Astrology Update – Spiritual Reflection and The Final Mastery

Spiritual Graduation – Deep Reflection and Final Mastery

28th May 2015

By Simon Vorster and Jennifer Langstone

Contributing Writers for Wake Up World

Feeling overwhelmed, confused, stressed, hesitant? How is your physical health?

As we move along this 2015 timeline, we are progressing through an interesting configuration of energetic patterns that are really shifting and shaping our evolution. We are experiencing some very contradictory energies, and this is causing chaos and confusion to arise. The influx of “GO!” energy we felt at the start of this year filled us with an incredible sense of excitement, motivation, and feeling of possibility. While that energetic surge is still being felt, this recent shift in energy has caused an internal feeling of confusion.

On the one hand we are feeling big bursts of enthusiasm while on the other, it seems like everything is mundane and difficult; and this feeling of conflict is manifesting in both our physical and energetic bodies.

Planetary Alignments Reflecting Our Evolution

The feelings of pure excitement we are feeling are reflected by the Jupiter Trine Uranus alignment. Both of these planets are in fire signs, and this trine is stimulating the feeling of personal purpose and destiny, and urging us to step into our new life — to be the change. Now Saturn and Pluto are currently both retrograde (as is Mercury) and these two are the culprits which are reflecting the heavy, tiring experience for us.

To add context and background to this current energy pattern these two planets have been working hand in hand in reflecting how our collective evolution has been unfolding over the last 2 ½ years. With Saturn in Scorpio and Pluto in Capricorn, these two planets are in what is called a mutual reception; both planets and signs co-rule each other.

During these past 2 ½ years, the Saturn and Pluto alignments have been bringing up all distortions, karmic blocks and issues that existed internally within us, both on individual and collective levels. What we are going through right now is what we like to describe as the mutation of consciousness. We are dealing with the final stages of this 2 ½ year cycle. We are assimilating into our physical reality the change we have undergone — all the lessons, the clearing and cleansing, the re-balancing and re-focusing, the light work and shadow work we have been experiencing since 2012.

This is now a time of self-mastery — we are being challenged to anchor into our daily reality the evolutionary reflection of our recent internal transformation so that there can be a visible reflection of all that we have worked so hard to achieve in our ‘invisible’ world. All the learning and preparation we have undertaken on a personal level now needs to be tested, integrated, manifested and mastered.

This is the time where answers will not be found outside of us, rather we have to rely on your own personal intuition to navigate this phase. The training wheels have come off. It’s all about putting your inner growth into practice, come what may. The immediate reward for this may appear to be more challenge, but through this process our true reward is ultimately a life of true authenticity, continued growth, and a deeper connection to our own spiritual truth ~ being the change.

A great thing to remind yourself of during this time is to reflect on the progress you have already made. So much has happened for us internally in these past couple of years and networks of ‘awake’ people are forming fast; soon we will be able to see the reflection of our hard work.

Preparing For ‘The New’

The best way we can move through this transition period is with great sensitivity to how we are feeling. We are manifesting ‘the new’ — and it’s no small task ahead! For many, it may guide us to a total lifestyle change. Meet the challenge of this next phase with excitement and courage, and trust your truest impulses — even if they guide you to foreign territory. Approach your new direction with a sense of journey and exploration rather than fear and anxiety. We’re in largely uncharted waters. Let go of the thoughts of getting it ‘right’ or ‘wrong’. How are you feeling? 

This new area we are stepping into is about heart-resonance. It is about being who and what you are, doing what you feel called to do, and allowing yourself to act on what your heart wants and knows. When we clear our own path and allow our heart to lead the way, there is no right and wrong.

A Generational Perspective

In the following sections we will given a brief outline of how each generation (as marked by the placement of Pluto) has been directly affected by certain planetary alignments and configurations. We offer this insight with an understanding that, whatever energetic changes and upheavals have taken place in your life over the last 2 ½ years, they reflect the change and upheaval experienced by the human collective. At this moment, a new direction is available for us ~ and for humanity.

We are the change! And change is afoot.

Pluto in Leo Generation (1939-1957)

With such an incredible amount of life experience, the most recent transits from the cosmos have not revealed anything new to the Pluto in Leo Generation.

The most exciting transit taking place right now for this generation is the movement of Jupiter over your Pluto placement. A huge boost in soul awareness is being brought to you, and new soul direction is being offered. However on the deepest level, this alignment is more about becoming truly aware and setting in motion powerful soul awakenings and realizations, in particular those that bring back memories of your journey. At this time, a sense of nostalgia is bringing about a fresh new deep, soulful connection to ourselves and our life’s journey.

New feelings of soul empowerment and great wisdom is available for you to share. The world needs your flame and knowledge!

Pluto in Virgo Generation (1957 – 1972) 

A very special situation has arisen for the Pluto in Virgo generation over the last 2 ½ years, and a very empowering and fresh direction is emerging for you. For the Pluto in Virgo souls, there is so much to say right now. You have been going through incredible transformations since 2008, and this shift and awakening is linked with your own personal story.

A significant astrological alignment took place between 1964 and 1966, with Pluto and Uranus being the two planets involved. These planets set in motion the fracturing and liberation of all outdated perceptions of reality. This alignment has caused a fair bit of disorientation in the lives of those born in the Pluto in Virgo generation, especially in terms of your own personal identity. A new evolutionary journey began for you, which continues today. Now it is time to spread your wings and explore further ~ this time is about finding the new you.

You see, in September 2012, Uranus and Pluto moved into a first quarter square. This alignment brought through the awareness of the fracturing and liberation of perceptions that the Pluto/Uranus alignment signified when both planets conjuncted in Virgo in 1966. That evolutionary cycle was seeded into the collective consciousness and we are now reaching the first point of maturation, where you are being invited to finally begin embodying that evolutionary imprint you seeded. The Pluto in Virgo generation is at the forefront of this change, as you are the ones that carry with you that evolutionary energetic signature. Now is the time to take your newly gained sense of freedom and create your dreams.

With Neptune also being in Scorpion in your natal chart, you have had to deal with loss and sacrifice as part of this evolution of consciousness. This has created a need for the Pluto in Virgo generation to dive deep into your own psyche and find a powerful connection to Source; to find a way to return to a state of love, and to heal the many internal distortions and of feelings of lack and imperfection you have experienced during the germination of the seed. For this reason, your gift is to bring spiritual alignment into humanity’s awareness, reflecting to humanity the truth about who and what we truly are (and are not).

Pluto in Libra Generation (1972 – 1984)

A very significant period of life is taking place for many Pluto in Libra souls right now. It has not been an easy journey for many of late, with the current transit of Pluto in Capricorn which has begun to form a Square angle to the placement of Pluto in your natal chart. This is a big deal in terms of evolution. On a very deep level big changes have been taking place in which your soul desires have been slowing shifting and forcing a new direction to emerge. This process for some has already started to mature, and many are at a point where you are already looking to take the ‘leap of faith’ and fully commit to your heart’s new direction. For some, this transit will be in its very early stages (depending on the placement of Pluto in your natal chart) and won’t be felt for at least 4 years.

Another really notable aspect for the Pluto in Libra generation which has been creating a feeling that there is a big life changing direction happening, is the current transit of the North Node of the Moon. This has been moving over the placement of Pluto in your natal chart, and because it is the Nodal Axis of the Moon, there are strong karmic stories linked with this transit.

Since April 2014 and until December 2015, this Karmic node will help to bring your soul direction into actualization. (Simon: I personally began my authentic path when the North node hit my Pluto in April 2014.) The best suggestion we can offer you in regard to this transit is to know that the main evolutionary impulse of Pluto in Libra is to work through all feelings, personal attachments and co-dependency. Your evolutionary intention is to actualize yourself through following and manifesting your feeling of purpose. Right now, you are being asked to truly take charge of your life.

Pluto in Scorpio Generation (1984 – 1995)

These last 3 years have brought you some very intense life choices. The planet Saturn has been moving through and over the placement of Pluto in your natal chart, causing you to experience a huge life altering set of circumstances. At a deep soul level, Pluto reflects all of our unconsciousness security patterns and attachments that (falsely) make us feel empowered. With Saturn moving through this space, these outdated attachments – and we refer to them as outdated because they don’t support spiritual growth – will have been brought up for review and big life changes had to be made.

On the other side of this story, you have also had Pluto move through the positions of Uranus and Neptune in your natal chart. This has caused a repeated theme in your life of having to find a place in the world you don’t understand, and have already outgrown. You strive to find direction, value and purpose in your life. Many people in the outer world may not be ready for your vibration or perspective, and it can make you feel so very out of place. You see the madness of the world but are not of the madness. As a result, you may have noticed that throughout the last 3 years, lessons of developing total self-reliance and self-sustainability were key to your journey.

In the context of your life, there is much work to be done, by you and the generations that precede you. My suggestion is to try to assimilate as much knowledge and try to gain new opportunities when you can. Your unique perspective and the many experiences it will lead you to will help you to foster your sense of self-worth and bring into your awareness how and where your strengths can be used.

As you foster that sense of worth and self empowerment, dealing with ‘authorities’ can also be a challenge. In this case, take the opportunity to confront your own inner father figure and redefine your sense of spiritual sovereignty.


We sincerity hope this has brought you some clarity. The evolution of humanity’s collective consciousness is at a critical point. Each of us holds the key to the ongoing transformation of this planet. By honouring our own internal journey and then bringing our purest essence into the physical world – through authentic, creative, determined action – we can achieve our dream of a free and sovereign humanity.

Simon & Jenn

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