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What Changes Do You Want to See - Keep Calm, Make Change

7th December 2015

By Wes Annac

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

Most of us have an idea of the changes we want to see in the world, and our achievements would be unprecedented if we could get to a place in society where we could publicly strive for a better way of life. Not everyone’s interested in getting to this place or being recognized by society, but those who are interested have two goals in mind: waking people up and creating change. People in the conscious community don’t care about fame or fortune, and their mission to awaken the world is the main thing on their minds.

The point of everything we’re doing is to initiate change, be it inner or outer change. We want people to see that an inner spiritual revolution is not only possible but essential, because this would allow for the greatest revolution the world has ever seen. This won’t be a bloody revolution that ends in violence and death, and instead, it’ll be a revolution of the mind and heart. It’ll be motivated by love and spiritual awareness, and it’ll lead to a rediscovery of the social and spiritual truths that were hidden by the planetary elite.  

This revolution will unite people in love rather than the sole desire to get rid of oppressive governments and the corporations that run them, although that’ll still be a big part of it. It’ll remind us of the importance of governing ourselves rather than letting someone else do this essential job, and it’ll give us the strength to work together, despite our differences, to create the world of our dreams. I think you all know the kind of world I’m talking about, and the dream is simple.

We want a world where everyone has equal rights regardless of their race, age, sexual preference, religious views, or anything else we’ve been convinced is important. We want a world where people can live together despite our differences, and in this kind of world, the masses can sustain ourselves without the need for governments, borders, and especially wars.

The people who are put in significant positions of power (if such positions prove necessary) won’t be inclined to corruption because we’ll have changed our ways as a planet and the drive for corruption or any lower instinct will be a thing of the past. We’ll know we can trust those we appoint to handle the most important aspects of society, and we’ll be sure to keep a watchful eye on any governing bodies we may or may not create. I don’t think we’ll have to worry about it in later phases of our evolution, but there’s still a lot of greed in the world and it’ll take a while to heal.

Most of us know that we have a long road ahead of us in terms of making these changes, and we know that every bit of work we do now is crucial. This is why so many of us are trying to find our greatest talents and passions; we want to use them to contribute to the collective awakening. We want to inform and uplift those who appreciate our work and would like to see more, and we want to reach the rest of the world with a positive message that’s rooted in love.

While we recognize our flaws as individuals (and by we, I refer to the conscious community), we’re committed to working through them and reaching a stage where they no longer inhibit us. We’d like to help the world commit in a similar way, but we know that that comes down to each individual’s choices.

We want to contribute to a new world in ways we can enjoy, and most of us want spirituality to be a big part of it. Part of the reason we feel we’re on this planet is to help people rediscover themselves and the vibrant higher dimensions that exist alongside ours, because we want them to remember where they came from (and where they’re going) so they can liberate themselves.

We want the spiritual concepts we’ve discovered to reach the people who need them, and we want people to understand love for what it truly is so they can use it to their advantage.

Love is a creative force that connects us with our higher consciousness and inspires us to use this connection progressively, and while we struggle with some aspects of the human race (mainly our society), our love for this planet and every creature on it inspires us to open-heartedly serve others and strive for change. Our desire to live in harmony with everyone and everything (despite that nobody else seems to care enough to do the same) drives us to reach out to the world and spread truth that’s rooted in love, conscious living, and an understanding of our spirituality.

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We strive for change because we know the world needs it, and while the steps we need to take to get there will be simple if we can come together, we know that we have a lot of work to do. Most of the world probably thinks our vision is naive, but we’re completely serious about it and we know it won’t be easy. We also know that the best achievements are never easy, and they require struggles, risks, and sacrifices. They always end up worth the effort, however, and once achieved, we can expand on them and broaden our already long list of positive changes.

We have what it takes to create heaven on earth, but we have to believe in ourselves and each other. We can’t expect the world to change if we don’t contribute to it in some way, and contributing confidently requires us to love ourselves enough to know that our contribution is valuable. Instead of thinking we have nothing to give, let’s remember that we each have something unique and powerful to offer the world. To deny ourselves the opportunity to use our world-changing gift – our piece of the puzzle – would be tragic.

What changes do you want to see in the world, and in what way do you want to make them happen? Think it over if you think it’s important for you, because more and more people are realizing its importance and finding work they enjoy that can be used to reach the masses. Following our passion feels more like play than work, which is one of many reasons why pursuing it and using it to help the world evolve is so fulfilling.

Plenty of conscious people will tell you how great it feels to work hard doing something they love, and we can all achieve this if we’re willing to work hard and remember what we’re working for. Most of us are working for a worldwide transformation that enlightens everyone who’s been lost and confused, because we want the world to taste enlightenment along with us so everyone can take part in the fun.

About the author:

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Wes Annac: I’m a twenty-something writer & blogger with an interest in spirituality, revolution, music and the transformative creative force known as love. I run Openhearted Rebel, a daily news blog dedicated to igniting a revolution of love by raising social and spiritual awareness.

I also have a personal blog, Wes Annac’s Personal Blog, in which I share writings related to spiritual philosophy, creativity, heart consciousness and revolution (among other topics).

I write from the heart and try to share informative and enlightening reading material with the rest of the conscious community. When I’m not writing or exploring nature, I’m usually making music.

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