Full Moon in Taurus – Calling the Leaders of the New Paradigm

The Full Moon in Taurus - Calling the Leaders of the New Paradigm - top

27th October 2015

By Simon Vorster and Jennifer Langstone

Contributing Writers for Wake Up World

From Surviving to Thriving…

The new paradigm isn’t coming, it’s already here. The collective shift has now reached a crucial tipping point and, for many souls on the planet, a new way of learning, manifesting and expressing is becoming the new way of life.

Although our awakening process has brought us to new shores of heightened personal illumination, as we stand on this new ground, our eyes wide open, we are looking back at where we have come from, faced toward many others who have still yet to make the shift in their own lives. And with today’s Full Moon in Taurus (a supermoon) the gap between the shores of the old and new – between surviving and thriving – has never been so stark.

As leaders of a new society, we are now challenged with the task of building structures of healing and inclusiveness that reflect our new empowering insights and ways of being, anchoring the new paradigm with inspiration and inclusiveness in the knowing that the only way is forward — and that others will join us as the awakened consciousness continue to manifest in those still standing on the other shore.

Planetary alignments reflecting potential evolution

Neptune in Pisces Trine Sun in Scorpio and Sextile Full Moon in Taurus

In the context of our current collective evolution, this alignment reflects to us the power we hold when working in a unity state of consciousness. This means that healing duality/separation (Pisces) is essential to our human journey. If we are to overcome the challenges we face in the world we need to face the separations from inside of ourselves. As above so below. It is vital we clearly understand this.

The task at hand is to extend the knowing we have worked to achieve to other souls who are seeking to find that healing within themselves. As leaders of a new paradigm, we have to reflect the energy of new world – inspired, connected and inclusive living – as a beacon to those around us.

Mars and Venus in Virgo Opposite Chiron in Pisces

This alignment promotes the need to bring into light the healers and spiritual guides, as well as other platforms and modalities, that will help to bring large numbers of souls into alignment with their true higher self. As we are supporting the role of healers and building and establishing these new platforms, this astrological alignment brings into focus how we ourselves are able to be supported in this creation phase – through recognizing, nurturing and engaging the true talents of others. As we move further along this earth timeline, our understanding of the importance of seeking self-acceptance and applying a deep self-love (and encouraging it in others) is crucial to our collectively evolution. This liberation can only be brought about through facing honestly the most wounded aspects of ourselves, however connecting to our inner wounding (much less knowing how to heal it) can be a very challenging experience for many of us. What this alignment will bring for us is the opportunity and willingness to have others offer valuable support and insight into how we can find our way back home, and vice versa.

Saturn in Sagittarius Quincunx Full Moon in Taurus

Supported by Pluto’s direct motion through Capricorn, this brief but very potent alignment is bringing us the new energy we need as we begin building a new society, offering us insight into ways our values are supportive (or unsupportive, and requiring inner work) of the creation of the new world we envisage.

full moon taurus 02

Are we treating others with love, even if we perceive them to still be “asleep”? Are we leaving the door open for others, inspiring their path instead of ridiculing it (just as we were once ridiculed)? Are our words and our actions truly reflective of the world we want to live in? Or are we falling into the trap of treating others with frustration at what we see has not yet changed in our outer world?

These are important questions.

An invitation here is to reflect on our own personal cosmology, our journey and our actions, and assess honestly how we are adding value to the overall shift in the collective’s awareness toward the new unity consciousness. Our role at this crossroad is to lead the way with integrity.

Saturn in Sagittarius Square Neptune in Pisces

Being outer planets in our solar system, this alignment is a lengthy one, bringing with it insights and awareness regarding how to remain connected to the present moment and to seek inspiration from within ourselves. As Neptune reflects the energy of inspiration, Neptune will also reflect how we dream up realities in order to experience them, and ourselves. Saturn’s role in this alignment plays a more realistic role, help us to ground these dreams us into the physical world of shapes and forms.

In this world Saturn plays the role of reflecting our material reality; the way we experience life in the 3D. What this alignment will promote is the need and desire to keep building and adding daily inspiration into the new world. The new paradigm is not just about finding your own space, but also holding that space so that you can continue to reflect your own personal shining light! This is a time to dig deep, find your inspiration and bring that to the world – not just for today, but to anchor it into being for tomorrow, and for others to share.

Full Moon Message

As more and more souls review their values and distance themselves from the outdated egocentric structures of the past, we will find that the old system will demand increasingly more energy from those who still support it. The structures within the hierarchical system are failing and those who are attempting to support this failing system are now carrying more weight than ever before, perpetuating and heightening their experience of survival/fear/scarcity consciousness. But, just like we each have in our own personal journeys, they too will soon reach a “breaking” point and begin to withdraw from the exponentially escalating demands of this energy-draining, war-minded system.

The Full Moon in Taurus - Calling the Leaders of the New Paradigm

Many of you have already stepped out of the old system and found alternative ways to sustain yourselves, creating small pockets of high-vibrational communities and holding the blueprints of the future within them. As we have broken our dependencies on the old hierarchical structures, the natural next step has been to develop self-reliance and self-sustainability in our lives. But now, as our natural progression into a new paradigm takes place, we are once again being asked to let go of our security; not of our external securities, as we have in the past, but of the created security that we have established for ourselves outside of the old paradigm. If we are to create a new world we need to expand our personal capacity to hold space for ourselves as well as others to join us; to act as a light to others, aware and supportive of their struggle – wherever they are in their evolution – knowing that we are leading the way forward in a collective awakening, and embodying the integrity, compassion and sacredness such a role truly asks of us.

We live in an energetic universe. Everything is energy, just in different vibrational frequencies. When understanding the world as an energetic expression, and seeing the shift from the old world to the new as a transformation of energy, it is easier to see where and how to apply our own personal energy.

If we look at the old structures as a massive ball of energy feeding individuals own needs, we can see that an energetic dependency is created. This interaction creates an isolated energetic exchange between the individual and the structures that feed it. This exchange also (by design) promotes the feelings of scarcity and psychology of fear — fear that the support of the dominating structure will be taken away. Yet, when we look at the new paradigm of thriving energy, we see a new possibility — one in which each individual in a community offers their skills and talents, creating an interconnected energy exchange between all individuals, a contribution culture/economy in which each person can focus on what they love and excel at, while contributing to the wellbeing of the collective. This can been best understood as an eco-thriving state of consciousness. The new paradigm requires us to seek inclusion, integration, sharing and collaboration, in place of hierarchy, competition, separation and power-seeking.

The framework and structures for a contributionist society now need to be built, and these new structures require us to add our personal gifts, talents, energy and skills. As we search for ways to establish and create abundance in our lives, it is most empowering to remember that we are no longer bound by false, imposed perceptions of separateness. We are all born of an abundant universe that is specifically designed to support us, collectively sharing an intimate journey here on earth, working with and through Source energy. Right now, we are here to hold and shine our own unique organic light as beacons and way-showers, so that others can see another way of being, and feel inspired to want to join in with their own unique contribution. This we accomplish this by honoring our sacredness, by creating and holding that space, and shining our infinite beingness brightly into the universal energy field!

Simon & Jennifer

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