The Alternative News Project

The Alternative News Project

27th August 2015

By Lucy Morales

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

“We live in an era where the rulers fight to control what you believe.. where independent thought is now a radical act in itself.”  ~ Duncan Roads

In this day and age, the disconnect between mainstream media’s “reality” and what is actually going on is so vast that most people in our society are not hearing the full story about anything — from news and politics, to health and science, to our environmental, universal and spiritual realities.

In politics, we see governments and media organisations complicit in fabricating events and broadcasting them as “news”, steering public opinion to supporting profitable wars and tighter governmental controls.

In what is needlessly called “alternative” health, we see the financial might of multinational drug companies steering government health policies — and impeding on our personal sovereignty — by way of forced vaccinations, limited freedoms to choose our treatment of serious disease, and taking away our right to know what goes into our foods.

In explorations of “fringe” sciences, such as the Expanding Earth theory or the Electric Universe theory, we see mainstream “science” ignore, suppress and ridicule unexplained anomalies relating to commonly accepted theories of energy, gravity, electricity and biology.

And, in discussion of consciousness and the “paranormal”, mainstream media reports distorted versions of events, mis-reports factual data, or does not report it at all, and of course, ridicules genuine and scientifically verifiable experiences of “unexplained” phenomena and denigrates the important role of consciousness in determining how we experience life.

The reality, however, is vastly different from the false “reality” we see in mainstream media. More and more people are waking up to the idea that we are immortal beings of spirit having a human experience, we are seeking out ways to live in harmony with each other, and with our ecosystem. The majority of people on this planet want to live in peace and in harmony with nature, not at war with each other and in conflict with our planet. However this will is, again, ignored and obstructed and ridiculed by governments and mainstream media. Instead, they act, in collaboration with the military-intelligence-industrial complex, on behalf of an elite few who profit from manufactured conflict and environmental degradation.

As a result, we live in an era where the State presumes to take control of our lives, without truly representing the will of the people. It is an era of controlled-paradigm debate, in which we are asked to choose between left- or right-wing political positions, neither of which encompass a broad world view and, as history has revealed, both of which serve the same ends. This is an era where more and more people are stepping up to blow the whistle on illegal and suppressed information, in the interests of the public and, despite the assurances of protection to whistleblowers from world leaders, we actually see the opposite — the suppression and persecution of such people, who are treated as terrorists instead of patriots. The exploration of what is not currently known by science is treated as pseudoscience, when in reality, such exploration is how we further our scientific understanding of our universe. Our embedded infrastructures (such as toxic energy and agricultural systems) are dramatically and negatively affecting our entire ecosystem, while the limited mainstream media continues to focus only CO2 emissions, ignoring the many other (commercially profitable) practices that cause death, disease and destruction of our world’s natural systems and the life with which we co-exist.

Clearly, if we value the future of our society and our planet – and the truth – we can no longer treat mainstream media as a reliable source of information.

Enter the Alternative News Project

The Alternative News Project (ANP) gathers and centralizes into one massive news-feed ALL the alternative and independent news from every genre and sub-culture around the world. Created by Duncan Roads of Nexus Magazine, the Alternative News Project is not a vehicle to fight the current mainstream-manufactured reality, but instead provides a vehicle for like-minded, independent thinkers to help create something new. Something better.

The Alternative News Project - screenshot

The ANP is the world’s first real alternative news agency; a project by the people, for the people. Providing a centralized platform for alternative news outlets, ANP allows users from around the world (including you) to both send alternative news and information, and see more of what is going on in your world than ever before. It draws upon a growing network of experienced researchers, writers, publishers and organisations from around the world — including Wake Up World — bringing together news and information sources including magazines, news sites, forums, whistleblowers, private intelligence networks, social media, and press releases.

Covering local, regional and national issues, content includes food and natural health, ecology and environment, paranormal and the unexplained, the sciences (including alternative energy, antigravity, cold fusion etc), activism, consciousness and the mind, ancient mysteries, and much more. No sport. No fashion. No celebrity gossip. No satire. The ANP has no political or religious affiliations or leanings, just news and information from sources that are unbiased by corporate money and controlled political agendas.

The personalized ANP interactive news-feed allows you to select from hundreds of topics and categories, and can be viewed on PCs and laptops as well as streamed to smartphone and tablets (Apple and Android) via free apps.

To learn more about the ANP, and be part of the adventure, visit

Please note: The Alternative News Project (ANP) is owned and managed by AOTA Foundation Ltd, a non-profit company registered in Australia. The ANP and AOTA Foundation Ltd, are not connected or affiliated with any political party or ideology, nor with any religious or spiritual group or organisation.

About Lucy Morales:

Based in Sydney Australia, Lucy Morales is a writer, speaker and activist with an keen interest in exploring humanity’s social, environmental and spiritual realities. With a ‘past-life’ in the corporate world behind her, she now dedicates her time to exploring the nature of our ailing societies and raising awareness of important trends, issues and solutions.

Connect with Lucy online at


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