury will be moving into retrograde motion from the 19th of May until the 11th of June.

As its apparent motion changes from direct to retrograde, Mercury will go stationary on the day of the New Moon. As a planet is turning retrograde, it appears (from our perspective) to stop moving through the sky; this is what is called stationary. The way this phenomenon is energetically experienced is like holding a magnifying glass and focusing in on whatever the planet is ‘pointing to’. As Mercury is in its own sign, Gemini, this month’s transit of Sun through Gemini will be a magnified focal point.

The story behind this event is that we must pay attention to the beliefs and personal/global philosophy that we subscribe to. This is an invitation to find a deeper connection to your own personal life philosophy, and indeed the truth behind who you are. Is your life philosophy one that empowers you? Do you truly live by your life philosophies? This alignment is illuminating the path to finding your place in the world.

Make sure to double-check and triple-check important details during this period of time, as our mental facilities may be on a spiritual holiday 🙂

New Moon Message

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us.”

Up until this point in time in our collective evolution, we have depended on outside authorities to parent us. We have handed over the power, authority and the responsibility for ourselves and our world to the government’s and institutions. We may have “chosen our parents” so to speak, by voting, maybe by choosing the institutions we go to, but at the end of the day we have still been asking someone else to tell us what to do. As with children, we have fought amongst ourselves at the unfairness of our needs not being met the way we may wish for. We may have complained to the authorities at how they haven’t managed to meet our needs or even voted for a new government to govern us; to parent us; tell us what to do and how to do it. This has offered us an illusion of safety – a false sense of security. In truth, there is no security in abdicating one’s personal authority.

As we begin to take our power back and assert our personal authority in a world of over-regulation, we are stepping into unknown ground. We are finding the ‘parent’ within and no longer looking for someone else to tell us what to do. Or accepting those who do. As we are making this transition we sometimes find ourselves in a space where we feel lost, alone, or fearful, but this is the experience of growing up; of becoming an adult. We may not always know what to do or how to do it. We don’t always have the answers and it can feel scary at times taking full sovereign responsibility for our lives, but remember — although we might “get it wrong” sometimes we will always learn from the experience.

As we venture into this unknown realm of ‘becoming our own parents’, we look around us and see the way the abundance of the world is so unfairly distributed amongst our brothers and sisters. We notice that the focus of the former authority has not been to see its ‘children’ thrive but to enslave them; that we have been taught that the Earth cannot provide for and nourish us. That we must rely and depend on the authorities and their destructive technologies to do this.

Over recent years we have begun to question our dependencies on ‘the system’, and even take steps to begin disconnecting from it. Now, this New Moon seeds into formation some incredibly powerful astrological alignments that will help bring into our awareness the external dependencies we still have, and ask us to question their necessity and explore real alternatives.

This is a time to take our power back and be conscious of the contracts we make, and have made with others – be it through explicit agreement or silent consent.

The Unity Consciousness

As we become more self-reliant and step into our own authority the next step is to take responsibility for the collective distortions and to become part of the solution. This is a natural progression as we naturally wish to create an outer reality that reflects the inner. Now this is where many find themselves at this point; looking for a way to make a difference. Wishing to change the world but not knowing how. The answer lies in this current New Moon chart. It is to connect with others and work together for a joint goal that makes the world a better place. To find a cause that inspires us enough to want to give and share freely towards this goal. And the key here is inspiration, joy and happiness. We are building a new world from the heart, by the heart, with love.

The first thing to acknowledge when moving into this new direction is that it has never been explored before. This will help us to show more compassion towards ourselves during the process. This is a new direction so give yourself the freedom to try out whatever feels right, explore, expand and be prepared to make mistakes. We have to look at what is available to us, network and collaborate. See a need, fill a need — that is the ‘new economy‘. There is abundance all over, part of this new moon configuration is about looking at how our psychological structures, cause us to believe that there is not enough in the world and the false belief that the planet cannot support our life. That we must fight to survive. This belief is not only suppressing our faith in our abilities and stopping us from following our dreams, it also feeds the need for separation, selfishness and greed. But there is more than enough for everyone.

We are connected. Share your talents, connect with others, and offer your own personal experiences of how you are trying new ways of doing things. It is all about sharing and connecting with others and offering perspectives that offer possible new solutions to situations. There are no experts, only more experiences. This philosophy is demonstrated in the Air Trine of Aquarius/Gemini/Libra. Connectivity, sharing, inclusion and diversity; these are the thought patterns that will make the new direction thrive.

We go about integrating our desire to help, and change the world by aligning our guidance system through the heart. The Jupiter is Leo story is overflowing with energy pushing for creative heart intelligence to be brought forth. Our abundance lies in our honoring the heart as it us the way the soul communicates and manifests. The way we go about this is learning to have our hearts (inner child) guide our directions through ‘’what resonates’’ then to begin parenting – Mother (Cancer)/ Father (Capricorn) – the journey of how to go about creating this. This is our collective lesson and story. By embodying this you will be surprised as to what we are going to achieve.

At this time we are being asked to take responsibility for ourselves and our planet, to identify our individual and collective needs, and to create conscious collaborative connections throughout the global community. Together we can start projects which enable the growth and sustainability of everyone and everything.

So let’s get to work! 


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