Armchair Critics, Lazy Cynics and Controlled Apathy

Armchair Critics, Lazy Cynics and Controlled Apathy

10th November 2015

By Zen Gardner

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

There is a very interesting discussion going on about my recent post on, entitled Vladimir Putin – Agent of the Awakening? Apparently this article is going viral around the net, and I think for good reason. Some important dynamics are coming to light that need identifying and people are resonating.

Even the prevailing attitude in the alternative media is awash with conflicting messages. While the predominance of information available to the discretionary viewer is positive regarding these recent events and power swings, there’s a growing underlying current of cynical skepticism that is surreptitiously undermining the sense of commitment needed to confront what is going on.

It’s subtle, and has clear characteristics, yet the awake are on to it. And when it comes to social engineering? Think “controlled apathy” via the creeping paralysis of cynicism and things might start to “twig”, as they say in the UK. So, whatever your thoughts on Putin, it’s time people woke up to these influences…

Reactions and Re-reactions

Let’s get right into these responses.

Randall insightfully wrote regarding the overall message:

Putin doesn’t come wearing glitter and glamour, but poise. In my opinion, there is a confidence about his affirmation that the western team of psychos have outsourced the hired killers, paid them and protected them.

If Putin is real, we will see. He seems more than capable of dancing with the demons on the geopolitical stage, yet there appears an air of clarity about his vision. I have never thought that the forces of good would appear wearing pink tights.

Alex similarly commented:

So … has the TRUTH triumphed as an ‘idea whose time has come’ ???… spoken and wielded deftly by Putin, while balancing precariously on a political high wire… has now trumped the Psy-Op mendacity of the rabid imperialists?… One day the US is threatening WWIII … and the next day… Everything changes?… and Russia is air-striking the mercenary proxies of the west?

… Something major just happened behind the scenes that needs clarification… as in rival cabals viciously finger pointing as usual … then the next day… the top dog shadow masters of the pyramid cap elite have spoken? … to be cont’d

The point of the article which both Randall and Alex grasp is to look at these geopolitical phenomena with open eyes and as many have echoed, so we’ll see how things pan out. But it surely doesn’t hurt to look for the positive aspects in major turnarounds such as these rather than shut everything out because “we’re so very aware” of the massive amount of manipulation the social engineers are capable of.

The Dangers of Negative Skepticism

The world is at the precipice of cataclysmic disaster on many fronts, which so many of us are following. Awake people are working hard to forestall anything they can via efforts to inform and raise the vibration on this planet. So why would we treat everything with negative skepticism even when we know the workings of these imposter dark controllers so well?

This point is illustrated by this sentiment that has been echoed by many, and which I expected to see when I posted the article:

C’mon Zen, it’s all part of the script, even the Awakening. Britain has Jeremy Corbyn to match Donald Trump. Putin is playing his part well, and is looking good. But it’s still a case of manoeuvring the pieces on the board. Words, especially where politicians are concerned, are cheap. But boy do they have an emotional effect.

It’s all a spell, mate, and most of it has been said.

There’s a lot of truth to that despite it being somewhat patronizing. We’ll address this below. But first, here’s what Vitashaka wrote in her response:

Great stuff Zen. I believe there is ample reason for (cautious) optimism. Sure, we have been deceived many times – and yet I believe that Putin is throwing a fairly large spanner in the works of the NWO global domination agenda and this is what we can hope for right now……its up to all of us how we could utilise that stalling and shift in the current trend.

Putin is not a saviour, nor is he in any way claiming to be, we have passed (hopefully) the immaturity of waiting for saviours. However, as an insightful and masterful statesman he is providing humanity with a window of opportunity to change the current downward spiral from the psychopathic, satanic death-cults drive for endless war and enslavement. Its up to the rest of us to make the best of it.

To the naysayers who would have us sit back and say “its all part of the plan” and favour inaction and paralysis may just wait until it’s too late. What exactly would one be waiting for?

Exactly right in my opinion and I addressed this on the site as well as here. And it’s not just because she agrees with me. I’m not looking for affirmation or sycophants. We’re talking about getting down to possible truths being presented to us in an open and conscious manner.

Armchair Critics, Lazy Cynics and Controlled Apathy - question everything?

The “Informed Cynicism” Mind Parasite PsyOp?

Perhaps “too much learning doth make us mad” in some cases. To see everything in terms of what a done deal it all is and how we’re so fully controlled directly implies there’s no stinking chance in hell we can make a difference.

I’ll never subscribe to that. Otherwise we might as well close up shop, roll into a ball and bury ourselves. Exactly what they’d like to see, and is currently happening on the psychic level to a massive degree.

This issue has to be addressed head on. Is this hyper critical, deeply cynical attitude that seems to be infecting the research community perhaps the worst of all psy-ops, a creeping paralysis amongst the increasingly insular “alternatives”? It’s something we need to each ask ourselves, as it’s very easy to fall into. It’s sneaky, as it feeds personal pride for one, but most of all engenders a sense of futility and standoffish inactivity, the ultimate dream state the THEY work hard to lull us into.

This isn’t necessarily the intended meaning of the skeptical commenter I’ve quoted but it’s a prevailing attitude amongst many and the logical conclusion to this line of thinking if we’re not careful.

Blossoming Buds and Issues of the Awakening

Oneupmanship is a problem everywhere, including the so-called alternative and independent media community. The awakening is for real and a very rapidly burgeoning phenomenon. Increasing numbers of people are getting on board with many more resources now available to them; compilations, resource directories, terrific videos and podcasts, distillations and analyses of heretofore barely available information, and it’s bringing on it’s own growing pains.

So be it. But all of this is a target for infiltration, adulteration, misinformation and misleading and futile ways of thinking as well. It’s not always easy to discern, but to me, this indicates we need to stop this internal fussing and fuming and go to where we can be the most effective – reaching others who haven’t even begun to open their eyes, as well as help address real issues befalling humanity and get our shoulders to stone.

It won’t take much more to get that giant boulder of truly awake truth over the watershed mark and flying down the other side to where it can really do some serious work.

The Shift Is Upon Us

The exciting aspect to all this as I see it is we’re seeing evidence of a major shift, the one we’ve been feeling personally and getting scattered confirmations of for a long time.

That’s why it thrilled my heart when Alex added this comment to the string, reflecting the very same experience I have been having, as have many others:

… don’t know about you… but the couple of days leading up to and the reversal of the NATO imperialism … and now… I’ve felt a significant mood change and atmosphere lift… as if a shadow had lifted around me etherically and I have a renewed energy… as if gravity isn’t quite so heavy… could be a coincidence… but the full moon seemed uniquely benevolent this time around coinciding with this political 180… perhaps it’s all of our’s universal collective consciousness I felt … and am ‘feeling’… is [it] an incremental upgrade of awareness?


An overly cynical attitude is as toxic and debilitating as the very system they’re attempting to exert over us. We must beware of it. I knew I would get blasted by the smug “everything is wrong and totally controlled” mindset for that post. But wow, what a toxic waste dump that debilitating attitude is!

I guess we’ll find out about these recent events, and I’m not hanging my hat on any particular outcome, but I still think the vibrational changes and all the awakened are doing and the full on exposure of the western/Israeli insanity is having a very real effect and profoundly wearing on the collective.

Nothing’s set in stone no matter how much crap the dark side has in place.

As I said, if we don’t think we can change this reality we might as well close up shop. Not to say we need to see results in the geopolitical sphere, but at the same time, why not? If that WW3 program isn’t stopped we’re all toast to some degree.

We are not powerless in all of this. That’s what ticks me off, when there’s utter resignation to all of this because people think they know so much about things now and how controlled we supposedly are.

Watch out, that could be one of the biggest tricks of all!

Much love,


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