The Importance of Individuality On Your Path – This Is YOUR Day!

The Importance of Individuality - This Is YOUR Day!

By Open

Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

You’re an individual. You’re unique. And you have so very much to offer to life and the world.

Sometimes in spiritual circles, I notice that in working to advance, there’s a perception that you should be like ‘this’, or that you should emulate some latter day ‘master’ or present day ‘guru’. These might be reflections of you, but they are only reflections. And there’s also the risk that you lose yourself in those around you: partners, friends and colleagues. There’s an interrelation where if you’re not careful, you take on their stuff. So individuality is essential. Not that we shouldn’t be in relationship, but recognising what your real relationship truly is…

Is it not wonderful to share this life with others? Or to be inspired by others?

Yet of course we must know all about the risk of co-dependency. It’s like the other expresses that repressed aspect of yourself that seems out of reach or too difficult to fully unleash. Then you might feel you can’t do without them.

For a man, it might be witnessing the divine feminine – the manifestation of his Twin Flame. The risk being that you then can’t find that sweet softness in all life around you – in the fragility of a bird, or the sweet scent of a flower. For a woman, it might be experiencing the power, strength, commitment and motivation of the divine masculine – such a dependable rock upon which it’s so easy to build the foundations of ones life.

But in truth, there is really only one relationship – that is with the divine inside yourself. It’s because there is only one Being in the universe – “the One”, at the core of you.

Yes, “the One” expresses uniquely through streams of consciousness which we call ‘souls’. But a soul is not a being, although it’s easily confused as such, especially where there’s still ego, because the ego only really fully understands identity. That’s why the ego desperately wants to be in a fixed relationship with another – it builds these fixed foundations of security to justify itself – if we’re not careful.

What you are is “the One”, expressing as a stream of consciousness, which renders a constantly updating relativistic expression. Your soul is the living, breathing, magnificent actualisation of “the One” (watch our popular video… What are You?…and how to be that).

So every day, feel the energies emanating from within you, that then flow out into the world through your glorious expressions; BUT, and it’s a big BUT… always then work to bring YOUR energies back inside yourself.

The Importance of Individuality - This Is YOUR Day!

What do I mean by this?

Well, spend quality time every day with yourself, in your own energy. I’d say meditation is the primary key. Sitting in your own consciousness and working to bring the threads of energy in the relationships around you back inside yourself. You positively reclaim them. A walk in nature would do it, or deep consciousness bodywork like yoga. But be clear, there is a defined YOU, that is only YOU, which no one else can express.

This is what you need to reclaim. Inside yourself. Whole and One.

You are important. You are outstanding. And it’s important to “the One” that you become the fully expressed, fully unleashed, fully unlimited vibrancy that you are. To bring the One to life!

So let there be at least a part of every day where you are you, and only you.

What is it that truly crumbles YOUR cookie? How do you truly connect up and ride YOUR flow? There’ll be a way, and a feeling, that is uniquely yours. Find it, express it, and let it sing through you.

This uniqueness is a wave that rides you all the way back to the completeness of “the One” – within yourself. If you can ride that wave more and more, then you can be in a relating experience with another and yet not lose yourself.

You are actually alone in the universe. You are actually all-one — all ‘the One’. Work to overcome any fear of that. Then the infinite presence of the One will unleash through you (where ‘you’ is the unique streaming experience called ‘soul’).

No one is saying it’s not lovely to see and share your reflection with another — to witness theirs and be a great reflection for them too; to be in family and community (like the Openhand one for example), but never forget you are special, unique and deserving of the space to express your uniqueness.

So take the time each day to be You. This is your day. Make it sing!

I’d like to share this video with you, which I found inspiring. I don’t agree with all the sentiment. For me, it’s not about competing or winning against another (there’s only one of us in the Universe – “the One”!) but I find the energy of it captures the sense of your uniqueness – as a soul – the awe and wonder of you. So watch the video, feel and enjoy the reflections of you – embody those that resonate. Look for the specialness of you today. Make this day, this moment, uniquely yours…

The One in me sees the One in you.


(on behalf of Openhand)

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