Putin and the Worship of Authority

Putin and the Worship of Authority

5th February 2016

By Tim McClew

Guest Writer for Wake Up World

For countless eons, humanity has been enslaved by a dualistic virus embedded into their collective consciousness — a virus that ‘shows up’ in a myriad number of ways through the actions and beliefs of societies and cultures down through the ages. Among the most fundamental of these ‘symptoms’ is the separation of one individual or group from another — the noble “Us” versus the dreaded “Other”.

While religion has been the prominent exponent of this calamitous condition, the more recent appearance of religion’s right hand man, governmental authority, has deepened the divisions that drive the continued existence of psychopatholocal programming within the human psyche. It also leads well-meaning people to make such dead-end decisions as ‘choosing the lesser of two evils’ — in the process, displaying the critical thinking traits of a long-term prison inmate.

The following pieces examine recent examples of the tyranny-encouraging outcomes that such ensnared reasoning encourages.

“Motivated reasoning is confirmation bias taken to the next level. Motivated reasoning leads people to confirm what they already believe, while ignoring contrary data. But it also drives people to develop elaborate rationalizations to justify holding beliefs that logic and evidence have shown to be wrong. Motivated reasoning responds defensively to contrary evidence, actively discrediting such evidence or its source without logical or evidentiary justification. Clearly, motivated reasoning is emotion driven.” ~ The Skeptics Dictionary

Politics is a power placebo… To ENGAGE with it is to become distracted by the erroneous idea that you have a say, a vote. We are not MOVING towards a New World Order, we have been governed by one for a long time. There are no separate world governments. This is an illusion and a diversion, not to mention a stage on which to carry out the most effective manipulation of free will, creativity and consciousness…WAR. Bringing this to your attention is not to manipulate your anger so as to divert your focus and depress your spirit. It is actually to inspire you to come to the realization that we don’t need better governing. We need to co-create a global field of shared consciousness that is based on the frequency of love. Peace is not the absence of war. Every time you say ‘the Americans this’ or ‘the Russians that’, you are playing the war game.” ~ Juliet Carter

The Worship of Authority

So, you’re a psychopathic tyrannical warlord who sits atop a corrupt pyramid of stolen-resource oligarchs and nativist-fueled criminal factions; your time as an operative in one of the planet’s most notorious ‘intelligence’ services has served you well in your current position, as all of your political opponents and vocal cultural critics have been either assassinated, incarcerated, or side-lined by de facto fascist decrees.

Your ‘greatest hits’ list of authoritarian iron-fist’d brutality also includes masterminding a ‘false flag’ murderous attack on your own citizens (the bombings of Moscow apartment towers) in order to justify the invasion and wholesale slaughter of a neighboring client state (Chechnya); the invasion of independent republics (Georgia and Ukraine) under totally fatuous rationales; the resurrection of one of the most fundamentalist and bigoted of Christian orthodoxy sects as a tool of theocratic statism; and the tacit (and overt) encouragement/funding of racist street gangs as a post-modern form of ‘socio-cultural monitoring’ urban terror squads.

But even still, despite all of your power and terrible influence, you answer to those who supply the world’s financial markets with their filthy lucre — and so you must fulfill your role: as the controlled opposition, the Slavic Yin to the Western Yang, the leverage by which the wheels of manipulation and ‘threat assessment’ for next year’s global arms sales marketplace continues to turn and churn. And, much like Chairman Mao or Hugo Chavez (to name but two examples), you play the ‘spoiler’ role like the professional troll that you are – tapping into the psyche of those ‘progressives’ and champagne socialists for whom ‘the supposed enemy of my perceived primary enemy is my undisputed friend’ is a logical fallacy of deeply-embedded mind control influence. It is a tactic that has allowed untold suffering and oppression to be phenomenological-ly swept under the awareness rug by the ivory tower-residing intellectuals of the particular age in which this model has been deployed.

You also fulfill the Aleister Crowley-unveiled role of the black majick warlock, ‘revealing’ truths about the global cabal (of which you are so very much a part, but no more to be said about that, naturally) that reaffirm the worst fears of the masses, thus deepening the impact of the programs contained within these mind control operations – except, unlike a useful idiot / patsy / agent like Edward Snowden, you have an army, navy and air force at your disposal, thereby providing the ‘powerless / disenfranchised / downtrodden’ subjects of colonial oppression and disaffected western cynicism with an anti-hero, a dark knight, a maverick who will stand up to the western hegemonic bully!

Putin and the Worship of Authority - Putin vs Obama Duality

And, thanks to the pollution of the mind / culture / food / water / environment, and the escalation of the six-second attention span suggestibility frequency through technology and cult-ural distraction, none of these people who are cheering you on from the side-lines can seem to recall the background, prior his-story and criminal foundation of your ruler-ship — thanks to the absolute adherence towards authoritarian acceptance, all of that is washed away by your ‘brave’ and ‘courageous’ resistance to the Anglo-Saxon hordes!

It’s enough to make you crack a wry smile, despite the fact that you have no visible understanding of what joy or bliss actually entails…

Different Wings of the Same Bird

“The USA and Russia are different wings of the same bird. Both are highly fascist today — fascism is the use of government to license/regulate the markets. Free market capitalism has never existed. To buy into the fascist vs. socialist, USA vs. Russia [debate] is to get sucked into a false dichotomy. Both are indirect methods of slavery… it is to say one type of power structure is better than another when the real problem is structured power. We can point at conspiracy everywhere… ultimately what we are studying is POWER and how power inevitably operates. This can be seen on any level. Look to your local school boards, land management offices, animal control… list goes on… they all ultimately begin to think and behave as elites. There is no political system which has addressed this in its full dimension. Limitations to government, rule of law, separations of power were attempts [to address] but were ignorant of other areas where influence converges into a power center- like media, academia, popularity, etc. Put no faith in others, take no one’s word, join no affiliation. ‘Nullius ad verba’: Be your own authority.” ~ Bill Joslin

“However many corrupt regimes are overthrown, however many warlords put on trial, many more replace them, for their existence is not the result of a confluence of degenerate circumstances and environments that can be eradicated by peace talks and the gathering of the United Nations. All these contaminated governing systems are being supported by those who subsequently make the pretense of policing them. There is no answer to this demonic behavior. It surfaces just as diabolically in the rich white world of western politics as it does in the corrupt administrations of the ‘3rd world’. The dark power holders are expressing a genetic mutation, a parasitic consciousness arising from the splicing of their genetic blueprint and floating fractal gene codes embedded with AI commands.” ~ Juliet Carter

One of the most prominent forms of cognitive dissonance programming is an emotionally-driven construct which has been termed ‘the black or white’ logical fallacy — in the case of Russia’s current dictator, individuals under the thrall of this particular dissonance cry: “A ha! So, by pointing out the actual nature of Putin and his machinations, you must (ipso facto) be supporting western regimes and their activities!” Any careful and considered reading of the arguments presented would negate such an assumption, but such is the nature of mental ‘reality tunnels’ — and it also points to a deeper malaise: We as a species are heavily manipulated and programmed to not just expect, but to seek out external authoritarian control; the very idea that there is a world beyond this current model of hierarchical domination is unthinkable. This is reinforced by the ‘original sin / karmic retribution’ modalities of global religion, which paints humanity as fundamentally ‘barbaric’ and ‘unclean’, and needing a big poppa to forgive their sins and guide their purpose.

Beneath this mind control lies, as Juliet Carter so eloquently put it, the genetic modification and floating fractal gene insertion / “black goo” Artificial Intelligence Programming which form the basis of our original “push” out of the paradise that was the Earth in a time out of memory. (For more research on Black Goo, please review the work of Harald Kautz Villa.)

Harald Kautz Vella – Black Goo, Black Magick, Spider Beings, & The Elite

The common refrain among those who criticize the ruling system’s “flaws” involves the idea that “will of the people” / “government by consent” are inherently ‘logical and just’ apparatuses. This erroneous belief — a perspective based on rigid parameters which prevent reflection and critical thought — is precisely what the Matrix Control System is focused on reinforcing: the idea of external authoritarian enforcement is sound, it’s simply that the execution hasn’t followed through on the good intentions.

The roots of this ingrained deception are grown in the fertile falsehoods of religious indoctrination — simply replace the royal / monarchy / hierarchy’s relationship to “God / pantheon of Gods” with govern (“control”) ment (“mind”), and the Stockholm Syndrome characteristics remain in place. The first stages of dissociation from this anti-sovereignty reality involve researching the topic of authority (as a singular entity), observing it in your own community and daily interactions, sharing your knowledge and perspective with others, and energetically initiating a state of self-actualization that does not consent to binding laws of servitude to the State.

There is a massive ‘master-slave’ program surrounding peoples’ belief systems when it comes to external authority, and so a very strong dose of blunt and confronting medicine may be necessary to generate internal shifts in perception – with that in mind, the book The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose is a good place to initiate that chain-breaking momentum.

About the author:

Tim McClewTim McClew is a writer, researcher, editor and creative consultant who currently resides in Australia. He is co-Director of Nexus Gate Pty Ltd, a transmedia company that is building a multi-platform ‘edu-tainment’ initiative to generate excitement and interest in the various mind-body energetic arts. He is also Director of Essence International Australia Pty Ltd, which distributes cutting-edge blended formulations on behalf of a USA-based clinical research-based herbal nutraceutical company: www.essenceltd.com

You can follow Tim via Facebook/Tim.McClew


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