How I Got Healthy and Free of Cancer – WITHOUT Big Pharma!

How I Got Healthy and Free Of Cancer - WITHOUT Big Pharma!

By Dr. Susan Walker

Guest writer for Wake Up World

Dr. Susan Walker reveals how she naturally healed herself from stage-4 lung cancer, without conventional medical or pharmaceutical interventions.

When I was working on my doctorate between 2000-2008 in North Carolina, my plate was full. I was a single mom, grant evaluator/analyst for school initiatives that required accountability documentation, and advocate for my autistic son, who suffered from Asperger’s Syndrome. He was violent and more than a handful, so at the time, my stress levels were off the chart. I lived in a large country rock home built on the side of a mountain. The house was moldy and damp smelling, but the view out the bay windows was priceless.

Soon after working on my doctorate my Aunt Gladys got sick from a dangerous bacterial infection she contracted after an abdominal operation. Another of my aunts, Aunt Fran, was taking care of her, going back and forth daily between Destin where she lived, and Pensacola, Florida where my Aunt Gladys was hospitalized.

I would drive down there to help Aunt Fran out between my school exams and work. During these visits I noticed my Aunt Fran constantly coughing like she had a cold or allergy issues. My last visit to see my Aunt Gladys, I told my Aunt Fran to get that cough checked out; she told me she had been on antibiotics but they didn’t seem to be clearing up the cough.

Several weeks later, around Christmas, I got a phone call to come down immediately — a sad visit, as my Aunt Gladys died, and my Aunt Fran was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. I remember crying my eyes out over the news. Every chance I got I would drive down to Florida from North Carolina to see her. I held her hand as she was dying. I laid hands on her to ‘sense’ how bad it was, and I could see with my ‘spiritual eyes’ the blackness closing in fast, very little light left, so I knew she wouldn’t have much time left to live, and it was not quality time.

She would be so sick coming out of chemo and her pain level was severe, by this time the cancer was everywhere. She would vomit after chemo for hours and just suffer terribly. I couldn’t stand to watch her die. One morning, when I heard her call for me early around 5am, she had soiled her clothes, so I managed to change her bedding and clean her up and put a fresh pair of pajamas on her. As I was changing her she told me she’s seen 3 angels standing at the foot of her bed. I knew instinctively that she had 3 days left on this earth.

I often slept on the floor by her bed holding her hand. The doctors prescribed her OxyContin for the pain, which gave her severe hallucinations, whereby she would see men in black trench coats in her room, and she would feel afraid.

My Diagnosis of Stage 4 Lung Cancer

I soon noticed I had the same sort of cough my Aunt Fran had. I first noticed it around 2003; the cough was a tickling feeling in my throat and would get worse when I laid down, but I thought mine was due to the moldy house and allergies. In 2005 when my Aunt Fran died, my 0wn cough was getting worse; so I made an appoint at my school infirmary and had myself checked out. First with chest x-rays, then blood work that noted the cancer signature. I had a full work-up done and the news was not good. I too had stage 4-lung cancer and had about 3 months to live!

I was devastated; I saw what my Aunt had gone through with no positive outcome, I had seen how terribly sick she had been after each toxic and unsuccessful chemo treatment. So my thoughts were:

Either I take the same mainstream medicine given to my Aunt, and like her, endure three months of living hell before dying a horrible death – or – simply do nothing and die in the end – or – seek alternative advice and medicine that might help me overcome this cancer, and hopefully save my life.

It didn’t take me long to decide I was not going to put myself through what my Aunt went through, and I wanted to live, so I chose the latter option.

I began reading lots of books on cancer and came across a book by Dr. Lorraine Day [1] who had a large cancerous tumor on her breast that she said she’d cured with a special diet loaded in carrots; however, I did not follow her carrot diet as carrots are loaded with sugar, and as I found out, sugar promotes the growth of cancer. I got a glimmer of hope though that certain foods could diminish cancer.

I did research into acupuncture and herbalism, and in Destin, Florida, I began attending the Tortoise Clinic. The Chinese doctor who saw me said I was very sick and put me on a special diet comprising of certain varieties of cabbage, shiitake mushrooms, sesame and pumpkin seeds, tofu, bean sprouts, and other green leafy vegetables along with eggplant and zucchini/squash.

I had to eat and drink everything at room temperature. I was also instructed that I could not eat any processed foods, or dairy, eggs, or meat other than chicken livers. No peanut butter or alcoholic beverages, and the food had to be lightly sauteed or bake/broiled. I could not eat anything deep-fried or use sugar and salt/pepper. I had to limit the cooking oil to no more than 2 tablespoons a day. I was further directed not to eat anything fermented or fried, or microwaved.

Every time I went for treatment, I was given a bag full of herbs that looked like someone had taken a shovel, dug up some earth, and put it in that bag. This ‘brew’ he gave me had little sticks in it, some sort of white powder, unusual looking pieces of some sort of bark, and dried mushrooms. I was not told what the items were in the bag, but I watched as certain jars were pulled off a long shelf, opened and certain amounts from of each of the jars were put into that bag.

I had to boil the bagged stuff into a tea using a non-metal pot, and drink 8 cups of this stuff a day. It was horrible tasting and boiling it up made the house stink. To drink it down, I had to rub an orange over my tongue to try and kill the taste. What is interesting though about the Chinese approach to treating sickness; is that they don’t treat the disease; they treat the organs that are failing, based on the 2 pulse sites on the wrist and the color of your tongue.

While in Florida I used the Tortoise Clinic, but in North Carolina I had to continue being treated and the drive between Florida and North Carolina was taking a toll on me. So I looked for a similar place in North Carolina to continue treatments. I found Rob Robinson’s clinic of Acupuncture and Herbology in Boone, North Carolina. He used the same treatment practices and herbs as the Tortoise Clinic, but Rob Robinson used tea ball herbs that came in bottles, and inserted acupuncture needles on both front and back parts of my body instead of just the front.

Yay, no more brewing! I had to swallow the tea balls with luke-warm water – about 6 different tea ball concoctions per day, 8 from each bottle 3-4 times a day. Rob Robinson took over my treatment, and twice a week I would see him for acupuncture, herbology, and oxybustion. He changed the herbs to different herbs as my body began slowly responding. By this time I had been seeing him for about 5 months and it was nearing the end of 2005.

But in 2006 I had lost a lot of weight weight. I went from 135 pounds down to under 100 pounds, and I was looking anorexic, coughing more than before, and worse, by this time my cough had blood in it. I was told to limit my stress and sit in the sun for at least 20 minutes a day and relax as often as I could.  As bad as things were looking and I was feeling, one sign of hope was that my my pulse was changing for the better, and my breath odor wasn’t quite as putrid smelling. I was encouraged by both Rob Robinson and the Tortoise Clinic that I was improving; although it didn’t feel like it!

I was feeling very unwell, and I figured I was getting close to the end. I looked around and I would cry. My oldest daughter, Cathy had to take time off work/school in Georgia and come down and help me. I was too weak and tired to drive. The Chinese doctor from Florida insisted that I give up work all together to reduce the stress I was under, so I moved back to Florida and worked on my dissertation and grant evaluation from my Florida home. I would hire people to drive me up to North Carolina so I could continue my research and work on my dissertation and receive treatments from Rob Robinson in Boone [7] while there.

The Tortoise Clinic [4] had me practicing Chi Gong, I had to lie in the sun for 20 minutes everyday with very little on, and I also went to message therapy for stress reduction at least once a week. I took frequent short walks on the beach. The diet I was put on by the Tortoise Clinic was very specific; and there was much I was unable to have, but I followed it to the letter.  Nothing white, nothing out of a box, no meat (except chicken livers), no salt or pepper, no caffeine, no dairy, no peanut butter, nothing with preservatives in it. Along with the Napa cabbage, Bok Choy, shiitake mushrooms, tofu, bean sprouts, sesame seeds I was instructed to eat, I could also eat all the Fuji apples I wanted!

I was reading up on the type of diet the Chinese doctor had put me on, and I came across an article by Dr. Francisco Contreras [2] who explained that “simple but excessive carbohydrates, fats, and proteins feed cancer.”

In the 1930s, Nobel Prize laureate Dr. Otto Warburg [3] showed that malignant cells get energy from fats and proteins. He concluded that a diet of complex carbohydrates from plants showed a positive effect in cancer patients. He further contends that most doctors think that diet doesn’t play any role in the treatment or cause of cancer, but it most certainly does. As more research has emerged, this became clear.

Now, there is a mind component to address in the eradication of cancer. I didn’t fully wrap my mind around the cancer per say, because I had a “let’s watch and see attitude.” But as time passed beyond three months and I was still alive, I began paying more attention to deep breathing, which is what the Chi Gong was helping with, along with moving my energy. Deep breathing is important, but I didn’t understand why at the time. Later, I found out that oxygen destroys cancer cells [5], so I not only continued with Chi Gong, [6] but also began meditating, visualizing the oxygen I breathed in going into my lungs and then flowing through my bloodstream cleansing every cell.

I began attempting to gain some weight back. I added more greens to my diet, such as kale, okra, and spinach. I ate brown rice with only one or two meals and I ate only when I was hungry, so there was no set schedule I followed with regards to when to eat or how much to eat.

I sautéed most of my vegetables by using a little peanut oil and water and added some special soy sauce for flavoring (everything was slightly under cooked). I stirred in the bean sprouts at the end of cooking; then I would sprinkle the food with organic turmeric, coriander, and curry. Everything I ate was fresh, nothing frozen or out of a can. I substituted raw honey for sugar and used the honey sparingly. I drank either green tea or distilled water with a lemon or orange wedge in it, and I began eating kiwis, blueberries, black berries, and avocado daily. By then I had more energy and was able walk longer and further. I had not been feeling weak and tired on this more extended diet, and my coughing had almost stopped.

Eighteen months later, tests no longer detected cancer!

In 2008 I finished my doctorate, alive and well. I still continue eating a modified type of this diet to this day. I do consume sugar now, but it has to be organic raw cane granules and no more than a total of 2 tablespoons of sugar from any source per day.

I don’t eat GMO anything. When shopping, I read the ingredients in food. When I see an ingredient I don’t understand, I take my cell phone out and Google it to see if it is toxic or safe.

I don’t eat anything with monosodium glutamate (MSG) in it – an ingredient found in most processed foods under a number of unrecognizable names, or simply listed under disguised wordings such as, “natural flavorings.”

I am still cancer free!

I’ve since retired from grant evaluations, but continue to research issues relating to health and wellness as well as issues that cause harm to our food and water supply.

I did want to mention that I used to take probiotics, but discontinued taking all vitamin supplements once I was diagnosed with cancer. The Chinese doctor didn’t feel it a need for me to take additional medicine such as vitamins — he felt that the herbs he gave me were sufficient. I am glad I followed this advice, because in later research I completed, I found that some vitamin supplements are contaminated with arsenic and other toxic ingredients. I discontinued the capsule form of probiotics, because my digestive health had improved and I felt the enzymes and amino acids I was getting from the food I was eating would be sufficient for me.

I also discontinued any and all alcohol use, not even a glass of wine. My water is distilled by steam and I limit my exposure to toxins found in every day products. I walk daily and meditate on breathing. I sit in nature as much as possible.

I wake up every day thankful to be here for the new day.

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Dr. Susan M. Walker, is an educator, researcher, analyst, instructor, and single-mother. She have spent many years standing up for what is right. Dr. Walker holds four degrees, BSc, MA, SpEd, and ED.D., and has written and researched independently for over 14 years. Her primary focus is on the purity of water, healthy foods, vitamins and minerals, disease, pesticides/herbicides, genetically modified organisms, and educating those interested in saving this Earth by re-educating our children in a way that enables them to be guardians of our planet, and not its destroyers.

You can contact Dr. Walker by email at: [email protected]

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