New Moon in Aries – Turning Spirit Into Matter

New Moon in Aries - Spirit Into Matter18th April 2015

By Simon Vorster

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

With this month’s New Moon cycle, a total switch in the energetic flow has brought about a different feeling towards how we as a collective have been experiencing the journey of 2015 so far.

The acceleration of our internal journey has been very apparent recently. We can thank the Uranus and Aries energy cycle for that. However as we move deeper into 2015 and enter the retrograde season there will be a progressive switch from a sense of energy acceleration to a process of energy assimilation. The dramatic influx of energy from 16th March through to 8th of April brought great change in the aether realms.

Now our real work begins! In order to see the effects of the shifts and acceleration that has occurred in the field, we need to anchor and ground it in the physical plane. This is where the real mastery beings. You want to see the change in the world? Create it! Let’s get to work then…

Planetary Alignments Reflecting Our Evolution

Neptune in Pisces and Mars & Mercury in Taurus inconjunct the North Node in Libra.

This planetary alignment is reflecting to us the need to align our values and needs with what inspires us into action. As we work to manifest our balanced and heart-centered state of awareness into the physical, this aspect is truly important in terms of how our collective evolution on the planet will play out.

In the past 3 years a radical change in our values has led us to seeing our humanity more clearly. It has become so clear what distortions reside in our outer world and how much more nurturing is going to be needed in order to see humanity through this transition.

Now this current alignment is prompting us to become more and more integrated into the healing and restoration process of the planet. We are being asked to align our thoughts, ideas, plans and actions with the energy of unity consciousness. This is a tough aspect of our existence, but our survival (Taurus) in this timeframe demands it. This is not the time to be a passenger. Sharing inclusion balance harmony equality fairness peace and love! Bring them to every moment.

Saturn in Sagittarius Opposite Venus in Gemini, both Square Neptune in Pisces 

This planetary alignment is pointing out for us two things; we are being asked through the cycle of Saturn to reflect on our philosophy and notice how it is causing situations in our lives that are still outdated or do not support our expression of unity consciousness. This cycle simultaneously is showing us how our definitions and perspective are being unified and integrated.

We are re-shaping our truth into a state more aligned with natural laws — the truth inherent in nature. We are also being asked to listen more intuitively in our relationship with our natural environment. This is a time in which that intuitive voice should be given a lot of nurturing. As this opposition to Venus (Gemini) takes place, consciously embrace the diversity of perspectives you encounter. By honoring each other’s truth and personal journey, this opposition will enable us to see the unity and totality of creation (Pisces) through a multitude of lenses (Gemini). This way, to help ourselves, we need to connect and help others. This process unifies us.

Pluto (Capricorn) Inconjunct Jupiter (Leo)

Because Pluto has recently gone retrograde – an inverted energy expression – Pluto’s connection to Jupiter, which recently went direct after its own retrograde cycle, presents us with a dynamic new opportunity; one of out with the old and in with the new.

A new direction is available to us all. A new creative expression of our divine spark is wanting and need to be expressed. Pluto has given way for us to play in the heart without demanding too much duty and slowness. This is the time to start trailblazing your highest joy into the practical earthly realms of existence. No more sitting around and postulating, thinking, sharing ideas – the time to act is now. The dream is very real you know what you need to do.

New Moon Message

With such a heavy dose of fiery and expansive energy charging us up at the start of the 2015 year, the challenge now is to begin integrating this new wisdom and excitement into the physical world. Now the true mastery begins. We have stepped through the gateways of the blood moons and Solar and Lunar Eclipses. Those patterns are with us. Now we need to assimilate these new frequencies through the heart. Spirit into Matter!

This energy shift that we experienced will inevitably lead us along a new path. This path may not actually be supported by others. This is not to say it is the wrong path. It is your path. The training wheels have come off and it’s time to do it ourselves. The best way to learn is through direct experience. Only you know what that next step is.

So as we move further along the 2015 timeline our mission is to ground as much knowledge and personal truth that we have gained in the last years. It is important to realize that the value is in the effort. This is a learning and practicing phase. The more you can integrate your intuitive knowing – your higher self – into the physical realm, the more transformation you are going to see.

Finally, one last dimension to this alignment that I wish to highlight is the focus it will bring to belief systems built around the distortion of the external “savior”. This energetic alignment is simultaneously bringing to focus our distortions and the need for conscious heart-centered action. In contrast, the notion of an “external savior” causes incredible disempowerment, by instilling a sense of reliance on outside intervention for anything to truly change in our world.

I believe this is a very dangerous thread of knowledge. The true savior of humanity, and the Earth, is you, driven by the inner authority and the knowledge of your sovereignty as a manifestation of source/life. The purpose of this Earth experience is to live in balance and integration the forces of nature, and it is up to each of us to move, not wait to be led, in that direction.

It can be so easy to be led astray with information that, although it may feel good, creates disempowerment. Be sure to energetically feel if what you are reading and saying and doing and being serves you and Earth’s best interests. We are own saviors, here to reconnect to unity consciousness and bring back the natural balance between humanity and the planet we call home. No external deity can do this for us. The power exists within us, not without.


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