Collective Awareness and Spiritual Evolution – Why a Rewrite of History is Needed

A Call to the Goddess Women of the World - the Return of the Sacred Feminine - meme

15th June 2016

By Peter Van Els

Guest writer for Wake Up World

An evolved future for mankind will only be possible if wise men would rewrite history, based upon newfound truths. Otherwise history keeps repeating itself, because mankind did not or will not learn from its recidivist mistakes.

True change is achieved with the realization that history is/was written by the victor, or the ones who hold on to a position of power, and the realization that history is twisted and biased. Every holy book has been manipulated, kept secret (i.e. the women’s status in holy books) to control the people.

There is no truth in lies and human beings are still lost, still roaming, being blind in the land of the blind. Large and ancient, cultivated civilizations like the Inca’s, the Aztecs, the Greek, the Romans, Spain and France’s world empires, these rich cultures were frequently destroyed by delusions of grandeur. As in the Renaissance en the enlightenment period thereafter, which was a very clarifying period where there was a latency to want to change in favor of the human race and for the inner well being of the latter.

Our Losses Have Been Great

All those civilizations lost, only history remains and almost all knowledge and wisdom from those civilizations disappeared. Our modern civilization is still based on primal instincts. In the era of the anthropoid ape, there was no spoken language and they communicated by emitting sounds and using gestures. At that time in history, lying did not exist because it was easy to read the body language (the truth does not need many words). Women were very important, for they gave birth to new life, and newborns were a gift from the Gods (men did not yet now of his contribution to new life). Men had a serving role and were protectors of the tribe. After man figured out he was an important contributor to the continuity of his kin, the importance of women/men changed as men seized more power and this translates to: the more power, the more descendants (primal instinct).

A man wants to transmit as many genes as possible and a woman seeks a suitable candidate, who is strong, powerful, handsome, wise etc. And although man still considers himself a conqueror, the final choice lies with women. A man can only try his best, boast with a nice car, beautiful/expensive clothes, be muscular etc. Another primal instinct of man is the will to hunt, which can be seen in modern masculine behavior, when he steps out of his car to swiftly approach his goal, or in a store, consciously making a choice (to be the first predator approaching the prey). Man pulled himself closer to power, wanted to be king of the hill and stay as such. The Alpha male, a great leader to his tribe, endeavors to obtain providence, happiness and wellbeing for his followers and thus avoids suffering.

From that point of view to seize and remain in control of power, the holy books were written to subdue, oppress and control the people. As far as I know we are all agnostics and know nothing of these primal descendants. I would, myself, like to believe, but my faith is one of Love, eternal light, conscience and soul. And while I respect believers and non-believers alike, when it is a genuine choice by free will, everyone is free to believe who or what they want. At least when it is not harmful for the development of the individual and the community.

The Return of the Feminine - A Question of ‘Thriving Life’ or ‘Destructive Death’ - fb

Unknown Possibilities

If an individual can learn a ‘loving’ path, then why wouldn’t mankind as a whole be able to do the same? Imagine the unlimited possibilities we would have as humans, if we were guided from the beginning by spiritual and factual truths?  These are, among other things, to care for our descendants, protect, raise and educate our own, love and contribute to society. Spiritual truths that develop one’s self (rise and fall) as a human being, growing spiritually from love.  We do not achieve anything in this life, we are merely on the way to it. We have had so many enlightened spirits and great thinkers like Jesus Christ, Buddha, Mohammed, Ghandi, Bagwan and the Dalai Lama, all of them examples of how an individual can evolve, yet collective awareness is still in its baby steps regarding any of this, so for the time being, there is no collective awareness.

Collective Awareness (Evolution)

Where would we be in this very moment, if our collective awareness had been developed? People claim Einstein had the biggest brain and that Jesus Christ could perform miracles. When we develop LOVE (divinity), the sky is the limit. If science was to serve mankind — rather than institutions and corporations, if children could benefit from real education, be inspired and stimulated to enable them to develop their talents and aptitudes, rather than being programmed as ‘repeaters’ of bias information?

Simply written by a simple-minded man with simple ideas, but perhaps one of Colombus’ eggs.

About the author:

Peter Van Els

I am Peter Van Els, and I was born in 1957, and I live in The Netherlands in a small city called Sluis. I am an autodidact, Life is my biggest teacher and I started to write last year to stand up against lawless and corrupt governments after I’d said to myself “enough is enough”!  I believe all good souls must stand up and try to connect and unite, and try to change the system for the benefit for Mother Earth and for our offspring.

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“Civil disobedience is a moral duty, when governments are corrupt and lawless.” — Mahatma Gandi

Special thanks to Lloyd Gabriel for the translation.


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